Trouble with my home phone.

For some reason my home phone line is having trouble. When I am talking to someone on the phone there is very bad static which makes it hard to hear, and sometimes it will drop my call or even tap me into someones conversation. I though it might have been my phone, but even with the old phone unplugged there is the same problem. My phone company has sent people to fix the problem three times, and it might work for a day but will eventually have the same problem. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

Posted by Rotten 11 years ago

USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Own a hamburger phone as JUNO movie?

My friends, do you like to watch Juno Movie and own the same hamburger phonehamburger phone? I find a online store which both buy hamburger phone, one store is , sale price: $20.99, you also get cool JUNO hamburger phone

Posted by davidxi2008 10 years ago

Cell Phone Jammer

I have alot of Cordless phones with the handsets and i have the bases, i have answering machines , regular phones.  Old cell phones....Is there components in there that i can make a cell phone jammer with?   Im teaching myself electronics by taking things apart,lol  but i still have trouble figuring out what parts are what.    Any help?   thanks.   Ps, i would love to make one with a altoid tin if possible.

Posted by valmont325 7 years ago

Connect a cordless phone to a computer and use over Skype/Google, etc

Has anyone come across a way to connect a cordless phone to your computer and use to talk over Skype, Google Talk, or similar?

Posted by awascholl 3 years ago

cell phone flash

So i have this old broken cell phone , i think all of it works but its no longer connectable , the body and the screen . it has flash so i thought to somehow make a little flash that i could just flash around for fun , and maybe some other cool stuff with old phone ? thanks

Posted by avatardub 7 years ago

big telephone receiver for cell phone

Friends, I hate talking on the cell phone; it's too small, especially when I'm talking from home. I keep a land line so I can chat for hours on a regular sized telephone. However, I'm moving next week and won't be able to spring for a land line. Can anyone help me use an old-time big phone receiver with a cell phone? Blue tooth maybe? Or perhaps attach something to/around the cell phone that allows me to hold it between my head and shoulder and talk into a mouthpiece that's near my mouth? Thank you, evil geniuses, all... xo

Posted by rachydee 8 years ago


Hello Everyone, I love tinkering with electronics. While it is easier to go out and just buy some things that people make, it is far more fun to actually make something that looks unique and different. I love to try and repurpose things. I have been trying desparately to figure out how to make a wireless home phone that I have hanging around at home bluetooth capable so I can answer my cell phone calls with the wireless home phone handset. I know this would involve taking a bluetooth blueant or hands free device and wiring it into the home phone base, but I do not know where to wire it in.  You know how the wireless home phone handsets always have a "Master" phone base that receives the calls and then communicates with the handsets so one is able to answer the calls on whatever handset is the most handy, well that is how I want the bluetooth adaptation to work. So to re-iterate in case my explanation is as clear as mud, which it probably is, I want to take a wireless home phone system that has the master phone base with wireless handsets and make it bluetooth, BUT the hitch is I still want the calls from my cell phone to come through it just as it would with a home phone telephone line, so that I can answer my cell phone calls with the wireless/cordless handset. Of course, I do not know if this is possible, but I sure hope an electronics gadget guru out there can help me with this project that I have been anxiously trying to complete. Many Thanks for reading, Ambles

Posted by Ambles 2 years ago

Solar charging in mobile (cell) phones.

While sitting in the glorious sunshine outside a local pub Sunday on afternoon it struck me that although there are a lot of solar charging options available as add ons I have never seen a phone with solar cells built in. I could understand it when all the phone companies were making their products smaller & smaller with every new line but now our phones have huge screens the phones are once again getting large & it seems to me that there is a great deal of wasted space that could accommodate strips of solar cells. My own phone has around 15 square cm of space around the outside alone, added to that there is around 42 square cm of space on the back that could be made use of for something more useful than the manufacturers logo. I wouldn't expect to dispense with the wall wart altogether but surely it would help to extend the sometimes pitiful life of our mobile technology if it could gather a little energy from the sun. Any ideas why this isn't being included by the likes of Apple, Samsung & the other manufacturers folks? preferably in terms a non electronics expert can understand :-)

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 6 years ago

i wondered if i could make something from my old phone

Hi, i just bought Samsung galaxy and I dont use my old phone (nokia 5800) and i was wondering if i could do something with it. i thought of a lot of thing but the one thing i always wanted to do is a spy cam. the phone is big and it doesn't count as hidden thing and i looked at the phone and again  i was wondering =P if i could disassemble the phone and use just the camera piece and make some electric thing and it will record when i press some button and stop when i push it again. and of curse i could connect it to a  computer or use sdcard so it will be small and no one would notice it. so =P can i make it or something like it using other thing???? thanks, mike

Posted by warewolfms 7 years ago

The Secret Service is Calling Me! Help!!

Hi Friends,Recently someone has been calling me on my cell phone about 3 times a day saying they are the secret service from a private Caller ID. It is someone from my high school. I think they are using a spoof card because the phone number is blocked or the white houses number. It is really starting to piss me off and I need some help. They have called about 7 or 8 times in the last 2 days. Its really annoying. I called sprint to see what they could do but all they said was that I would need to contact local law enforcement to put it to a stop. The worst part is they are not only wasting there own and my own time but they are also working away at my phone bill. So, I need your help. What do you think I should do, contact the local police and get the perpetrator(s) arrested for impersonating a government member or should I try something else such as taking the law into my own hands (phone trap/ back spoofing)Thanks for all your help.Joe Rowley

Posted by joejoerowley 11 years ago

What to do with a Vialta Beamer video phone?

So years ago before broadband internet, Skype, and video conferencing for free, there was a thing called a Beamer video phone which used your landline telephone line to do video conferencing between 2 people. So my mom bought 2 of them, mailed me one, and we tried to do video conferencing between PA and FL, and needless to say, it was terrible.  Video was choppy, etc, everything you would expect for video trying to go over a landline phone circuit.  I would sell it on eBay, but it doesn't look like anyone is buying it, so rather than have it take up any more shelf space, I'm trying to figure out what else I can do with it.  I haven't taken it apart yet, but it looks like a 3" LCD screen with a little web camera on it and a microphone, and some kind of circuit board.  The housing is actually very pretty (see picture) with it's glass outside. So what can I do with this thing?  Can I build some type of open source wi-fi video conference station using skype?  Or some type of in-home intercom system with video? The possibilities are seemingly endless, any suggestions are welcomed!!

Posted by ericb1 7 years ago

Looking to connect my Samsung Epic with a itouch together

I want to create something to connect both somehow. like a book or back to back, or something. Any ideas on items i can use?

Posted by redguardian 8 years ago

Android App Design with App Inventor Tutorial Paint App 1 of 3

Https:// This is my first tutorial on instrucables~and will include 3 tutorials! Click on the link and enjoy, comment, and favorite!!

Posted by authorhaider 3 years ago

in house/property phone to phone direct line

Anyone know of the easiest way to make a permanent phone to phone direct line. As in a phone from the back shed to the house. I want to be able to pick up the phone in the house or shed and have it ring on the opposite phone. any idea's?

Posted by chaoscampbell 11 years ago

cell phone

Does anybody know if i could hook a cell phone up to my regular phone line at my house and how?

Posted by fishing4life13 11 years ago


Okay I need your guy's help, my upgrade for my cell phone is coming up in like a month and I'm stuck between these two phones, so comment and tell me which one you like best.

Posted by bigdylan91 8 years ago

can a security tag ? be placed inside a mobile phone as the conductor for a mobile phone induction charger i trying to make it

Can a security tag ?  wired and connected to the battery be placed inside a mobile,and then place it  the phone on the conductor for a mobile phone induction charger i trying to make it

Posted by dmoloch 5 years ago


I have an old GE corded phone... Is there anyway I can turn this into a cordless phone?

Posted by popit 10 years ago

(cell) phone can call into a speaker

Has anyone seen a solution where a (cell) phone can call into a speaker in a shop? Like have a phone that auto answers and connects to a loud speaker in a shop floor? Or another type of solution. thanks

Posted by gregdove 4 years ago

Make a phone ring

Anyone know if its possible to make a phone ring without a call coming in? Maybe get this to work via remote. This would be an awesome practical joke for my office!

Posted by slide23 10 years ago

Phone guitar

Phone apps are creeping more into the musical space. Famous musicians have been seen using cell phones with apps to play in their shows. Steffest has combined multiple phones into a guitar and can be seen here playing the results. Now I want to see him add an iPad for the guitar body and make the entire thing touchscreen. via Make

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Phone recommendations

Hello every one I was hoping for some advice on a phone. i want to get a Motorola A1600 but its expensive at $250 or more i was hopping you guys had any phone recommendations that are similar to this one. heres the hard part it needs to be under $100; this may be asking to much.

Posted by chrischavez 9 years ago

Hmmm.... Why?

Why Is It People With a Wall Plug-In Phone Want A USB Phone, And People With A USB iPod Want A Wall Plug-In iPod? >_>

Posted by NeonLime 10 years ago

Flashing a Sony Ericsson s710a cell phone.

Does any one know how to flash a Sony ericsson s710a cell phone; any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Posted by Looie_e 10 years ago

Can dumb / feature phone be charged using USB?

Hello, I recently received a USB power pack but I can't seem to charge the dumb / feature phones that I have.  When I use this adapter to connect the phones they say that they are charging but even after 5 hours they seem like they didn't get a charge t all. Is the voltage difference the issue? With the USB being 5V and the phone battery being 3.7V (though the output of the chargers that the phones came with is 5V). Could I have a faulty unit? Thanks for reading.

Posted by Full Metal 4 years ago

Cell Phone Clone?

I've always thought that it would be cool to have more than one cell device on my specific account.   (no, not like a family sharing plan).   Let's say, I want to keep a spare phone in my glove box, on a trickle charger, so that I always have a working phone in an emergency.    Let's say you use your cell phone a lot..  Instead of swapping out exhausted batteries, what if you had a second phone on the charger that you can switch to whenever needed. Is it possible to clone your telephone, so that you can have a spare device.      If you are paying for the service, and you can only use one of the phones at a specific time, why would the phone company care?   I have 6 old phones from which I upgraded.  They all work fine, and could make great spares if there was a way of programming them to work on my account.   Can the MAC address / serial number be cloned to an old phone? J.

Posted by John_the_Builder 4 years ago

Transformable Toshiba 815T PB phones

LinkThese phones are a promo for a show called Ketai Sousakan 7 that seems to be about transforming phones. *shrug*Now if they can just get those little missiles and machine guns on them like in the Transformers movie, THEN they would really kick ass. Or if they actually moved. or anything besides usable toys. Still an interesting concept.

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Can You use a GPRS with a landline phone?

I have wanted to this but can't find info But what I wanted to do was to set up and Arduino with a GPRS shield but instead of it being the phone I wanted to have it hook up to an old rotary dial phone and have it work like it's plugged into the wall and the arduino/shield would be in a box but the question remains, can that be done or is it not possible?

Posted by Zuma07 1 year ago

USB phone

After finding out that my "high speed" satellite connection was only on down speed I now have 2 usb phones that I originally bought for Skype. What can I do with them now? Do I just throw them away? Does someone else want them?

Posted by dhotrum 10 years ago

Teddy Bear Phone

A buddy of mine e-mailed me an article about a cell phone unveiled in Japan that is a plush Teddy Bear. After reading it I said "Surely someone could make that for less than $500!!!" When I mentioned this to my friend he said he could see someone on Instructables combinig it with taxidermy to make a rat phone. The URL is :,2933,415965,00.htmlHopefully this will provide someone with inspiration.

Posted by RadBear 10 years ago

Nokia 8110

How could I make my Nokia 8110 spring-loaded like the phone in The Matrix?

Posted by Mr.Vengeance 11 years ago

Wireless cell phone signal booster for the home

Does anyone out there have any idea how to construct a home built wireless cell phone signal booster for the home? I've found a few different brands, but they are way out of my price range. Looking for something that can be built with readily available parts from Radio Shack, Lowes, Home Depot, etc Any ideas? Please submit and thank you!

Posted by vwmeche94 10 years ago

Cell phone speaker?

So, y'know how sometimes you might feel like sharing your music with friends, but you dont want to share you headphones? The solution would be to carry speakers, but usually they're sort of bulky and they wont fit in your pockets very well. So, what about cell phones? even some that are maybe a few years old are still smaller then some speakers. Everyone knows taht cell phones can be Really loud, so what if we somehow add a cable to attach to an audio device, and switch around some things inside, and use the dead phone as speakers?! I would try and do this, but i have no idea how, so this is just an idea for you peoples to think about.!

Posted by Sadam and Osama 11 years ago


I was just kind of wondering... What is your cell phone's ringtone? What do you think would be just the most awesome ringtone?

Posted by BrianKT 10 years ago

Removing baseboard molding w/old phone outlet?

I'd like to remove some baseboard molding, but here's an old-school phone jack in the molding that has been painted over pretty good (though it still works with the converter). Any ideas how I might go about pulling out the molding without destroying the phone jack? I'm familiar with how to take down regular baseboard molding, but I can't seem to find anything online that might explain how to do it when an old outlet's in it. I'm not familiar with electric stuff, but am willing to learn, if need be. Thanks!

Posted by redsauce 9 years ago

Ok what do I do with the rest of the pieces?

I took the little motor out of my cell phone and now the phone is mangled beyond repair and I don't know what to do with the peices. All I know is that I have no need for them and dont want them anymore. What do I do with them?

Posted by Sunbanks 10 years ago

Make Wearable Camera with Phone Camera

I have no knowledge in electronics but I'd like to have a wearable camera that can record things in my perspective. Is it possible to remove the camera on your phone and convert it into a wearable camera? If I want sound to be recorded as well would I need something more? I've searched online for products that do this and they are quite expensive. Also, they are usually on sale abroad. Would anybody recommend a brand that is affordable for a student(or compare brands)? Or is making your own better? If I made my own, how would battery and powering work? Thank you!

Posted by hlai2 4 years ago

turning a pc on via mobile phone

Would it possible to wire the speaker of a mobile phone to the on/off of a standard pc so you could turn it on with a simple phone call? Not exactly a burning question but the idea has been floating around in my head for a while now, but i'm no closer to investigating.. Being completely devoid of network attached storage, that would be the next best way to access my files or store stuff when not at home without leaving the pc on all the time.. when finished it can be turned off via VNC or logmein. I've tried all ways to get wake on lan working of course, but can't stop the fans from running even when in standby/hibernation, and lately i can't even get it to stay in that mode without booting straight back into xp.. cheers in advance! ade

Posted by uchujin 9 years ago

Cell phone as walkie talkie

Does anyone know whether it's possible to re-purpose old cell phones as walkie talkies? I have some "old" phones (1X Tri-mode - 1.9 GHz and 800 MHz CDMA and 800MHz AMPS), and I'd love to be able to use them for our ski club as a short range back channel for communications in addition to the radios we use when we host races. I'm assuming we'd need to get some sort of base station, not sure where or how. There are probably some laws we'd have to comply with, assuming that something like this is even possible (I'm in Canada). I'd consider activating & using them normally, but the cell coverage on our mountain is very weak and unreliable, hence this post. Any ideas on how to get something like this started? Or is it a non-starter?

Posted by celltalkie 11 years ago

Cell Phone batteries replacement for portable drill

Hi, I need some help on replacing m batteries for a cordless drill/screw driver. I'm thinking I could us use 4 batteries (3.6 V each battery) t replace the busted battries in the battery pack. I'm just not sure on how to connect thi batteries. Should I connect the on a series from + to - terminals or on a parallel circuit? Thanks!  

Posted by awpayo 7 years ago

how to make working of a dead cell

Hi, Friends this is swetha, i am using nokia n73, i made a mistake for that my cell was completly dead, i shown that in nokia care but no use. Is there any possible to make that dead cell phone to rework again.

Posted by swetha_k_5818 4 years ago

Mobile phone screamer?

Has anyone got a schematic or instructions for making a noise generator I can attach to my cell phone through the mike/earphone jack? I am getting a lot of "junk" calls with faked return numbers, who will not remove me from their call lists and typically call 3-5 times a day, even at night. My provider (AllTel) says there's nothing they can do to help me block calls with bogus or "unavailable" return numbers. OK, I admit this is more for my own sense of justice than anything else, but I'd sure like to have some sort of oscillator that would generate enough volume at a high pitch to at least give them a nice headache.

Posted by rjogden 10 years ago

Uses for a dead smartphone?

Hey guys. New to all this disassembling/reassembling/making new stuff, please humor me. So I have this old Samsung Galaxy S Plus phone, which died in early 2014. And now, it's summer holidays, and I'm bored. I remembered this phone, and thought that maybe I could make something out of it. Is it possible to, say, take out the display, or the camera, and use it somewhere else? Maybe I could do something with the speaker? I tried searching on the internet, but didn't find anything. Thanks in advance.

Posted by NSDCars5 4 years ago

please help me with my old uk phonebox modification

I have a old 1989 payphone bought at auction minus the keys I want to convert the old rotary tone dial to a pulse dial keypad and replace the coin slot to accept new coins and would like to do this without ruining the looks of the phone by having to drill out the locks and trying to find a lock of nearly the same style as they have been superseded by new better locks I purchased the coin slot and keypad from a bt approved company in the midlands but understandably both they and bt will not tell me how I can remove the coins once they are in the box incase I break into new boxes coin vaults even though the locks have changed and phone boxes these days are hardly used except for emergency calls.I am trying to put this phone into an oldie worldie village pub as a gimmick to draw in tourists to a dying pub/restaurant

Posted by msc 10 years ago

Any way to always go to full site on mobile site?

I have been on the mobile site a lot recently and every time I go to the site it is the mobile version (I like the nonmobile site better) Is there a way to permanently  go to only the computer site?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

POLL: Bluetooth headsets make you look...

We've all seen them, those people walking down the street with those bluetooth headsets, thinking  they're from the future... What do we really think of them though. I've made a poll on my website:

Posted by munchman 8 years ago

Which Cellphone watch with camera should I buy?

Hello, I want to buy a cellhpone watch with camera. I have a Casio Wristcam WQV-3 but it is broken and had only 0.25 Megapixel ;-) Unfortunaly there are many different models. The descriptions at ebay,, etc. are long but there is nothing about menus/usability, thickness, quality and so on. On youtube a few videos can be found, but not for all models. Maybee someone here has one? "Wishlist": 1.Cardslot, not internal only 2.1,3 Megapixel Cam. Sample Pictures? (Blog, Flickr, Own..) 3.Videorecording 4.Touchscreen 5.Writing/Grafiti, not only virtual keyboard 6.Sketchpad, even with the low resoulution 7.Thin (some are very thick) 8.J2ME or another posibility to write programms German letters would be nice, but optional. Should cost arround $200 incl. shipping+tax to europe or a tad more/less. Unfortunaly so far I could only find the q007 with Java/midp2 support, but it has only 128 MB build in and no extension slot. Thanks in advance!

Posted by schorhr 10 years ago


How would you make this?

Posted by plotseling 10 years ago