How much profanity is appropriate for instructables.

I have a quick question. I made a film for my next instructable, with instructions spoken in it ,better than I could explained. The people in it used a little profanity. (I counted about 11 wordy dirts for 4 min video). Would this be okay for instructables or should i try to go through and beep out any profanity? Also i already posted the video on Youtube and it took like week before i got it all squared away, so i really don't want to upload a new video. And i dont want to post something offensive and risk having that robot beat me up. The topic is about first aid. I had to take a first aid class for work and I filmed some of the hands on stuff with my camera.

Posted by thematthatter 10 years ago

I've been snobbed by Reddit!

I could not believe that I have been snobbed by a subreddit! I was accused of posting from my "blog" after I posted a few woodworking instructables. Once one of the moderators posted profane language directed towards me. I think it is their loss for not joining the best site in the universe. Shame on them!

Posted by blkhawk 4 years ago

Some Videos I think You Guys Should See

While this may not directly relate to K'NEX, I notice a lot of stuff happening here in the K'NEX forums that are talked about in these videos. Please watch closely, and enjoy 'cause all of those videos are great. Come on, you know you do some of these... Everybody does this... And this... People who cuss on the internet really do sound stupid. "Profanity is no substitute for wit." And what is up with all this "swag" mumbo jumbo too? Swag comes from the word swagger meaning: "walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way..." I don't think that swag means what you think it means...

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 4 years ago

Hate is fear, and fear is rot. That cankers root and fruit alike-Robert Graves

An interesting thing happened this morning, I normally get up a couple of hours before my wife, it gives me time to study and think. Well, this morning, about 7:30, I'm comfortable in a chair and a half by the front window, drinking my coffee and studying fluid mechanics for a test Monday when a car stops out front. I don't think much of it, then I hear the car door and I'm thinking "Great, they want to sell me something". But no, much to my incredulity, I hear spew forth a vitriolic stream of profanity and epithets directed at the campaign sign in my front yard. Now I'm not given to either panic or rage, and the door is still locked, so my response is more one of bemusement than anything. But later it occurred to me, regardless of any outcome come November, America is a deeply wounded and divided nation. How very sad.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 9 years ago