photo translation?

I have often on tv seen taking a photo and slicing it then able to rotate the slices to see a side view .did I lose you? I would like this tenique to take a photo of my head then use slices for a template for using planks of wood to lamate up .none of the photo programs I have have anything like this , so I am lost . As not even sure what the process is called . anyone with ideas for this?please help me with the photo and would gladly split the instructable credits for the bust .

Posted by bikerbob2005 9 years ago

Change a project's primary photo?

About the last step before publishing a project is to pick the main photo you want used with the project.  Is there a way to change that photo later?

Posted by walter.warren1 3 years ago

How do i allow others to see my photo library?

I have uploaded some photos to my photo library and i want them to be viewed by other members.  But there is no tab on my profile page for others to click on my photo library.  I do not have an instructable.  I just wanted to show the original poster of the project to see my project.  Is there a way to add a tab to my profile page with the link to my photo library? 

Posted by hconfer 5 years ago

Whats the max size of an Instructable's cover photo (in pixels)

As the title implies, does anyone know what the max size of an Instructable's cover photo is?(in pixels). I'm trying to make an awesome cover photo but i need to know what the max size is, to do it right.

Posted by Team Dogoman RC 2 years ago

Another photo contest

We all remember the photojojo or whatever that was, I think we should have another photo contests, because I can think of plenty of ideas that haven't been done yet..

Posted by thatjawn 10 years ago

Photos in html

Hi! I recently posted my instructable: it got put on the homepage and has tons of views but no likes, this may be because i made the 'ible quite long by adding photos directly into the html, making it harder to see the whole thing, should i remove the photos?

Posted by MakerBox 2 years ago

Main photo being cropped on 'explore' pages.

  The main photo of an Instructable is being cropped by a few percent at the edges on the 'explore' pages.  The images are fine when the Instructable is clicked to view it, but for myself and others who take photos to fill the whole frame it is annoying to have the edges of the 'content' chopped off.  (I always intend to take a more loosely framed photo as the title image but never seem to remember.) Is this a bug in the image handling or is it done by intent? Edit : I've just realised what's happening - It's cropping to make a square aspect ratio for the thumbnails. Looks like I'll have to compose the photo accordingly.

Posted by AndyGadget 6 years ago

January photo a day project Tool Using Animal

Okay, start my own thread, sheesh!  i'll move the other pix over here eventually.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 7 years ago

Photo Upload question for Book Contest

I usually put my logo and url in nearly all my photos and shrink them down to 640 X 480.When I upload the bigger pics, should I remove the logo and url for the sake of the editors?Just wondering.It's for this instructable:IKEA lamp hack

Posted by corinna.anni.roc 10 years ago

Photo bug

Hi, when I'm reading instructables I'm having a problem with the pictures. If there are multiple pics in 1 step and I want to see the next pic on the same step it always opens in a new window and very tiny. Please help. Thanks Steven

Posted by Stevooo1985 6 years ago

I can't upload photos!!! What should I do???

Hey everyone i have been having a lot of trouble uploading pictures from my tablet, what is there to do about it??? thanks from me

Posted by AnnsofieA 3 years ago

Can't upload pictures

Anyone else unable to load pictures into a Photo-Ible today ? Save doesn't work either.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

How to Change Main/Cover Photo

Hi I had published an instructable before. Now I would like to change the main/cover image of it. How do I do it in the new editor? Once before I changed the main photo going to publish and I lost the comments I got. I did it the wrong way. Is there any other way in the new editor? Thanks in advance

Posted by Passion Make 4 years ago

that great feeling when you find instructables using your photo on their website menu

I just happen to notice my photo being used on the explore menu labeling the woodworking section. Feels pretty good!

Posted by SlickSqueegie 3 years ago

Photos copied from other sites

I came across this instructable. The images are copied. I doubt if the author has really done this recipe. Found the same photos in the link below. I am not sure how it got featured. I feel original 'ibles should be found and given more importance.

Posted by mile stone 4 years ago

Photo orientation bug ?

Hello, I know that this sounds unlikely but if I re-orientate a photograph in Preview on my Mac and then put it in an Instructable, it reverts to the original orientation. This has only been the case on my current Instructable. Has anyone else found this to be so ? Also I still cannot reply to comments left on my current Instructable. Thank you.

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 6 years ago

Keyboard jokes

Keyboard jokes

Posted by DELETED_bertwert 3 years ago


Can i mess with your display picture?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Request for feature- Photos in PM's

I think it would be really nice if You could send images to other people via PM. This would be useful if you want to show a project to one or 2 people, and dont want others to see until its posted. There has been many a time where a lot didnt get done for us because we couldnt PM images. Also, looking in the community blog forum, it would really many people.

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Is there an easy way to turn a photo 'ible into a step by step 'ible?

Hi folks. I have made some alterations & additions to my workshop I want to add either to my "My Little Workshop/Utility Room/Cathouse." 'ible or my "Using recycled or salvaged timber" 'ible, possibly both.  Is there an easy way to change it from a photo 'ible to a step by step? I did want to add it in last night but life got in the way as usual & by the time I got started it was quite late & to tell the truth I was too tired to really search around the options, I thought I would try to save a bit of time & ask here before I try again this evening.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 6 years ago

Any ideas on how to make this giant photo frame?

Hi! I'm slightly obsessed with this giant photo frame (see attached). I'm pretty sure it's just a concept / one-off, and it's not something I'd be able to afford anyways, so I'm considering how to DIY it. I've got some good ideas for the outer frame rim, but I can't come up with a way to make the huge back plate and matt that would look nice and not be too heavy. For the backplate I could probably use posterboard or 3mm MDF, but I'm not sure of how to join two or more sheets together that won't significantly add to the weight. At this size there will also be some serious stability issues - it'll need some sort of cross bracing. For the matt, I think I could maybe just use nice cardboard and cut the picture holes by hand, carefully lining up adjacent sheets. Proper matt material I think would be way too expensive for something that size. Any ideas? Thanks Alex  

Posted by trialex 6 years ago

What qualifies as an Instructable?

Greetings, I would like to know what qualifies as an Instructable? What is the definition of an Instructable? I has assumed that an Instructable had to be instructive and not just a picture of something already completed. Regardless of people voicing opposition in the comments that it is not an Instructable, the following post has remained: In response to an email I sent Eric J. Wilhelm replied saying "We have been specifically encouraging authors to share items they have made but did not document the full step-by-step process in our Photo Instructables." I have not seen that. Could you please link where you encourage that? Where you say pictures showing only a completed object qualify as an Instructable? Must an Instructable be intructive or not? If not, then I will be posting a only just pictures of completed objects as Instuctables to be sure special treatment is not being given. Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 7 years ago

Alternative Photography Project

I am currently in the Advanced Photography class at my high school. One of the assigned projects is simply titled "Alternative Photographic Technique." Basically, we have to create an image without using 35mm film (not digital, either). The specific techniques that he recommends are:Photogram-arranging objects directly on the photo paper, without using a camera at allHolga- The teacher has a few Holga cameras with 120 film for class use to take artistically lousy imagesPinhole Camera- If you don't know what this is, you probably can't answer my question anyway.Cyanotype- a special emulsion is painted on watercolor paper, then exposed in sunlight under a large transparency. Search "cyanotype" to see what it is.Polaroid image transfer- an image taken with a Polaroid Two-Step camera is transferred from the film to watercolor paper-looks cool, but expensiveCan anyone suggest other interesting ideas? I'd like to keep it simple and inexpensive, and I have to have 8"x10" total printed image.Weissensteinburg? Are you there?Edit 5-12-08: I have printed some 5x7s with my cool new technique. I matted them today, and I turn them in on Thursday.

Posted by CameronSS 10 years ago

Captions for photos in photo-ibles

I can't see any way to add captions to individual pictures in Photo-ibles. Have I missed the obvious, or is it obviously missing ?

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Can't Change My Photo

I'm trying to update my photo in my profile.  I've uploaded a new photo 5 times using Firefox on my PC running Windows Vista but have been unable to figure out any way to replace my existing photo with the uploaded photo.  (I've selected the "remove" option for my current photo 3 times and it has never been removed.)  (Also, there appear to be no prompts to select the newly uploaded photo as my profile picture.)

Posted by hartpete 6 years ago

Unable to add description boxes to photos that are not the first photo in an instructable step

When creating a new step-by-step instructable, I am unable to add descriptiong to any photos except the first one in a step. To remedy this I kept switching which photo was first, added my comments, and restored the photos to the correct order. This took a really long time and was very inconvenient, but it got the job done!

Posted by emilygraceking 6 years ago

April is Photo Month

A heads up to you all that April will be Photo Month here at instructables. We're going to have some really cool prizes for this one that will be announced later.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Cannot delete profile photo

I cannot delete my profile photo... I've tried deleting it from the image library, the "change image" location, and from the profile settings page.  It always looks like it's deleting, but it doesn't. How do I remove *all* profile photos? Thanks

Posted by brianoboatright 7 years ago

Unable to enter instructable into the halloween photo contest

I'm trying to enter my latest instructable into the Halloween photo contest but am unable to submit it.  Can anyone help?

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 5 years ago

Hybrid photo/vid -ible Format

I'd like to be able to post with a combo of vid + photos. Sometimes 90 % of the ible is ok with still pics, but 1 bit needs motion to be understood. Or my video cam craps out in the middle of a project...

Posted by Toga_Dan 6 years ago

deleteing photos from library that is in use

Can I erase a photo in my library that is in use in an instuctable, without damaging said Instructable? In the 'Ible                       (sorry folks, haven't quite figured out the link thingie)                  the Author  fireballxl5  - certainly seemed to think so. I had wanted to de-clutter and was wondering......

Posted by Karroo Oakey 8 years ago

slide photo viewer/previewr

OK all you DIYers and photographers, I need some idea to help out a friend. We need a method/device to preview and sort photo slides. Device must be: 1. Easy to use. 2. Fast to use 3. Create a large image of the slide. ( older person with weaker eyes) 4. Inexpensive. once slides are sorted, they will be burned to CD and the device will no longer be needed. 5. Preferable not require a computer or scanner.

Posted by rhanzlik 6 years ago

Photo hosting recommendations

I have a flickr account, which I use rarely, but it just got snotty at me for going over 200 images - they want me to pay to make them all visible. 200 images? Strikes me as a tad stingy. After all, my image library here has nearly 1300 shots in it. So, can anybody recommend a half-decent image-hosting site that will let you store a lot more images, for free, and is easy to use?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Where is gone Pixlr editing in the EDITOR?

I remember that was possible directly edit the pictures in the library via gone? It was only via Mobile App???

Posted by Skyfinder 1 year ago

Instructable update leading to error

Hi there, I wanted to update my photo Instructable ( ) but even if I tried yesterday and today, it leads to this error: ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC - ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC I wanted to update the keywords, once it's already published (add keyword). The path I followed to get there : - From the Instructable page - I chose Edit (the buttonon the right from "Author options") - I clicked on the "Publish" tab - I changed the keywords - I clicked on "Save changes" (bottom) - I got the above error. Thanks for your help!     Raphael

Posted by r4f 6 years ago

Pixlr editor "hanging"

I have been trying to edit the opening image of my latest project, but when I start the Pixlr editor, the upload bar runs across to 100% without problem, but then stops at 100% and nothing else happens. The adverts run fine, though... Running in Firefox and Windows 8.

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

poor thumbnail quality

It seems like thumbnail quality is a lot worse than it could be.  it makes it a lot harder to appreciate the project listings, also these thumbnails show up on the front page of the site which doesn't seem to reflect well on the quality of the site and project. i took a look at some of these and the original photos that are perfectly good and sharp at full size are yielding blurry thumbnails.  i played with some sharpening options in imagemagick.  it seems like the site does get better image compression from the blurry thumbnails, but i think it goes to far!  as an example look at this project: the quality of the lead full size image is just fine.  the 75x75 thumbnail is 1.3k but the quality is really poor (see attached).  i re-thumbnailed  used a basic unsharp mask (should be available in any image processing package), and i get a far better image (also attached).  the new one is 2.5k - but really i think it is worth it.

Posted by dan 8 years ago

DepositPhotos the new photobank is open.

DepositPhotos ( the new photobank is open. Photobank is being in accumulating state and welcome photographs and illustrators for cooperation. Therefore, we Start a special Promotion Program for Photographers. To take part in the Photographers Promotion Program it is required to pass the exam and then perform activation in the Promotion tab. After that, money will be added to the account for each accepted image. Info: The nearest plans cover launch of other language versions of the site and actions for customer attraction. Expansion of upload ways is announced. Strengths: • The promotion program - $0.20 per each accepted image (on 500 images); • Convenient uploading and attributing, autofeeling by the previous attributed file. Mass autofeeling (to a file group), as well as piece; • Author commissions is 44 to 60%; • Cash may be requested starting from $50. Money received upon the promotion program may be ordered without any limitations; • Money transfer systems are PayPal, Moneybookers, Webmoney; • Detailed statistics of image sales and views; • Photo upload process and intuitive user interface is simpler than ever to use, making it quick and easy to offer images for sale; Customer offers: A unique tool set for purchasing maximizes customer audience: • Credits; • Subscription; • SMS-payments; • The on-going offer of "a second image as a gift" (moreover, authors of bonus images receive royalty like for a general purchase). All Buyers of DepositPhotos during Buying an Image by Credits receive a Gift – the Second Image Free of charge! The photobank features: • There is a symbolic exam of 5 images; • At registration, a document proving identity (a domestic or foreign passport, driving license etc.) is required; • A free bonus image for a piece purchase; moreover, both the authors of the sold and bonus image receive the royalty; • Separate registration for authors and customers; • The royalty size depends on the quantity of sold images. DepositPhotos is all about giving image buyers and sellers the best deal on the net! So whether you’re looking for a new place to showcase and sell your photos and images, or whether you’re looking for a new resource to buy them, you’ll find to be a cut above the rest!

Posted by D_Promouter 8 years ago

Photography tutorial (get your work featured!)

One of the keys to getting your work featured is good photography. At the very least, a really good thumbnail, taken from your first Introduction image, helps bring casual browsers to look at your work, and is good for sharing via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This link focuses on a woodturning project, but has a lot of good advice useful for all Makers, including processing your images afterwards. Highly recommended to anybody who cares about their projects. LINK Via @TomsWorkbench Image from Three Seasons Woodturnings

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

mirror ball for panoramic imaging

Hello everybody,i am complete new to this site, but i have seen lots of interesting stuff!maybe someone here can help me...i want to take panoramic images using a shot of a mirrorball. it is a simple technique, still very effictive. but: where, or how can i get a real perfect mirrorball? it has to have a perfect can buy steel-balls, or christmas-decoration, but none of these is good enough. it should have the surface quality of an photographic idea: buying a "cheap" glass-ball and somehow turning it to a mirror. but how can i do this?any ideas?If you are interested in the technique of panoramashooting using a mirrirball check this site:

Posted by janto 9 years ago

Hard to upload pictures to Ible

When I make a step by step Ible in the new editor, it takes me an enormous amount of time to upload the pictures (like a whole day!). A lot of uploads will "hang" and must be aborted for the uploader to continue with the next picture. When I upload them again they might work that time or not. First I thought it was because I always upload huge pictures, but when I made the pictures smaller (less then 500 kb) the problem still occurs.  After many tries, I managed to get them all uploaded, but it doesn't really invite me to do a new Ible. Making the Ible takes more time than doing the project this way. In the old editor you could write the Ible while the pictures where uploading. In the new one you can just wait. It would be great if the uploading could happen in the background again. Writing the text takes me some time, because English is not my first language. I am using a Mac with Lion and the newest version of Safari. This problem occurred with the writing of my last couple of Ibles. In my last Ible was especially picture DSC06149 a real adventure to get uploaded.

Posted by kenyer 4 years ago

Birdie Photo's

Lookie here! IAC.....

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

Featured Author Must have the photo

Sugiero que la primera imagen de cada "Featured author" sea la foto de dicho autor destacado. I suggest that the first image of each "featured author" be the photo of that featured author.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

Photos for every day in January

My entries for AngryRedHead's challenge. I am also uploading them here. Up to date as of 16th Jan 2011

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Can I convert a Photo Instructable to a Step-by-Step?

I tried searching for the answer to this with no luck.  I posted a few Photo Instructables yesterday and I'd like to edit them to be Step-by-Step Instructables.  Is that possible or do I have to start over?

Posted by craftystaci 7 years ago

Can you make photo sorting easier?

Hi Instructables Team! Can you make photo sorting easier on tags? Like delete, and edit tags - as you can see my tags are really messy, I want to delete some unwanted ones.

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Water Photography

Please include YOUR best photo of water

Posted by E-R-IC 9 years ago

Caption Contest! Winner announced!

Eric and Christy recently spent a couple weeks in Guatemala and didn't invite any of us to go along! Well, we at least got to see the several hundred photos they shot while they were out there, including this bird shot.Come up with a caption for this photo and win this awesome magnetic photo rope from Photojojo. The best caption will be selected tomorrow afternoon. Limit of 5 captions per person.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Photo upload stalls

This has been going on for a while now, back to when the new photo uploader was still being called a beta feature.  Sometimes when a photo is being uploaded, it stalls at 100%.  It stays there indefinitely (I've let it sit for up to 5 hours), preventing all the other photos in the queue from uploading.  This is very annoying when you're trying to upload 100 photos and leave to do something else, only to find it's been stuck at photo #5 (for example) the whole time you were away!  The only way to make things proceed is to cancel the photo that has stalled, then re-upload it once the others have finished. I typically upload larger files in the 2-3MB range.  I'm using Firefox (latest version) in Mac OS X.  Last time I tried, it did the same thing in Safari. Please take a look at this issue; having to "babysit" my uploads is one of the worst parts of writing an Instructable because it's such a waste of time!

Posted by jeff-o 7 years ago

photo editing while publishing instructables

This isnt really directed at anyone, but i think when your making an instructable you should be able to edit a photo you have already uploaded. nothing major, maybe rotate, flip, crop, contrast, sharpen stuff like that. i was just thinking out loud.....

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago