mysql matching? Answered

I don't really know how to phrase the question. i'm making a Lotto game in PHP. i have numbers 1 - 100 grouped in lots of 10 (ie. 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95) and i want to match them against the "house" numbers (ie. 7-15-22-35-49-55-65-75-85-99) then count how many matches in each group and put that into a column (matches) "USER" 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95 vs "HOUSE" 7-15-22-35-49-55-65-75-85-99 = 6 matches. then i can count how many matches to determine "payout" i can do this in excel easily. SQL is harder to do.

Asked by furby 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I just don't see some of the data.

I manage MySQL databases. And this was not difficult before. But now I tried many thoughts and ideas how to solve the complexity, but didn't correct the problem. I can't access the amount of data due to the complexity of the program. And I can't understand what to do about it.

Posted by TaylorHaynes 7 months ago  |  last reply 6 months ago

mysql database got corruption?

Hi all, It seems that whenever I restart my Windows 7 64bit box MySQL gets corrupt. I just wanted to make this bug known as it's a serious issue. Are there any special settings I need to setup (task scheduler) to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to inform windows to shutdown MySQL? Thanks for any help.

Asked by norbertosolares 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to connect my arduino uno to Internet to connect to MYSQL

Hi - I have arduino uno card which has a light sensor. I would want to transfer the light readings to MySQL database. How do I do it? I can write a sketch that can connect to MySQL and insert the data and upload the same to arduino card. But how will my ardino card connect to MySQL. Can you help me here as I am beginner to these topics? Regards, Harish

Posted by harishkompelh 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

mysql server does not want to get some packages because of error 'Packet Too Large'. How to fix? Answered

For some reason i unable to receive a packet sent on MySQL 4.5 server. Trying to get it MySQL just shows me an error "Packet too large" and closes the connection. Namely this situation is not so bad, i can receive the packet partially, after all. But to prevent such issues i want to know what should i do to increase the receiving option. I suppose there are some kind of limitation, it would be logical. I have not seen such error just because i used to handle small-sized packets. Is it possible? And if it is, how can i change my client settings or use some commands or what? =)

Asked by Necrosyse 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to display single data values from a MySQL table with PHP?

I am currently making a video website using MySQL databases and PHP. The info about the videos is stored in a table: ID / filename / size / title / description / uploader / date / length / rating / category / image / views I have several places where I want to display the data from the table, but only the specific data concerning the corresponding video and only from specific cells in specific places. For example on the page displaying the video, I want to have the video title over the video and the description under it (similar to YouTube). Or for example a search function, where the user searches for a video based on Title/Descriptio, but all the Info gets displayed, but in a certain form. I do not really know PHP, but I learn as I go. Unfortunately I have not found any tutorials showing how this can be made, neither any finished examples. I have found exapmles of search scripts, but they only show the position of the row in the table. And examples that display a certain row, display the whole row, but not certain cells. I need the separate cells and want to be able to position them freely. Thanks in advance, you can post links with tutorials or ready examples if you have any.

Asked by mareksl 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Got my Raspberry Webserver running - what to do now?

See my Setup here: Now i would like to know what else i can do to improve it (both, setup and website) thanks already

Posted by miicchhii 6 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Achiev'ibles - Some interesting statistics

Hi Everyone. Tonight I did some updates to the Perl script which scrapes the statistics from your Instructable profile page. With the changes I made I now collect 3 more stats that I didn't before, because they were kept in weird places. As of tonight I'm now also collecting the number of people you're following, the number of favourites you have and your number of best answers (which is hidden, you can normally only see it by looking at the HTML). (Click here if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about and haven't heard of Achiev'ibles before) So with these new stats, I thought it'd be fun to announce the 15 members with the most of each stat. And so here they are! Following: mary+candy 1450 jessyratfink 1161 scoochmaroo 979 Dr.+Pepper 845 Goodhart 755 sunshiine 697 dombeef 655 Hiyadudez 607 zieak 298 nfk11 257 knexinventer 249 AngryRedhead 230 PotatoCoffee 206 MegaMetal8 203 poofrabbit 190 ----- Favourites: rockhardmj 2344 poofrabbit 1039 MichelMoermans 439 knexinventer 380 ewilhelm 320 CrayfishYAY 282 possum888 272 annahowardshaw 255 canida 252 Kryptonite 236 DJ+Radio 226 dombeef 225 Win+Guy 224 Kaelessin 213 iceng 199 Lithium+Rain 199 ----- Best Answers: steveastrouk 835 Re-design 692 lemonie 575 Kiteman 365 kelseymh 344 rickharris 334 iceng 228 canucksgirl 214 NachoMahma 178 AndyGadget 161 RavingMadStudios 129 Vyger 127 yokozuna 103 jeff-o 102 gmxx 90 mikeasaurus 89 Ok so I actually included 16 for favourites and best answers, because the 16th places were so close to 15th. Interesting stats? It should also be remembered that these aren't site wide, just for the 300 active site users that have signed up to be on the list. Finally, Canucksgirl sent me a new patch design this week. I'm not yet collecting the number of featured yet as I can't find it as a raw number, only as a percentage. Image below!

Posted by Jayefuu 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

MySQL said: Documentation (Errcode: 17)?

I have several mySQL databases on a dedicated server that appear to be corrupt. I am getting the error: MySQL said: Documentation #1 - Can't create/write to file '#sql_e6e_0.MYD' (Errcode: 17) when I try to access any table in any database. I can export the data and it looks ok, but when I delete the table and import it back I still get the error. If there is a way to fix this please provide me with step by step instructions.

Asked by FrankKelly 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Feedback for my website?

After a couple of months of building my website, it is finally in a state where I am proud of it! However the people using it are my friends, and I need some fresh eyes for feedback. Basically it's called Come Clean, and you make confessions to get them off your chest. Simple idea really. So please visit my website and tell me what you think:       If you think something is good or bad, or if you spot a bug, leave a comment :) Thanks!

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Total Views Count - Update

Tomorrow will be the first time I've posted stats from my Total Views Count script since January. I had some problems with the script breaking and losing the data, then was very busy throughout February/March since I was at Instructables HQ as an Artist in Residence, then when I got home to the UK I didn't have the motivation to fix it. Well, I've now started work on it again and last Friday I ran it for the first time since January. Tomorrow I'll be running it again and will have a gain value for each group member to share with everyone. It's still not completely finished, below is a description of how it worked before, how I've changed it and what I'm going to change further. Skip to the last bit if you want to read what the group's going to change into. Where it was: I used to run the group once per week by opening a Perl script on my desktop computer. The script automatically visited each of your profiles and added the total views count to a new column in a spreadsheet. Instructables updated some code, my script got confused, didn't update the spreadsheet properly and so all the data went screwy. I had to then post a forum topic and hand out patches, it took a long time. Where it is now: I've rewritten the Perl script, it now saves the data to a MySQL database instead of a spreadsheet. It also gathers far more data: total views, number of instructables, comments total, best answers total, number of forum topics, number of subscribers. I have a web page that looks up the total views from that database and displays a list I can copy to a forum topic. I still have to run it manually like before but it's much less hassle. Where it's going: I have spent a few hours working on learning to get Perl scripts working on my personal website. I can now automatically run them once per day, which I didn't know how to do. I now need to: 1) Check that the total views script will run daily 2) Write functionality to patch automatically 3) Design more patches! Once I have total views patches sending automatically I would like to award people for the following:   Total Views: 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 1m Subscribers: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Answers: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Best Answers: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Instructables: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 Comments: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Subscriptions: The newest site update now lets me see how many people YOU'VE subscribed to. The more you subscribe to. You'll earn patches for more subscriptions. If you're arty and want to help out with this bit, please volunteer, it'll save me some time and they'll look prettier. The cartoons Caitlinsdad did for the total views patches were fantastic, but last time I asked he was too busy to design more. 4) Implement automatic sending out of all of the types of patches 5) Change the name of the group to reflect that it no longer really is just to show a list of total views. That's been surpassed when HQ added the baseball cards to profiles. Got a suggestion? Once done, the weekly forum topic that I post will become a pretty list of who's been awarded what patches. Let me know in the comments if you've got feature ideas you'd like to see implemented or want to help out. This group's been going 2 years now! Thanks! James

Posted by Jayefuu 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Total Views Count - 29/06/2012

Hi, For the first time since January, here is the total views count. To get your name on the list, join this group. To learn about changes coming soon or help out, read this forum topic. To make sure you don't miss any future total views topics, click the subscribe button :) James   22/06/2012 29/06/2012 Gain scoochmaroo 9454382 9567558 113176 canida 6580997 6621699 40702 fungus+amungus 5662479 5685979 23500 randofo 5086564 5143862 57298 jessyratfink 3575389 3620957 45568 Honus 3446295 3458226 11931 Kiteman 2567393 2581067 13674 Plasmana 2503911 2514783 10872 ChrysN 2114462 2136749 22287 Tool+Using+Animal 2083765 2091376 7611 Creativeman 1674743 1692508 17765 chr 1581811 1596307 14496 drinkmorecoffee 1584035 1593703 9668 mikeasaurus 1557247 1575847 18600 killerjackalope 1465376 1472077 6701 T3h_Muffinator 1410280 1413828 3548 zieak 1394842 1398999 4157 frenzy 1327979 1337871 9892 Weissensteinburg 1286935 1294102 7167 gmjhowe 1281064 1284167 3103 lemonie 1273318 1279085 5767 Frivolous+Engineering 1111455 1114063 2608 mikey77 967945 972831 4886 shesparticular 952056 956215 4159 Brennn10 923565 927382 3817 jeff-o 873274 878857 5583 scraptopower 852492 858851 6359 aeray 820575 827428 6853 CameronSS 808453 814041 5588 ModMischief 806623 812563 5940 Mrballeng 787977 795980 8003 laxap 767493 770365 2872 PKM 764548 767407 2859 depotdevoid 724990 728446 3456 starshipminivan 705115 712786 7671 belsey 699344 704966 5622 Jayefuu 670406 673240 2834 Gadget+Gangster 565017 572045 7028 BrittLiv 509178 513120 3942 AngryRedhead 503657 507339 3682 rimar2000 459418 464651 5233 vishalapr 376051 377804 1753 mary+candy 371889 374995 3106 Spl1nt3rC3ll 368846 370582 1736 Vyger 335427 337019 1592 KentsOkay 335273 336442 1169 rickharris 332788 334730 1942 Greasetattoo 324459 328371 3912 scooter76 318508 319026 518 Ninzerbean 317347 319005 1658 Lithium+Rain 300597 303928 3331 sunshiine 286748 291077 4329 Xellers 286854 288559 1705 Computothought 278467 283145 4678 Technochicken 277060 278577 1517 AndyGadget 271024 272312 1288 knife141 267537 270139 2602 bajablue 254545 258017 3472 justjonty 248744 251153 2409 Hiyadudez 236714 238477 1763 iminthebathroom 236012 237193 1181 bertus52x11 233305 234463 1158 dark+sponge 232299 232768 469 annahowardshaw 230366 232643 2277 bongodrummer 230293 231208 915 janw 226948 228242 1294 JamesRPatrick 222591 223846 1255 comodore 213528 214394 866 Nelson_Yepez 206919 208884 1965 jen7714 206024 208729 2705 Lynne+Bruning 207865 208630 765 thermoelectric 206537 208630 2093 Kaelessin 206143 207054 911 craftknowitall 181860 205863 24003 yokozuna 201703 202540 837 coolbeansbaby68 199176 200495 1319 Dr.Paj 193293 194094 801 RavingMadStudios 190979 193219 2240 ynze 164288 165097 809 Jimmy+Proton 161909 164480 2571 WYE_Lance 141887 150909 9022 I_am_Canadian 149639 150398 759 The+Jamalam 149938 150349 411 lw119 144719 148871 4152 DJ+Radio 145088 145970 882 marc.cryan 141701 142650 949 HHarry 138864 142220 3356 wizgirl 137984 139776 1792 Goodhart 136570 137068 498 susanrm 129038 131415 2377 Mr.Sanchez 127848 128623 775 The+Papier+Boy 127477 128106 629 Killer%7ESafeCracker 119226 121084 1858 MichelMoermans 112631 113418 787 Biggsy 108708 109910 1202 dombeef 103014 103515 501 cammers 99401 100327 926 mman1506 97771 98410 639 blinkyblinky 96174 97936 1762 fjordcarver 96613 97479 866 KoffeeKommando 89432 90204 772 Shadowman39 84998 85852 854 beanieostrich 81634 82496 862 Re-design 81681 82271 590 agis68 81217 81661 444 LargeMouthBass 80726 81544 818 monsterlego 74753 76941 2188 The+Ideanator 75342 75713 371 ajleece 72840 73052 212 kelseymh 69920 70359 439 diyoutdoorsman 68827 69591 764 cdawisconsin 68287 68960 673 TabbyDeAnne 67271 68104 833 arthurb 67484 67655 171 TitanTechRobotics 66836 67631 795 Winged+Fist 65718 66989 1271 Sunkicked 64561 64905 344 EmmettO 64189 64521 332 coolpizzadude 64020 64463 443 Win+Guy 62011 62472 461 mkanoap 61262 61649 387 jwystup 59660 60044 384 Berkin 57854 58258 404 lizzyastro 55923 56617 694 nickodemus 54390 54764 374 knuckel 54226 54547 321 iceng 53199 53457 258 TSC 50716 51083 367 kcls 49768 50132 364 cbm104 49300 49827 527 ahrshin 49075 49392 317 Z.Backas 48987 49322 335 Mimikry 48620 49121 501 krysteanuh 47533 47917 384 lilyfrancis 47699 47834 135 ilpug 46894 47601 707 MotaBoi 44437 44660 223 patriots8888 44149 44425 276 tqwerty 43860 44185 325 steveastrouk 43516 43915 399 Rob+O 43333 43577 244 possum888 42559 42820 261 Bot1398 39780 41279 1499 razvan_iycdi 39796 40767 971 drknotter 40262 40666 404 zack247 40101 40589 488 Tornado96 39610 40016 406 splazem 39414 39854 440 Data643 39313 39509 196 qazwsx755 38144 38801 657 shadowninja31 36251 36365 114 lil+larry 34978 35373 395 Derin 34993 35260 267 peguiono 34797 34900 103 Sorunome 33356 33889 533 canucksgirl 32909 33855 946 plane+phanatic 33086 33230 144 CrayfishYAY 30732 30825 93 zurichko 29925 30614 689 Dr.+Pepper 29253 29439 186 m6233555m 28857 28900 43 Knex_Gun_Builder 28671 28760 89 Twinmum 27970 28265 295 fdmjh 27713 27917 204 Legofanatic 26979 27225 246 nutsandbolts_64 26846 27092 246 aeronut01 26887 27079 192 poofrabbit 25487 26419 932 colorex 25076 25459 383 floris2burn 25105 25186 81 Tom+Buckey 24681 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7276 7371 95 ElvenChild 7010 7077 67 happyjo 6773 6838 65 MegaMetal8 6536 6578 42 jamesdude 6122 6144 22 solarblade90 6040 6083 43 BladeFyre+Studios 5823 5857 34 Jag56 5668 5716 48 nfk11 5550 5585 35 emilyvanleemput 5030 5385 355 TheAwesomestDude 4995 5078 83 9400dk 4980 4990 10 White+Shadow 4580 4726 146 mg0930mg 4695 4713 18 neuropol 4420 4488 68 iApple+guy 4106 4211 105 AwesomeSwordGuy 4097 4128 31 rockhardmj 2082 4098 2016 shadon 3650 3674 24 LivStoleYourPie 3324 3377 53 cj81499 3054 3062 8 gmxx 3030 3043 13 cyanyears 2870 2905 35 BLUEBLOBS2 2719 2845 126 PotatoCoffee 2523 2613 90 Black+Panther+Knex 2162 2203 41 vicvelcro 2104 2131 27 Mutantflame 2108 2119 11 j.g.kuster 1913 1980 67 The+Chunky+Sniper%21 1653 1677 24 FastLearner 1553 1566 13 daredevil499 1406 1434 28 kyleslab 1016 1027 11 Jeff+Kallaus 1010 1023 13 protolabs 860 956 96 CeruleanPhoenix 753 763 10 Alexvolos1 590 594 4 Fr-Pa-Co 473 475 2 %28YOUR+N 261 263 2 heratio 244 246 2 schumi23 58 95 37 lightingever 13 13 0

Posted by Jayefuu 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to create a community forum like instructables?

How to create a community forum like instructables using php mysql. Anyone out there please show me a script.

Asked by GearUp 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

send mq7 or other sensors data to mysql of local website via NodeMcu-esp8266

Hi guys im doing a project about uploading sensors data to database of my local site in the internet (via NodeMcu) i install nodemcu libraries to my arduino IDE & can upload easily arduino examples and running well, but don't know how can read sensors data and send it to my website host in .txt format or sql to access it in host & show it on my website. I try this process with one mq7 gas sensor to know what should i do and after success that example continue it, but i stuck in first step. please help me MASTER guys:(((

Posted by hadi95126 1 year ago

How can i set up my personal wiki?

I downloaded WAMP, and MediaWiki. everything is set up except when i try to install Mediawiki it says that there are authentication errors and that i need to check the passwords, i've tried changing the password but it doesnt work, and the mysql website hasn't helped. what else should i try?

Asked by coldpsyco91 8 years ago

How do I display specific rows from a SQL database using $_GET? Answered

For my latest website, I have created a MySQL database to store user-submitted data. Currently for the homepage a PHP script connects to the database and selects a random row to display on the page. The table is set out like this: ID               Quote                 Author                Category 21              blah                    anonymous        Life 22              hdhshs               anonymous        Food I wanted to create a page where when a user goes to , it displays the row with the ID number of 45. That I have done successfully. But now I want to create a page where if you go to, say:, where it lists all rows under Life. But after tweaking the code for the Post page, it doesn't seem to work. Code for Post Page: $user="**********"; $password="**********";$database="**********"; $connection=mysql_connect('**********',$user,$password);@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");  $sql = "SELECT * FROM `quotes` WHERE `id` = " . mysql_real_escape_string ( $_GET['id'] );  mysql_select_db ( $database, $connect ); if ( @mysql_query ( $sql ) )  { $query = mysql_query ( $sql );   $row = mysql_fetch_assoc ( $query );   echo '' . $row['quote'] . '#' . $row['id'] . ''; }  else { die ( mysql_error () );  }?> What do I need to change in the above code, to display a list of every row in the database with a category of whats in the URL?  This is my first time running a MySQL database, so sorry if the code is a bit squiffy.

Asked by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

how to integrate temperature, pressure, humidity sensors included with a time stamp into a single table in MySQL db??

I am new..  i want detailed step to step process and code of how to integrate temperature sensor,pressure sensor,humidity sensor included with time stamp into a single table in a database. i want these values into the MySQL database every 15 mins once..

Asked by arjund2 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Suggestion: Instructibles should host a website catagory.

Is it realistic for me to think that Instructibles should host a Website Catagory? I happen to be a 'junior' webmaster and would greatly appreciate some instructibles on php, mysql, mail servers. etc.

Posted by mattameo213 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do i add password to website?

How do I add a feature where a person could add a user, and login? I am an expert at html, i know a fair bit of php, and i figured i could do this with mySQL. So i have 2 questions... How could i add such a feature to my website And if it is possible with SQLServer 2005, and how? (Note) I do host my own site, and I'm obviously on a windows-based platform

Asked by comsa42 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

About making Single Board Computers...

Hi guys! I just wondered how can I make a custom Single Board Computer... I am interested to make a custom 8 bit AVR SBC and 32 bit ARM SBC (Must I learn even with the 16 bit architecture?) in a cheap way and without the aid of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I have these questions: - There is any book or else about learn making Single Board Computers? - Where can I find the components for the board? - I can program and I know a few of many languages (C,C++,Python,Javascript,HTML5,CSS,PHP,MySql). Must I make an OS for everything for make my board work or I can make a "bootable software" (like a MP3 player)? And again,there is a book or else for learn this? Thank you for your time!

Posted by MichaelP170 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Instructables Internship - Day 4

Alo Again,Well, this morning I didn't have the opportunity to burn my PB sandwich, not only because it was a PB&J; sandwich, but because the oven was filled with semi-burnt roasted tomatoes/garlic.Anyhow, Today I did some more outreach for the new Launch It! Contest and... drumroll please.... Billy and I shipped all of the remaining Laser Cutter Contest Winners' prizes! Woo Hoo! Other than that, the morning was pretty chill. I'm getting used to the much more relaxed setting here at Instructables. At all of my other internships I've had, everything was always so fast-paced, tense, and ridiculously demanding. At Instructables, everyone's just Chill. Everyone enjoys what they're doing. It's awesome.Also, I downloaded the Instructables MySQL dumpfile from Rachel, and I'm in the process of getting it back into MySQL. Eventually, I'm going to try and make some cool new statistic features for you guys!Billy and I tested out some LEDs and my ultra-thin/flexible solar panels, which are hella awesome. The specs say that they get 3V @ 22 mA max in the sunlight, but yesterday, I got that in the shade. In the sunlight?: 4.19V!After that, Jason, Billy, Noah and I checked out the Water Jet in Instructables' machine shop. Billy had to cut some stuff for a project of his, but watching the machine "do its thing" was really cool. There's so much awesome stuff here, I still can't believe it.Noah, Jason, and I then picked out some stuff that was going to get thrown out to use in Proj. X, and we ordered the Surgical Tubing, too!Then, Jason, Mike (Works for Potenco), and I went to the beach to check out the kite boarders, and fly the trainer kite. (Eventually, we'll get to kite board, too!)Alright, I think that I'm actually going to go get started on Proj. X now...I've included some pictures that I've taken throughout the day.Cheers,-MuffinatorP.S. I came up with an awesome badge idea, and I'll draw it up today on the computer. I'll post it by tonight, so make sure you tell me if you like it or not!

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How do I edit a SQL database? Answered

Hey, I have recently found a clone of the Fiverr Script micro-jobs thing for free and I have no idea of how to set it up. I have set up the installation it says and step 2 says I need to import a file called 'scriptsolution.sql' into my newly created database. I know what this means, but how do I do this? I have setup a MySQL database on and I don't know how to edit it. Then, step 3 says I need to upload some specified files into my web server's public directory and I have no idea on how to do that or what that means. Step 4 says I need to CHMOD 777 the files and directories that it shows, I have no idea what that means. Lastly, step 5 says 'Setup a cron job on your server to run once every hour of every day.' and it says the commend format, I sort of know what this means but I don't know how to do this. That's all I have questions abou so PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

Asked by knexpert1700 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Let Er Rip guys.

I just put a new Forum up on my server. I want to see what it's breaking point is and also would find it handy to get ANY feedback from it, I know there will be a couple things astrew on my forum, but for the most part it's your average SMF forum, with a little bit of work done to it to set up the settings to my likings and changed the theme.I know there are a malicious few that will stumble across my forum link (not necessarily members on this website), but I welcome the testing of my server's security, as I also need to know of any leaks.Also, aside from the testing aspect of my forum, I welcome new users, as I would like to have a user-base of more than 5-6 people, just makes things more exciting ya-kno? I plan to make computer utilities accessible to members and guests, however all other downloads are off limits to guests, you must register, although I haven't really got much to download, there are a couple things to see in there so far.I thank any one of you's who takes time to look this over for me.However, don't try any funny stuff with my ftp access or the rest of my system, as it's set up fairly well and tight and you'll most likely get yourself automatically banned, the Apache, mysql, and php however, I do not think are completely secure, like I said, do test it out.

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How can I generate a formatted HTML file with PHP?

I'm doing a major reconstruction of my website. I want it to be more dynamic and interactive (CMS), something like Instructables. I already started the login-logout cookie system, establish a MySQL database and found a user friendly text editor. I'm planning to buy a ".com" domain if I get the system to work. I'm not trying to compete with ibles or anything, but rather just want to make a site where I can post guides then display it on my homepage. Similar to the GUI of ibles.  My Site: Can you guys help me find a decent PHP code that would generate formatted html files, so that I would be able to post step-by-step guides similar to instructables... Don't worry about the database, and the text editor, I'll just figure it out.  As a sign of gratitude, I would like to gave away a patch or a 3 month Pro-membership to the person who gets the best answer :D  _____________________________________ //I found a code, but sadly I can't get it to work :(  error_reporting(E_ALL); require_once 'KvzHTML.php'; // These are the default options, so might // as well have initialized KvzHTML with an // empty first argument $H = new KvzHTML(array(   'xhtml' => true,   'track_toc' => false,   'link_toc' => true,   'indentation' => 4,   'newlines' => true,   'echo' => false,   'buffer' => false,   'xml' => false,   'tidy' => false, )); echo $H->html(   $H->head(       $H->title('My page')   ) .   $H->body(       $H->h1('Important website') .       $H->p('Welcome to our website.') .       $H->h2('Users') .       $H->p('Here\'s a list of current users:') .       $H->table(           $H->tr($H->th('id') . $H->th('name') . $H->th('age')) .           $H->tr($H->td('#1') . $H->td('Kevin van Zonneveld') . $H->td('26')) .           $H->tr($H->td('#2') . $H->td('Foo Bar') . $H->td('28'))       )   ) ); ?>

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Remote Access and Control for various Sensor Data and Output Devices

I am working on a project that involves multiple sensors as well as a handful of output devices, and am looking for the best solution on how to collect data from the sensors, have certain actions occur based off of the sensor input, as well as be able to have a web-accessible page where the logged data could be viewed. Additionally, I would also like to be able to modify certain variables (such as changing thresholds for when output devices are activated, for how long they are activated, etc) on the webpage. A very similar solution to a different situation that I am familiar with is OctoPrint. With OctoPrint, you can view your 3D printer live from the comfort of any machine on the network, as well as send custom commands to it, or even initiate prints. My application would be very similar to what OctoPrint offers, with the addition of being able to view collected data from sensors, as well as changing variables within scripts. The current hardware I plan on using consists of an Arduino as an analog to digital converter for the analog sensors, as well as the controller for relays and other output devices. The Arduino would be plugged into a Raspberry Pi (or really any machine would work, I think), which is essentially how an OctoPrint setup works. Ideally, I would like to have the Raspberry Pi act as the webserver/host (I would be the only individual accessing the webpage, so a pi should be enough for that? If another computer would be needed to host the webpage, then Ideally I would like to omit the pi altogether.)I would like the input data to be logged and displayed in a graphical manner, through graphs and charts. A friend recommended using a database, such as MySQL; is this a good option, or is there something that would be more efficient? The control/data page wouldn't necessarily need to be accessible to the world wide web, although that would be convenient (I would prefer not needing to pay for a domain though). So long as I could access it from the local network, that would suffice.If there is some program/software that allows me to do all/most of this, that'd be great. Otherwise, I'm just looking for input on what would be the most optimal route going about this. Ideally the less complicated the better, but I'm not afraid of learning new things.

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Failed Experimentation : AI : My new creature is alive !

.It's alive !Alive, yes, but not as much intelligent than expected ..........Instead of watching a stupid movie at TV, I decided to write a tiny AI programme all in PHP.My goal was to get some functionalities comparable to logic programming languages like Prolog.In simpler words : I wanted to create a programme that could learn facts, and find the solutions to some logical problems.For instance :> blue is colour.Okay.> carrot is vegetable.Okay.> blue is colour ?Yes.> blue is vegetable ?No.> carrot is colour ?No.etc.So far, I can teach it facts in the form of 3-words-affirmations, and I can ask it questions and definitions, and the creature is able to find some connections between facts.Experimentation #1 : > red is colour.Okay> black is colour.Okay> orange is colour.Okay> orange is fruit.Okay(Here, we have a trap : orange is both a color and a fruit.)> red is colour ?Yes> black is fruit ?No> orange is colour ?Yes> orange is fruit ?Yes(Good. The beast did not fall in the trap.)> translate : red- "colour"> translate : orange- "colour"- "fruit"> translate : colour- "red"- "black"- "orange"Good ! The beast can give a sense to the words it learned.Experimentation #2 :> Paul is human.Okay> human eat fruit.Okay> apple is fruit.Okay> human is animal.Okay> animal eat meat.Okay> animal is mortal.OkayNow, let's see if it can "chain" the facts in a logical manner :> translate : Paul- "human"Here it should have replied : "human", "animal" and "mortal", since human are animals, and animals are mortal ...Let's see how it defines "Paul" :> define : Paul- Paul is humanMy creature seems obviously narrow minded ...Let's quiz it now :> Paul is apple ?No> Paul is fruit ?No> Paul is human ?Yes> human is Paul ?Yes> Paul is Paul ?Yes> Paul eat fruit ?Yes> Paul eat apple ?Yes> Paul is animal ?Yes> Paul eat meat ?No> Paul is mortal ?YesAs we can see, it successfully (and surprisingly) replied correctly to each question by connecting facts together, excepted for "Paul eat meat ?".At this question, it should have replied "yes", since it knows that "Paul is human", "human is animal" and "animal eat meat". But it did not ... ... and it's bizarre since it can reply correctly to "Paul is mortal ?", from "Paul is human", "human is animal" and "animal is mortal", or to "Paul eat apple ?" from "Paul is human", " human eat fruit" and "apple is fruit" ...Interesting, isn't it ? =o)If you want, you can submit your facts and questions to my experimental creature (which has no name yet) =o)What would be interesting also, is to confront it to a "paradox" just to see how it behaves ! =o)20080625 : For those of you who would like to have a look at the guts of the beast, here is available the source code.However, keep it mind it's a spaghetti-code and many function names are in french (as well as comments).Also, this version relies on MySQL to store and query facts (I'm planning to replace it with simple arrays though), which make the code slightly more complicated than required ...The main code makes less than 250 lines =o)There is no direct input interface : instead, it use scripts (exp_*.php) that call functions. For example :declarer("red","is","colour"); // <---- declarationsdeclarer("black","is","colour");declarer("orange","is","colour");declarer("orange","is","fruit");verifier("red","is","colour"); // <---- questionsverifier("black","is","fruit");verifier("orange","is","colour");verifier("orange","is","fruit");... which is slightly more complicated than what I showed above for the sake of comprehension and simplification !

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