What is Paracord?

Posted by TSC 8 years ago

New Paracord Channel!

Check out the new PARACORD Channel we have added to the Outside Category! Then enter the Paracord Contest!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Favorite Paracord Projects

My favorite paracord project is the Woven paraocrd bracelet/watchband by Stormdrane. What is yours?

Posted by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

Paracord Instructables

Ok, let me preface what I am about to say by letting you know that I am not trying to be rude in any way. I think there are way to many Instructables coming out about paracord bracelets. I frequently get Instructable newsletters in my inbox with a paracord bracelet Instructable. Paracord bracelets is a very dead horse at this point. I am not trying to be mean or rude, I am just suggesting that people should think of a different Instructable before they consider making one about paracord bracelets. Cheers! Darman12

Posted by darman12 6 years ago

Coming Soon: Paracord Contest

Next week we'll be starting a paracord speed contest. Make anything out of paracord to win a Leatherman with a laser-etched message of your choice! You can include other materials or wrap the paracord around something else, but the main focus of the Instructable should be all about the paracord. So start thinking of some ideas soon to show off your paracord skills. (Photo credit: David J. Fred)

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Paracord Kits

Hey there, I offer a variety of different Paracord Kits on my website. You can find them here: Use my Instructables I offer here to accompany your paracord kit projects. I currently offer: Bracelet kits Keychain kits Lanyard Kits Checkout securely using Paypal, or any Credit/Debit. If anyone is interested in trading I could do that too! Anthony

Posted by AnthVale 4 years ago


Place to talk and share about projects. Give ideas, or critic projects, help improve.

Posted by Emmitts 3 years ago

Paracord contest Prize

I see the first prize for the paracord contest in "Leatherman Juice". What is Leatherman Juice? Thanks!

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

Posted by srock3 6 years ago

Can paracord hold a 103 lbs boy

 im 103 lbs. and i want to know if some really thin paracord can support my weight!!                       -M

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago

paracord braid/weave

Can anyone figure out how to braid or weave this and somehow instruct me on how to do it  PLEASE

Posted by medicbowling 7 years ago

Paracord braided horse halter

Hi, I have challenged myself to make a braided paracord halter and I need LOTS of help.  I found one online that I really like and would like to duplicate.  I purchased a book "How to Braid Quality Custom Tack", however the halters in this book are not quite what I want.  Hoping someone will be able to give me some pointers or tell me where to find the directions I need. The picture of the halter I have attached is what I want to make.  It appears to me that you would need to start with the nose band to make this work but none of the patterns I have found start that way. Help!!

Posted by Annie7753 3 years ago

single ebook download page behaves as if I cannot log in

While logged in (account links look correct in upper right hand corner), I visit the "Guide-to-Paracord" page. Immidiately, it looks as though I've been logged out ("Login" appears in the upper right.) Logging in and returning to this page always has this same effect (no other ebook page [so far] does so.) When clicking the "download" link, the mini-login appears. entering my username/password only cycles the page (ending in the same result.) Maybe something wrong with the page...

Posted by mpierce333 6 years ago

Looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord. It doesn't have to be simple (I'm good with knots.) I just need a way to join 3 strands of cord. Any suggestions?

Posted by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

550 Cord Keychain for 1oz Hand Sanitizer

So i'm trying to figure out how these guys made this one...  bc I can't find anything ANYWHERE!! So if someone knows where there is a video of how to do this then please let me know.  Thanks in advance!

Posted by vhardy1 7 years ago

Paracord contest

Are you into paracord?  Are you interested in survial?  Are you prepared for when the "Shumer Hits the Fan"?  Well I am a avid reader of a wonderfuly informative site that you may have heard of.  Today they have partnered up with another site with a paracord contest that I thought to share with everyone here.  The rules are simple and easy. In this giveaway, the winner will receive 6 ROLLS of 1000' paracord for FREE! We are giving these rolls away in the colors of black, coyote brown, desert sand, foliage green, olive drab, and royal blue! The retail value for all of these paracord rolls is roughly $225, but could be yours to own FREE! "We're assuming if you're here, you already love paracord, right? That's why we want you to describe to us your favorite paracord project, or list us some of your favorite uses for paracord and how you execute them. OR, if you've never used paracord but can't wait to start, what do you plan to use it for and how? what will be your use of choice? Remember, this is all personal opinion and knowledge ... there is no right or wrong answer!" Now by posting this I've probably shot my chances to win down the tubes but I feel the more that know about the contest, and both websites, the better. Find your way there and you also get a 5% off purchase coupon if you buy anything from them.  What a deal!  

Posted by RedneckEngineer 7 years ago

paracord braid/weave collar i havent seen before

Cany anyone figure out how to make this type of braid or weave and somehow instruct me on how to do it? PLEASE HELP

Posted by medicbowling 7 years ago

Oval shoelace charms (for paracord bracelets)

Greetings, I'm trying my best to find someone who is selling blank oval or circle sholace charms/pendants or they call them also photo sholace charms. All I can find is rectangle ones. Just like one on the picture below, but blank.... Thank you!

Posted by Lexa007 6 years ago

learning to make paracord bracelets need help please

I am to making these and It really intrested me. I have a special needs child and I would like to make a couple of them with charms on them. But I can't find them any where. Like the small silver plated ones. They don't cost that much. its for awareness. microcephaly, and one that says proud mother to a special needs child. I bought one and both of my kids want one and they are telling me what kind but I need help making them too.

Posted by mrsgoyco 5 years ago

Paracord project contest

Please Help! I can't seem to upload my my picture files, it keeps saying "HTTP ERROR " next to all of my files. please help.

Posted by cricket1997 4 years ago

Thin blue line paracord bracelet

Hi everyone! This is my first question; I've been lurking on here for a whille now & love all of the instructables!  My question is (& I apologize if this has been posted somewhere else): does anyone have instructions on how to create a "thin blue line" paracord bracelet?  I've found several youtube videos (which I haven't viewed yet, if there's one that's better than the others, please let me know!), but I prefer written instructions if possible. Thanks so much!!

Posted by mizbirdy 6 years ago

Selling Paracord Bracelets

Helo World, I want to get your feedback on something. I make these para cord key chains, dog collars, lanyards, and bracelets ect. and I am looking to sell them I'm probably going to sell them at school. I want your feedback on how I should sell them , where I should sell them and tips on selling them  Thanks

Posted by Nick-Smith-513 5 years ago

Cannot download Instructable

Just a note to let you know that the following instructable is not downloading: I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know when it's up and running. Thanks so much.

Posted by Cat00x 2 years ago

Coming Soon: EVERY Instructable, one massive book

[edit: this isn't real, but it would be awesome] In the interest of helping out our amazing community of authors, we’ve decided to make all of Instructables available for download in a single PDF document. That way when the EMPs hit or the grid goes down, you’ll have all the chicken rearing, solar paneling, rain barreling, wind turbining, and urban farming resources you’ll need. And because we’re including everything, you’ll also be able to stave off the post-apocalypse blues with bacon roses and unicorn poop. We’re putting all 127,000 Instructables projects into a single omnibus edition that will be sold at cost (TBD) to Instructables authors and for about $1000 for non-members. We’ll also make the PDF available to Pro members. If you’re so inclined, you can print and bind your own version. Get familiar with KaptinScarlet’s “How to Bind Your Own Hardcover Book” Instructable. We found a spectacular publisher who’s willing to bind the pages with paracord and baling wire. This edition should have just about 30 meters of paracord in the binding, along with just enough baling wire to keep the whole thing together if you choose to take out the paracord. The publisher also agreed to include a metal shank in the spine that can be fashioned into a makeshift knife, shovel, or bottle opener. The book is big enough to make a pretty nice counterweight for a small trebuchet, too. There were a few challenges for this publication. First of all, there’s an awful lot of content. To keep the print length down, we used small images wherever possible. We also cut the comment sections and individual project tables of contents. We did, however, keep the advertisements in the margins just in case AdSense will pay out during the End of Days. This publisher did balk at including packages of strike-anywhere matches in the book jacket. Sorry everybody. Matches were deemed “too unsafe” for their production and distribution teams. As though a conflagration of Amazon packages in the back of a UPS truck is less safe than losing a few digits to a frozen post-apocalyptic hellscape. The biggest challenge of all, though, was the sheer size of the book itself. The rough draft weighed in at about 500 kilograms. In a lucky break, using that ultra-thin biblical/lexicographer paper stock allowed us to cut the weight to just 220kg AND to make the pages double as bathroom tissue in a Charmin-less world. The tome will require a licensed forklift operator to receive it (or you can choose to pay the $150 white glove installation surcharge.) And, as usual, we cannot ship to a PO box.

Posted by wilgubeast 4 years ago

paracord bracelet d shackle

Hi, I've made a few paracord bracelets mostly with the plastic buckles. I bought some stainless d shackles and wondering if there are any dangers using the shackles? Mainly getting the bracelet caught on something. I would think the plastic buckles would break, where the metal d shackles won't. I see a lot of bracelets with the d shackles. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Posted by nightowl66 2 years ago

As soon as I go to "Easy usb paracord flash drive case", I'm logged off!

And when I log back on it redirects me to the "you" page. What is this I don't even?

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago


Hey everybody Fish Bone is live! It’s updated to show its quick release feature. I hope you think it’s cool enough to tell your friends about. Of course I’d be thrilled to have you as a backer. Thanks a million. Brent Kickstarter Link

Posted by Mrballeng 5 years ago

Logo Contest

Hi! I know I haven't been very active, but I want to hold a little contest. ATTENTION: Logo makers needed. Prize: 1 YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP I need a new logo. Mine is getting old and boring. I would like a knot theme, or anything with rope. Heck! I'll openly take anything related to the outdoors. So! Get your creative juices flowing, and make me a logo!! Post it in the comments!

Posted by ThatKnottyguy 6 years ago

Peanut Butter Cups, Welding, R2D2 Lamps

  Peanut Butter Cups Welding R2D2 Lamp Alarm Clocks Tree Speakers Aluminum Can Craft Weight-Sensitive Backpack Floppy Disk Percussion Drain Barrels Paracord Can Koozie Make Your Twin WIFI Projects Create a 3D Layered Drawing Paracord Belt Balloon Tying Jig

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

CNC, Hidden Bookshelf, Easter Crafts

  Hidden Door Bookshelf Car Mods Kids Easter Crafts Quiz Show Buzzer System DIY 1000 Watt Wind Turbine Easter Eggs Dyed with Onion Skin Easter Paracord Bracelet Easy Desktop 3-Axis CNC Build a Green House Simple CNC Motor Controller Chainmaille from Pop Tabs Use your Laptop as Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Paracord Wrist Lanyard Wire your House with Cat 5

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Need to purchase small diameter metal tubing with screw-on flush endcaps?

Hello, I am looking for a supplier that sells metal tubing, steel, very small inner diameter with threading inside and end-caps that screw on to make it flush and appear as a solid metal rod (rubber O-ring if needed to keep dry).  I am attempting to make paracord survival key fobs.  I want to fit various tiny survival gear inside the tube, closed on both ends then weave the stitching around the rod.  When needed the user can unravel the paracord for use with what's inside the tube.  It must be tubing because one of my ideas is to put thermite inside a tube, wrap some magnesium ribbon around the outside, then stitch the fob around that.  Other ideas include other types of survival gear but that one will be my fire starter fob.  :)   The rods would be about 2-3 inches in length, wall diameter thin but sturdy, inner diameter maybe 1/4 - 1/2 inches.  Thanks for any help.  Rounded end caps would work fine as well as they would give me more room to stuff things in, but I need access to the suppliers for both the threaded tubing and end caps.  :)

Posted by lmiller31 5 years ago

Customizable pdf does not work

I just paid for a pro membership for access to the customizable pdfs.  I have tried three times now, and it does not work for this instrucaible:

Posted by moonshinedrums 6 years ago

Can someone release my instructable from filters

I posted an ible few hours back looks like it is caught by filters and therefore not showing in recents and searches. Is there anyone who can release it.

Posted by Tarun Upadhyaya 4 years ago

Main Image

When I created this instructable, I used the first image(of this question) as the main image. I have a better image now and would like to change it. I tried changing it, but it only shows it from inside the instructable. It doesn't show it from the search. Please help! Thanks

Posted by BenjiDaa 4 years ago

Who wants to see a pallet contest like the paracord one that just ended?

I've seen a bunch of great instructables (here, here, and here, among others) based around building things with pallets, enough to inspire me to build a bunch of things around the yard with these free, under-appreciated piles of awesomeness.  I think a contest is in order...

Posted by stuffman 8 years ago

How can I repurpose a military parachute

I have an old military parachute which has been sitting in a box in my garage for years. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can reuse it,  other than jumping out of planes? It's in really good shape but I have already reused all the paracord.

Posted by brentbull 8 years ago

Which ible is most highly rated?

Browsing the instructables, you can't sort by favorite.   If there was a battle royale between the most favorited instructables, which one do you think would win? I realize it's hard to say:  Some ibles have been here a long time, so their favorite stats are higher.  Some ibles deal with less popular topics, but are super popular for the people who are interested in it.  So go ahead and make some allowances, and tell me about them. My two picks from what I've been able to search: 3031 fav, 3.9 million views, 2011 3732 fav, 3.6 milion views, 2007 Not sure which one I would pick.  The bracelet one is really old, but has about as many views as the LED one, so the ratio of fav/view, it wins.  But from a fav/age standpoint, the paracord bracelet wins.

Posted by insusr 3 years ago

RC Nerf Tank, Rose Pizza, Top Secret Bunker

RC Nerf Tank Rose Pizza Top Secret Bunker Make Giant Bubbles Adafruit Photo Tutorial Classic Rock Labyrinth German Flammkuchen Laser Etching Metal Sport Jersey to Sexy Top Glowing Nameplate Recycled Ruffled Headband Caffeinated Jello Shots Rubik's Cube Cake Paracord Handle Hidden Door Bookshelf

Posted by randofo 8 years ago


My skills include: Fine woodworking, glassworking,basic electrical theory, resin casting, upcycling, metal smithing, photovoltaics, carving What I'd like to make for someone: There is nothing I won't make! I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): All sizes I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Yes! What I like : miniature things, beads, trinkets, pirates, James Cameron's AVATAR, survival equipment, Maori culture, ancient/primitive craftswork, sailboats, paracord, bugs, solar power, glow in the dark stuff, steampunk. What I don't like : Paper mache! Clowns! Taxidermy! I absolutely can't have: Wheat flour Type of thing I'd love to receive: Something made of paracord, a small pouch, a hackysack, a ship-in-a-bottle, anything that will fit in the palm of your hand. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? No Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Confirmed!

Posted by nepheron 8 years ago

Soft Pretzels, Modify a Rubik's Cube, Steampunk Keyboard

  Soft Pretzels Modify a Rubik's Cube Steampunk Keyboard The Evil Geocache Coffee Cup Cake Milk Crate Garden Cheap Screen Printing Adjustable Paracord Chair Knex Piano Playing Robot Baking Bread Chest Camera Rest Easy Solar Oven High-Power LED Bike Light Coffee Cup Ceiling Aid Auto-Watering Plant Nursery

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Knife making tips

Im new to instructables ive tried a few easy paracord projects but now want to try making my own knife I have a piece of 01 gauge 3mm high carbon steel and a few designs to start. I'm looking for some tips on shaping the blade, hardening and final sharpening. I'm sure there are lots of little tricks out there hopefully this way I won't have to learn them the hard way. Thanks dugie

Posted by dugie502 5 years ago

Jury-rig it contest...

Either the requirements for the contest failed to be made clear, or the entries were assessed and chosen on a different set of requirements. It seems to me that a lot of the entries were on the fine line of professional engineering, not a fast solution to an everyday problem. Paracord fishing lure? Of course. Frankenstein laser engraver? Not very 'McGyver-ish,' more 'Einstein-ish.' Sour grapes? Maybe, as I had en entry. But I still say that the automatic TIG feeder was 'engineered' not 'McGyvered'. Maybe the contest itself should have won.

Posted by chokapi 5 years ago

(newsletter) Steampunk Top Hat, See-Through Concrete, Polaroid Camera Hack

Steampunk Top hat See-Through Concrete Non-Polaroid Film in a Polaroid Camera Fix Your Headphones Paracord Belt Cats Plastic Bags Traditional Carved Bone Pendant Hard Drive Rotary Sander Stealth Bumper Sticker Prank Under Shelf Spice Rack Disposable Camera Slave Flash Red Oak Pyramid Bow Guitars Heating and Cooling Jacket

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

My Gift Exchange

My skills include: Wood work, metal work, digital imaging Paracord stuff and more. Here's a link to my featured Instructable: What I'd like to make for someone: I'd like to make a giant monkey fist to keep that small garage key you keep loosing and a baby monkey fist for your house keys or zipper puller.. I'd be willing to make s/m size gift package: To be honest I don't know in what size category to list this. I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Equal size. What I like: wood, metal, electronics, crafts, creative things. What I don't like: Things that don't have any sort of practical use. I absolutely can't have: Cheeseburgers ...LOL.....Anything is cool. Type of  thing I'd love to receive: Something creative and differant. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? yes Confirm that you are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: I forget when I was 18....No I am not that ancient.

Posted by NutandBolt 8 years ago

DIY Edge-Lit Display, Lynne Bruning, Digital Holga Lens

DIY Edge-Lit Display Featured Author: Lynne Bruning Digital Holga Lens Filtered Pet Water Bowl A Simple Steam Engine USB Dongle Waveguide Unique String Art Paracord Earbud Sleave Father's Day Make a Cross from a Coin Wind Turbine from Scrap Wireless Hexapod Robot USB Tester Arduino 3-Axis CNC Wiring Building a Better Stirling Engine

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Light Up Umbrella, Hydraulic Cardboard Arm, Easy Digital Picture Frame

Light Up Umbrella Hydraulic Cardboard Robot Arm Easy Digital Picture Frame Adaptive Kayak Paddle Galileo's Bicycle Amazing Coffee Cup Vases Flower Origami Ball Paracord Bracelet and Watch Band LED Test Tube Lamp Rotating Convection Sculpture Musical Tensegrity Structure Human-Powered Light iPhone Guitar Connector Playing Cards for the Blind Belt Sander Table Mount

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

(newsletter) Wooly Willy Table, Self-Balancing Skateboard, Platypus Inaction Figure

  Wooly Willy Table Dead Computer Contest Winners Platypus Inaction Figure Sew Warm Contest Winners Coffee Can Alarm Clock Self-Balancing Skateboard Grout Portrait Busts Paracord Playing Card Safe Explosion Box Rear Pocket Camera Mount View Radioactive Particle Vapor Color Changing Deck Lights Ultimate Phillips Guide Cup Prank - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

25 Cent Silver Ring, The Headache Machine, Classic 3D photographs

25 Cent Silver Ring The Headache Machine Classic 3D Photographs Time Lapse Add-On Pipe Shelving Unit Candy Tin Martini Kit Pocket Abacus Motion Detection Camera Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins Realistic Model Spaceship Kiss Chemicals Goodbye Fresnal Lens Death Ray Wooden Centrifugal Puzzle Gummi Bricks Train Bed Money Muncher Tennis Ball Paracord Bracelets 4x4x4 LED Cube - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

Sawzall Blade Survival Knife?

Hey Everybody! I've been looking around and I've found many people who have made knives out of hacksaw blades, but I was wondering if it could be done with a Sawzall blade too. If I used a woodcutting Sawzall blade, then the knife could probably go through a limb of a tree faster, and then I could sharpen up the other non-cutting side, and add a handle of some sort, maybe out of paracord or Sugru. Add a Kydex sheath, and its pure DIY-ed. What do you all think? Would the Sawzall blade be sharp enough to cut a piece of wood with your arm (as opposed to the rpm of a Sawzall motor)? Would the Sawzall blade take an edge on the back? Would this be worth my time? Thank you!!!

Posted by basementhacker 5 years ago


OOOOK!! So here i am with another question... My wife bought me a kindle fire three days ago. i have been tinkering around with it to see what i can do with it naturally...i then got to thinkin i wanted to put all my 'Ibles e-book downloads on it...but heres the hitch...i downloaded Calibre to convert the documents, and i am having a number of problems... Problem 1:  After converting the pdf to MOBI, and then syncing it to my Fire, i disconnect the device and test to see wether it was a successful sync (to see if technology was telling the truth as it is often fickle). Well, success it downloaded...but thats not the problem...when i look for the new e-book i just converted, i would expect to see the book's cover as it is on the 'ibles website (ie: go to the e-books page and look for the guide to paracord). what i see is not that but what you see when you click the download button on the download page (it has the cover, and the intro description of the e-book). I want to figure out how to get Calibre to convert the book to have the real cover...not the description page. Problem 2:  I want to try to download the e-pub of the guide to paracord...but when it asks to save it...i save it and then it downloads. after that i go to the file its sitting in, and magically the file is a zip file...i have NO idea what i am supposed to do with this!!! i extracted the file, and low and behold...there is a gazillion files within files (not really...its more like 50+ folders haha). i then proceeded to move the files to my Kindle Fire and then disconnected the device and BOOOM!!! nothing!! Problem 3:  when i did the conversion to MOBI in Calibre and then did the test on my Fire, i touched one of the direct links in the TOC and it zapped me straight to the beginning of the book... If anyone knows whats giong on, PLEASE HELP ME!!! And before anyone asks...*i have read the instructions to the software*

Posted by sokamiwohali 6 years ago