2n3055 flyback driver? Answered

Is there a better transistor to use instead of the 2n3055 because those things break easily and are somewhat expensive. 

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Flyback transformer problem?

I have recently dismantled an old CRT monitor i have had lying around for ages to get the flyback transformer. I have been trying to get the correct pins to using methods found on the internet none of which have seemed to work i have found what should be the primary coil and have applied the current and placed the high voltage output in front of each pin to try and find the high voltage ground, this has not worked so i have applied the current to all of the pins in every combination and still i am unable to get it to work. Please help me.

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Will this FlyBack Driver work?

Title says it all.

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Wanted: flyback transformers of any kind

Hi, im looking for flyback transformers of any kind. since plasmana wants only older styles ill take all the modern ones if anyone has any. i would be willing to pay for shipping and the transformer if the price is within reason. these are the type of transformers found in old crt tv's (the big ones) if anyones interested please post a comment or pm me Thanks

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Flyback powered Tesla Coil?

Hi. I am trying to build a Tesla Coil, and there are few thins I'd like to know. First, I built this PWM (made a few modifications, IRF530 MOSFET and 10nF ceramic caps instead) and connected it to a self wound primary of my fuh29A001V flyback, and it works perfectly, sparks and stuff. Can this power my Tesla Coil? Next, if it can work, how do I calculate capacitance needed for my tank capacitor? Miloš

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Troubling Flyback Transformer Pins

Hello,       I'd like to request someone to share their knowledge about their "flyback" knowledge or experiences with me since I'm having trouble finding the primary coil pins with my flyback transformer. I'm constructing my own HV power supply and I decided to go through this tutorial.       I've read much on the web and found the 0v output pin of my flyback. The problem is .. I couldn't find the primary and secondary since I'm using an analog multimeter and the tutorials on the web are all digital..       When I test the pins with my multimeter set to ohm range of x1, I do not get a pair of 1 ohm pins but instead I got the result of "Continuity" when I test on following pins, they seems to be connected but none of the pins show to 1 ohm.. and thus I've adjust the Ohm Adjustment. The results are Continuity 1 : 1,2,6,8 Continuity 2 : 3,4,7,10 No Continuity: 5,9 Pin no 5 is 0v output..  I've attached the pin number diagram at photos... my drawing and actual pins.. Have you got any idea to find out the primary coil? I've also attach my driver from CFL.. Thanks

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flyback transformer driver for beginners: is there a substitution for the flyback transformer?

My son wants to do the flyback transformer driver but we can't seem to find a flyback transformer. Is there a safe replacement or substitute?

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2N3055 Flyback driver

2N3055 Flyback driver really need resistor to work?

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How to find read pinout of a flyback transformer?

Hello, everyone. I have a picture of the flyback transformer pinout on the circuit board. I was wondering if someone could confirm that the +14v and -14v are for the primary coils and the GND is 0v of the secondary. Thanks. Any other info is very much welcome =) picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100764000@N03/9587380434/

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Need help to build a flyback driver.

Hi every one, I've been working for several weeks on a diagram of flyback driver referring to this video to get an electric arc which can handle a day turned on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE4GfpOSWW0 Here is the assembly that the author gave me : http://st-ware.com/files/misc/smallgen_en.png And here is the assembly I'm working on : http://alexmira.fr/images/schema00.jpg The RC1 capacitor is either a 630V 220nF MKP is a 1uF 630V. I've done and redone it on my breadboard but impossible to get anything. Could you help me to acheive this or tell me what are my mistakes. Thank you in advance.

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Dismantled a CRT - Usable flyback transformer ? Answered

I've been reading up on Jacob ladders and tesla coils for a while now, and decided to try to make a Jacob ladder (the tesla coil just looks scary and advanced) I've taken a part an old CRT. And I was wondering if you could tell me if it looks usable.  I'm wondering slightly if I broke it when I removed it from the 'plate' it was stuck in. Pictures will show what I mean. Sorry about the bad focus on the pictures. Taken with a phone, and it was slightly too dark for it to be able to take good pictures. The brown cables looks like it's just fast in the flyback transformer, but I did not remove it. I tried to get a good picture of the text that was on in case it means anything to anyone.  Also, what I can gather by looking at this is that the red cable is the high voltage cable, and the low(er) voltage cable is either the grey, or white one. - Is that correct? Thank you very much for your attention, and thanks for any replies. And this site is amazing. I'm just amazed at how creative people are.  Oh, and please let me know if I posted this in the wrong category Zaek.

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Flyback transformer wanted

If anyone has any flyback transformers the can sell, i will buy then for $5 or less. I would like to make a plasma speaker.

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how can i make (yes make) a flyback transformer at home?

Using garbage and no stuff like 805868 transistors or whatever you call that. it shiould be not form a tv crt

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I want to remove the core from a flyback transformer?

For experimental purposes i want to remove the ferrite core from a flyback transformer. I want to be able to remove it without damaging the primary or secondary windings. I don't care if the core is ruined. Someone suggested boiling the transformer in water.  Has this been successfully done or is this an untried suggestion?    

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Fly back transformer for sale

This is a flyback transformer type that so many people want  I have no clue why they think it is Superior to the regular modern flybacks.  maybe simpler? If some one wants it   $10    also comes with a ceramic high voltage diode.

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Where can I find a reliable schematic for a flyback transformer Tesla coil?

Its just that I have been scouring the web in search of a schematic with details specifying particular components, to no avail. Is there a schematic out there that shows the integration of a flyback transformer specifically?

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how to make an inductor?and how much it (uH)? Answered

I want to make a flyback driver, i need inductor 200 uH

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Im trying to find the 0v HV pinout of my flyback yet i dont have access to an ohm/ voltage meter.I dont know what to do Answered

. the model is a sampo FEC061 pulled from an old toshiba CRT monitor. thanks greatly to any one who can help it is much appreciated.

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Is there an inbuilt voltage doubler/tripler in Modern half-wave DC DST flyback or just a inbuilt diode?

Hi, I have dc half wave modern type DST flyback from a   computer  CRT and put out around 30kv. I wonder: Is there an inbuilt voltage doubler/tripler in  these modern half-wave DC DST flyback or just a inbuilt diode?  I became every confused from very contradiction   info.   Why I ask? I want to know as well as I would want to build a multiplier for the flyback.   I know mine isn't the old AC type but the DST should be a DC  pulsed ...The  flyback I have just  looks like these typoical modern DST ones here: http://www.imagebam.com/image/b88cbf268367234 . Your help would be tremendously relieving for me. I have been struggling to  find out  for a while now...  Thanks a lot

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How to  id primary pin

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Can anyone please tell me how to wire my flyback tranformer up to make a high power source for a tesla coil. Answered

My flyback transformer has 9 pins at the bottem and is a "L40B02510 MSKK SANYO" I was hoping that i couuld just attach the + to one pin and the - to another pin (using one 9 volt battery) then add a ground to another pin.But im sure its not that easy if it is please tell what pins to use. I dont have a voltmeter to find the primary and secondary. I really need help and please dont send me link that will have me searching all over the internet i have spent weeks tyring to get this to work and nothing works.

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Fly back transformer? Answered

Ok, i have this transformer that i pulled out of a mac computer a couple years ago, i dont have it with me nut i think its a flyback. If it is, could i just hook it up to a battery and capacitor to make a charger or do i have to build some sort of modulator or switcher? Almost anything helps, thanks.

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Do avalanching diodes "latch up"?

While working and revising my flyback driver design, I had one of the 1N4148 diodes that I was using as protection get cooked!  (it seemed to fail short circuit) I have not tested to see if the MOSFET survived yet. Obviously the diode needs to react fast and handle avalanching energy well. Any suggestions? are some beefy schottky diodes suitable? Also, does making any ordinary diode go into that avalanche or zener reverse breakdown region cause it to potentially lock up and conduct for a period longer than the EMF spikes I'm dealing with? Or with any sort of hysteresis (like when using neon lamps)? Originally my wimpy glass 1N4148 diodes was wired in parallel directly across the MOSFET drain and source reverse biased. However, carefully examining this tesla coil schematic,it appears that there is both a forward biased diode in series with the MOSFETs, and another reverse biased diode(s) in parallel across the MOSFET & diode. It does not look like a bad idea given one the reverse biased diodes can shunt EMF spikes that are too large while the other isolates them from the MOSFET. My only concern is how lossy that would be at 12V operation.

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what's the right transistor for an old Flyback transformers??

What's the right transistor for an old Flyback transformers??

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can i use N channel MOSFET for a flyback transformer?

Can i use N channel MOSFET for a flyback transformer?

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when you wind a flyback transformer, does there have to be a special number of turns or it doesn't matter? Answered

I am using the core of a broken flyback that I removed

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Can I use are DC Flyback Transformer for tesla coil?

Can I use are DC Flyback Transformer for tesla coil? Just like a ZVS Flyback Driver If can please post the image. If not please explain

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How do i remove the diode from a flyback? Answered

 I am wondering on how to remove the flyback from modern tv's. On another note, is it possible that i could have blown the diode in the flyback because of driving it too hard?

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flyback transformer? Answered

I took apart a hologram t.v (the ones with projection) and i cannot find a flyback transformer. give me a pic.

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Bad result from the CFL driver for the flyback transformer.

Ts been a while that i have tryed to make a nice arc from my 25 watt cfl driver, the only pin on the cfl that are working are the pin 1 and 4, i i have attempted to connect the pin 1 and 2 toguether and 3 and 4 toguether, i connected both of the mix on the flyback and i could get a huge arc, but i plugged it like 5 sec, and i stopped touching the HV output with the 0v ground  for like 2 sec then my cfl has exploded like a bomb, there was lound noise, and made a hole in my table. so im not gonna try that again. Anyway i can only get 0.5 cm arc from the flyback, and i dont know what to do to make it larger, i know that the 25w cfl can do better. Any suggestion? Sorry for my bad english.

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wire flyback transformer plasma ball?

Wire diagram for a flyback powered plasma ball light bulb

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Output from flyback transformer question?

Hi! I scrounged and old crt flyback and I have set up a small transistor-driven oscillator to put power into the primary. It works too, but I don't know if the output is AC or DC. I think it may have a rectifier in it, but I'm not sure. Is there an easy test to determine whether it is AC or DC? I'm planning to use it for a tesla coil, but I want to know the output wave form first. Some sort of pulsed DC would as be acceptable for my uses as well.  Does anyone know what I can do to determine the output wave?  Thanks! (PS: I don't have an oscilloscope)

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i need help removing a flyback transformer from an old CRT tv

Is there any guides on how to do it?

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How I can generate 400-450 volts from a flyback transformer?

I want to charge a capacitor bank of 400-450 volts (I am not decided, yet) and I want to use a flyback transformer, I want to use a input voltage from 9-12vdc. A recomendation of a flyback transformer that I can use or some schematics would be great. Thanks AMD

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Myler Capacitor for Tesla coil? Answered

http://www.electroncomponents.com/Mini-Components/capacitor/Polyester-Myler-Capacitors/105-400v-1uf-1000nf-myler-capacitor Is this good for a SGTC? im using a flyback transformer powered  with ZVS driver running of 30v. So im thinking of putting 60 of these is series and nothing in parallel. The secondary is 16inch long and 4 inch dia. Flat primary with 7 turns.

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how to find flyback transformer pinout?

How to find flyback transformer pinout and i don't hav a datasheet i don't hav anything

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Is a transformer that puts out 12VAC at 2.4 amps safe to use with a circuit that only draws 0.58amps? Answered

The circuit i attempting to drive is one from a plasma globe. I was not sure if the excess output of the transformer would "fry" components on the board

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can I power up o flyback transformer without a driver? Answered

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How can I repair/replace an arcing flyback transformer? Answered

I got a free TV off FreeCycle, a Magnavox 51MP6100D/37 (same thing from Philips with a better site). When powered on, there is no picture, and the flyback arcs...I can hear the sparking, and there's a blue glow from inside. Could this just be a buildup of gunk that a shot of electrical cleaner might fix, or would repair require replacing the whole flyback?

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Flyback Transformer Driver

I was looking at this page on flybacks, and I was reading about the transistors, when I realized that I don't know anything about picking transistors out. I'm an electronics noob, what can I say. Would these work? The flyback is going to be from an OLD computer monitor. I need help.

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computer monitor flyback transformer? Answered

Is it possible to take a flyback transformer from an old computer monitor and use dc current instead of using an ac source to increase power

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Flyback Driver At 2KHZ? Answered

I want to drive a flyback i have laying around i have one of these modules: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221623454225?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT which can generate 2khz square wave and i want it to drive a mosfet irfp250n which will drive the flyback the problem is the flyback normally runs at 16-25khz and i am doubtful whether the 2khz will to enough to reach the resonance of the transformer Will it work?

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What can someone do with a CRT flyback transformer?

I recently just finished desoldering components from a CRT TV's circuit boards and I got the flyback transformer. What can I do with this flyback transformer? Can I make an ozone generator out of it? I've seen how to make an ozone generator using a neon sign transformer but those are expensive. Maybe I can use a flyback transformer to make the high voltages instead?

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How do I get the oil off my flyback transformer? Answered

A while back, I decided to submerge my flyback in canola oil to stop it from ruining itself. As it turns out, submerging a flyback in canola oil is a very stupid idea. I want to clean all the oil off of it so I can do it right the next time, but I have no idea how to safely do that without damaging the flyback. Can anyone help me out?

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How can I find the pinout for my flyback transformer?

I have already looked at the lab hv-ps page and cannot find the pinout for my flyback transformer. Can anyone help me?

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Flyback driver, 555 timer and other transformer from wall wart. What transistor?? Answered

Hello people!  I recently got my hands on a flyback transformer (that is, I finally got over it and got it out of the monitor :p ) And I want to make a flyback driver. I already have a normal wall wart hooked up backward. I was thinking that I could connect the wall wart to the flyback and create massive sparks. Could I directly solder the flyback and the other transformer together? If so, what transistor would you advise to use in my 555 circuit in front of the first, normal transformer?

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electronic ballast flyback driver...can i wind the wires around the primary of the flyback?

I have a electronic ballast and a flyback . I am having problems finding the primary coil pins of FBT because i dont have a multimeter. so i was just thinking that can i wind two ballast Vout wire around the flyback primary (the metallic structure , or whatever you call it) there are total 6 wires on the E-ballast. two are for input and 4 for output. the output wires are in sets of grey and white wires.  I was thinking that i will take one grey wire and wind it around the fbt primary(metal thing) and then connect it back to white wire. is this correct? also can i wound a feedback coil from the other 2 wires? PLEASE ANSWER....................ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED. : )

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Flyback transformer question.? Answered

I have an urge to play with high voltage.  Maybe a Jacobs' Ladder, maybe a plasma speaker, maybe just make sparks and burn myself. Does the make / model of flyback transformer matter?  Or do they all connect the same way? For instance, would you recommend this model?

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Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? Answered

Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? I thing Induction Oven can create 20kHz-40kHz. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_cooking And Flyback Transformer need high frequency to work. I thing waveform is not a problem. I used plasma ball driver , CFL ballast driver and Halogen Transformer as my FBT driver . And work well.

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