Iwas wondering if you can program anything you putt on a curcit board using a female d sub

Posted by poop#1 11 years ago

ghetto programming

How do i program a avr micro processer with perl? and where will i get guides on how to do this?

Posted by cris1133 10 years ago

share your computer programs, Batch, command, notepad, ect.

share some programs you made up, and give or get tips on them

Posted by dangerUXO 7 years ago

Programming eeprom

I have been trying to program an atmel 25040 eeprom with a superpro3000, it accepts the program,but when I click on the verfy option an error message appears. Can any one please help?

Posted by jimenazo 10 years ago

Help programming a 8 pin eeprom

Hi, can any one help on programming a atmel 25040 eeprom? I have a superpro3000. This chip accepts the program, but when i verify it a error message appears.

Posted by jimenazo 10 years ago

LED Programming

Ok so...I want to program led lights to flash in secquence. See the attached image. I'm not good at programming and don't know much about microcontrollers...So...What microcontroler do I do I program it? Sorry for the noob questions but i need help!

Posted by Joe426 11 years ago

Programming In anjuita in Ubuntu

I cannot seem to run programs in anuita. Can anyone help Me. I have allready tried to compile a simple file but it wont work.

Posted by sotsirh194 10 years ago

PS3 programming course @ MIT

MIT has a playstation 3 programming course: Learn and Compete in Programming the PLAYSTATION3 Cell Processor This course is a brand new IAP 2007 class offering open to all MIT students (undergraduates and graduates). Students will spend several weeks learning about new multicore architectures and parallel programming patterns, and will design and implement projects to run directly on the new PLAYSTATION3 consoles. The course will culminate in an exciting competition at the end of IAP, and prizes will be awarded to the best projects. The course will give students hands on experience in parallel programming in an exciting and relevant context.All the course materials (lectures etc.) are online. If you were curious about programming the CELL processor, this looks like a great intro...Access the course here

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Why Isn't Computer Programming Taught In All Schools?

Seriously, why isn't computer programming taught in all schools all over the world. I mean, people that want to learn it have to do it the hard way, at home. But in America, they are taught it if they want to. So why can't it be taught all over the world. Is it because not many people know how to do it. Or is it just that schools don't want to.

Posted by Electrical Circut 9 years ago

need help with programming

Im new at programming microcontrollers and im trying to program an attiny13. i have the cradle and a USB Programmer but im really confused on how to add the code to the microcontroller. i tried to download a sample version here to test it out but i dont understand what im looking at (the code i want to test with is called test_leds.hex( this just makes the leds flash to test it) and its near the bottom under "pulling it together".i downloaded the WinAVR program which i believe is used to right the code and im using the notepad it came with to right the code but i dont understand how to transfer that code to the microcontroller and i cant seem to make it into a hex file.can anyone tell me what steps i need to take to program the attiny13? and how to use avrdude and to make hex files with winavr? i know its a lot to ask but i seriously want to learn how to do this.

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago

Help with programming a PIC16f877A with Pickit2

I am having a really hard time programming a PIC16f877A with a Pickit2 programmer or a homemade serial programmer. I have tried several ICSP interface circuits but neither programmer can read the microcontroller.  I have been able to program other PICs with each programmer without any problems. I am beginning to think that I just have a bad chip. Does anyone have experience using Pickit2? A step by step breakdown would be extremely helpful.  Can anyone suggest a good interface for the PIC16f877A? I have tried connecting the pins directly to the programmer. I have also tried using pullup resistors on MCLR, and used a schematic for ICSP that I found on the Microchip website.  One thing I have yet to try is powering the chip with an external power supply, Would this method work? 

Posted by carjo3000 8 years ago

Thoughts on Arduino/Raspberry Pi Idea?

Hi everyone, I am part of a research group at UC Berkeley working on a product involving the Arduino/Raspberry Pi. We are conducting market tests, and would really appreciate your help answering these questions. Thank you for your time! If you use Arduino/Raspberry Pi, how often do you use it? How do you use it? Would you consider it mostly a hobby or do you use it for school/industry as well? How were you first introduced to it? What are your general thoughts on the Arduino/Raspberry Pi? Did you learn to program by using the Arduino/Raspberry Pi or did you have some prior experience? If you had prior experience, how much? What languages are you well-versed in? Would you be interested in a model-based approach to programming Arduino/Raspberry Pi functions? This would be something akin to Matlab’s Simulink or Labview’s visual programming (flowcharts). The basic idea would be to remove the need to code in C. If you are not interested, why not? If you are interested, what specific features would you enjoy? Do you believe such a tool would be an efficient way to teach/introduce students to programming? In addition, here is a 1-minute survey (on a similar subject) if you are interested: Survey:

Posted by RobertB3 4 years ago

LED cube 3x3x3

I hope this goes to a place w/ someone who can assist me. I built my cube wrote my code.  My C skills are very limited and something like this would strengthen it I imagine.  I would like some help in creating the letters though, kinda like they did in the blue 8x8x8 demo with the INSTRUCTABLE.  So far I cannot make all the LED's light up in a single column, and make another column light up only one or two simultaneously.  I'm lighting the whole thing.  I understand the multiplexing and the lights in each column are toggling faster than I can see, but I still would like an idea.  I'm going to do an 8x8x8 for capstone and would like to get familiar with this one first.  Using the arduino uno and software.  Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted by jacco82 6 years ago

Help Programming on an AVR

I am looking at getting an USBtinyISP to start programing ATtiny 13's. I plan on using avrdude. I already have some experience with the Basic stamp, arduino and c++ when writing computer programs. My main concern is how to state and use an input or output. In examples I have seen I do not understand the inputs and outputs.

Posted by sotsirh194 9 years ago

Game Maker

Game Maker Programming console disscusion forum

Posted by smmcguir 10 years ago

Control a servo without programming

Has anyone seen this project? I am trying to do it, but I don't see where to put the potentiometer in the circuit. Although I have built a few kits I am pretty inexperienced with circuits. Am I missing something? I have built most of the circuit on a breadboard. I will post a picture when I am done.

Posted by ehudwill 7 years ago

Program to interpret and send keystrokes to the system.

I have been doing a lot of reading up on "chorded" keyboards, especially the 5 key variety and I think it sounds really interesting.  I was thinking about toying around with the idea but decided I didn't want to build a standalone device.  I was thinking about a program that could be run to interpret the key presses on a standard keyboard and send new signals to the system, similar to a key mapper and was wondering where to start.  It needs to be able to run in the background while I do other stuff so I can use it to enter data in other programs (web browser, word editors, and such). I am pretty fluent in Java and C++ and I know a little python.  I'm not asking you to work out the logistics of it for me, I am really just wondering where to start.  If someone could point me in the right direction (should I write a Java program or an executable in C++, how might i send keystrokes to the system, etc.)

Posted by vigilantice 6 years ago

Looking for someone to help me construct an idea i have.

Hello everyone I am looking for someone who can design circuit boards and knows a programming language to program a microcontroller. I would like to talk to someone local if possible, I live in tuscawaras county, Ohio. I am looking basically to control 4 rgb leds. Its not something I can find on instructables but after the project is completed i would like to make an instructable about it. So if you live in ohio and would like to help me please let me know. Must beable to program a microcontroller to controller rgb leds and must beable to design a circuit board knowing what components to use and what not. Thank you and I look forward to some responses. Pay will be negotiable.

Posted by mybills2356 6 years ago

XY Table

Hi, I am trying to make an XY table using SCC-32 controller board that is controlling Hitec Servos. I was wondering if anyone had an Idea on how I would use C# or any other serial compatible programming language to set up a User Interface where you can click on a " hidden grid" to draw your desired shapes. Thanks in advance John

Posted by jtcamp15 4 years ago

Raspberry Pi sensing audio?

Hi all -- I have been programming all kinds of things all my life, but I have never had a chance to build a program that responds to audio input.  Suddenly: Dancing Baby Groot.  I have a great idea for an algorithm for making a very clever and funky Dancing Baby Groot using Raspberry Pi or Arduino -- if I can figure out how to get the processor to "listen" to audio input. How would I get one of those processors (or any processor) to "listen" to the mic and translate it into either digital or analog data which one could then plunder to figure out the tempo and beat in order to get Baby Groot to Dance?  I am 100% sure I can do the plundering (because it works on digital files) if I can get the processor to "listen" to the mic and create a file of numbers which represent the music being played. Any suggestions?

Posted by TheFrankTurk 3 years ago

See this - ancient IBM video (although it's probably film...)

This is so... It's back then, it's like teaching cave-men how to arrive at 42... What did typing-pools make of this? Punch-cards, magnetic- ah such good old stuff Retro', very retro', and in parts quite profound. And it's ... Cholmondley-Warner?

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

Alternative to keyboard

On top is a joystick like an NES joystick. It registers 8 different directions: up, down, left, right, and the in-betweens of those and is controlled by the thumb. Then there are 4 buttons, one for each finger. The joystick replaces the trackpad of a laptop and hopefully is also 'clickable'  to act as a 'left click button. I'm not sure what would do the right click button. Combinations of button presses and joystick directions would replace the keys on a keyboard. I only have the use of my right hand. I initially thought of this as a device for handicapped people like myself, but it would also be good for people lying in bed. The concept maybe could be made into a cell phone case with physical buttons that would allow people to text without looking at their phones. The device is a lot like the nintendo wi remote, but not quite. Maybe a wii remote could be hacked to make a prototype. I wouldn't know how to do that and I wouldn't know how to program it, that's why I'm posting, to see if someone could tell me what kind of skills/knowledge would be needed to make this idea happen. Any suggestions or offers to help are welcome. Thank you!

Posted by avocadostains 11 months ago

Video Game design help needed

I don't have knowledge in coding or modeling, and I am not artistic. I basically need help with everything but storyline. The game I want to make will be very similar to the Hunger Games because they have not released a decent game for the book or movie. I need help making models, coding the game and making the art. I could probably do the audio myself, and I already have many things planned out, I just do not know how to implement them.

Posted by metalshiflet 4 years ago

What's wrong with my Android code?

I'm trying to write a simple Android app for my own personal use that gets basic Cpu and Memory information, but I'm only getting 1 error at the end that I can't figure out. The code is attached below, so if someone could be so kind as to show me what's wrong? I get the following error: Multiple markers at this line - Syntax error on token "+", delete this token - Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s) On the last line: System.out.println(cpuInfo + memInfo);

Posted by metrogdor22 7 years ago

Racing Game Physics

I've been designing a physics engine for a racing game for a long time now (months? years?) and I think that I've finally got almost everything figured out. The one thing that I don't know about is traction. So far my best guess for a formula is T = X + (Y * S)Where T is the stabilizing force on the car, S is the amount of slippage, and X and Y are two of the car's stats (probably measured in G's). This formula would be applied to each tire separately to account for the suspension.NOTE: The thing that might not be obvious here is that the car doesn't slip at all as long as X isn't exceeded.What do you think of this?

Posted by yourcat 9 years ago

Scripting, PHP, Html and such.....For Dummies!!

I noticed from when Eric made a post about internship in 2006, that many people have experience in scripting and such. But I also noticed how many people would like to learn, but all the big words keep them at an emotional distance.I was thinking that maybe some pros could de-mystify all them big terms for the people who might be interested in this. Mainly, Could people please post resources that could be useful to people who are interested in learning this. Or maybe some Instructables?I think that if you could simplify these to the very basics, for nth9 graders with very basic knowledge, they would have a great advantage in the future.Here are some resources I found could be very useful to complete beginners:W3School - Thanks to KitemanP.S. I Include myself in the group that wants to learn but is scared of all the big words

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

VBS Commands

I want to know some more vbs commands. Please don't give me links to I've read all those I mean code chunks like these dim variable 0 - ok button only 1 - ok and cancel 2 - abort, retry and ignore 3 - yes no and cancel 4 - yes and no 5 - retry and cancel TO CHANGE THE SYMBOL (RIGHT NUMBER) 16 - critical message icon 32 - warning icon 48 - warning message 64 - info message DEFAULT BUTTON 0 = vbDefaultButton1 - First button is default 256 = vbDefaultButton2 - Second button is default 512 = vbDefaultButton3 - Third button is default 768 = vbDefaultButton4 - Fourth button is default SYSTEM MODAL 4096 = System modal, alert will by on top of all aplications Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice") Sapi.speak "text here" Sapi.speak variable set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("") "file.bat" Wscript. sleep duration object.sendkeys "keys" name=msgbox ("Message",0+16,"Title") name=inputbox ("Message",0+16,"Title") if then else end if

Posted by Super_Nerd 7 years ago

Cool Batch applet

Hey whats up the names Jason. I am 13 and like to play with computers but not like Halo (although i am guilty of occasionally playing Halo) what interest me is computer logic and programming. So right now i am half-way decentish with Qbasic and consequently Visual Basic, but the language i am most fluent in is just plain old DOS scripting (batch files). My math teacher at the begging of the year my math teacher announced that once o twice a month we would have a pop quiz on square roots and squares of numbers 1-20. Now to say the least I am poor with memorization. So i tried flash cards and starin at a sheet with the squares and square roots on it. but I was pretty consistently getting 60s and 70s. Now being a pretty good student this upset me and my parents weren't exactly happy. So then i decided i would make a batch file to quiz me on this, my first one was on sqrts. writing this took forever so even still i made another for squares. These programs help me study immensely and i now get a perfect 100 every quiz.. i then started thinking that there must be a way to speed up the writing of a simaler quiz program. thats why i wrote this, and i know it is probably mediocre but i like it so be nice. (You can do whatever you want with this source code, and while not required i would prefer credit if you distribute a mod of this batch file.)Here it is:rem The purpose of this batch is to automate the process of making another batch that is used to quiz a person@echo off:startclsEcho Make a Quizecho.echo.rem this part creates a variabl that wil be used in creating the final batch fileecho enter the name of the fileecho .bat wil automaticaly be tacked ont to the endSet /p filename=echo.echo.rem This just creates a ariable that is the title of the the game to be createdecho now enter the title of the quizset/p title=echo.echo.rem this is where the user inputs question part one and it becomes a variableecho enter question part 1Set /p quespt1=echo.echo.rem this ask for the second part of the question echo enter qeustion part 2set /p quespt2=echo.echo.Rem this declares some variables just for shorthandset line=echo.set ec=echoRem this creates a file that user named a while back and then fills it with some preliminary textecho @echo off>%filename%.batecho :start>>%filename%.batecho cls>>%filename%.batecho echo %title%>>%filename%.batecho %line%>>%filename%.batecho %line%>>%filename%.batrem this part is called midstart because ideally later you can repeat this multiple times depending on how long your quiz isset next=0:midstartset /a next=%next%+1rem now we ask for the question of the questionecho now enter the question for the current questionSet /p questmp=echo.echo.rem now we ask for the answer for that questionecho now the answer to that same questionSet /p anstmp=rem More txt inserting (the %%answer%% is used so that in the batch file being created it shows up as %answer%)echo echo %quespt1% %questmp% %quespt2%>>%filename%.batecho set /p answer=>>%filename%.batecho if %%answer%% == %anstmp% goto next%next%>>%filename%.batecho echo you lost>>%filename%.batecho pause>>%filename%.batecho goto start>>%filename%.batecho :next%next%>>%filename%.batecho echo You got it right>>%filename%.batecho %line%>>%filename%.batecho %line%>>%filename%.batecho you have asked %next% question(s)echo.echo.echo If you would like to make a new question simply type "n" and press enterecho However to input your last question type "l" and press enterset /p endchoice=if %endchoice% == l goto endif %endchoice% == n goto restart:restartgoto midstart:endset /a next=%next%+1rem now we ask for the question of the questionecho now enter the question for the current questionSet /p questmp=echo.echo.rem now we ask for the answer for that questionecho now the answer to that same questionSet /p anstmp=rem More txt inserting (the %%answer%% is used so that in the batch file being created it shows up as %answer%)echo echo %quespt1% %questmp% %quespt2%>>%filename%.batecho set /p answer=>>%filename%.batecho if %%answer%% == %anstmp% goto next%next%>>%filename%.batecho echo you lost>>%filename%.batecho pause>>%filename%.batecho goto start>>%filename%.batecho :next%next%>>%filename%.batecho echo you won>>%filename%.batecho echo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>%filename%.batecho %line%>>%filename%.batecho echo click to exit>>%filename%.batecho pause>>%filename%.batEcho And thats it your doneecho.echo click to exitset /p end=And thats it so have fun and feel free to comment

Posted by lemonshark10 10 years ago

Moving Three Servos at Once

Hey Guys, I'm working on a project and I'm trying to figure out what power supply to use.  I have power supply rated for 5V and .7A.  I was going to test this power supply out by making all servos sweep back and forth at once, and see how it performs.  This question is main for the coders out there.  Is the following code correct?  I've had a long work day and I'm about to pass out and I was hoping if someone could critique this real quick.  Thanks in advance! /* Sweep by BARRAGAN This example code is in the public domain. modified 8 Nov 2013 by Scott Fitzgerald */ #include Servo myservo01;  // create servo object  Servo myservo02: Servo myservo03: int pos = 0;    // variable to store the servo position void setup() {   myservo1.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9   myservo2.attach(8);   myservo3.attach(7); } void loop() {   for(pos = 0; pos <= 180; pos += 1)     // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees   {                                                                 // in steps of 1 degree     myservo01.write(pos);                      // tell servo to go to position 'pos'     delay(15);                                             // waits 15ms for the servo     myservo02.write(pos);     delay(15);     myservo03.write(pos);     delay(15);           }   for(pos = 180; pos>=0; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    myservo01.write(pos);            // tell servo to go to position 'pos'     delay(15);                              // waits 15ms for the servo     myservo02.write(pos);                  delay(15);     myservo03.write(pos);                   delay(15);   } }

Posted by Casual_Engi 3 years ago

Free Code: JSLoad!

UPDATE: JSLoad is now hosted on Google Code. You can find the most recent source, revision history, documentation, and can report bugs, there. What is JSLoad? JSLoad is a Javascript file loader that we wrote for Instructables. You give it a set of dependencies and groupings, and it loads the files you need, when your executing code needs them. We're releasing it under the LGPL because we're cool like that, and because we'd like to use any enhancements that other folks come up with. You can download the code at the bottom of this blog post, or check out the test file to see it in action. Why use JSLoad? Generally, we use dependency managers to avoid having to think about all the couplings that exist within our code. A widget we've made may need a whole mess of stuff -- all spread out between different files -- to run. Dependency managers allow us to say, "Give me everything I need for this widget to run," instead of having to figure it out for ourselves, each time, for each widget. Other, well-written javascript package managers exist (e.g. jspkg, YUI Loader, etc.) So why did we write a new one, and what reasons might you have for using it? In a nutshell, JSLoad is small, flexible, and is designed to work on its own, without the need for any heavyweight framework. How does JSLoad work? JSLoad does the basics: you tell it that file 1 depends on file 2, so it loads file 1 first, then file 2. Throw any number of other dependencies into the mix, and JSload figures out the dependency chain and loads the files in the right order. The real usefulness of JSLoad comes with its ability to group dependencies using tags. Tags are arbitrary labels that you can apply to (i.e. make dependent on) any group of files or other tags. Tags can be applied to single files or multiple files. Multiple tags can be applied to a single file. You can even think of your tags as depending upon a portion of a file (say, class within a file containing several classes.) As a result, you can mimic most other dependency structures: Chains, trees, or more complicated graphs. You can tag things that often appear together, that share a certain aspect; whatever your usage calls for. At Instructables, for example, we generally have a base set of widgets and features whose dependencies are primarily tree-like. Those little bits are then collected into larger groupings like "editable" or "commentable"; abstract labels that approximate the kinds of interfaces that are common on our site. Tags are also very useful while refactoring code. Often, because of the flexibility of Javascript, you won't be sure of the best way to split your code across files. Which portions will be used together most often, and should thus be grouped together to reduce HTTP requests? With JSLoad, you can tag the variant groupings, then organize your code as you wish. Your web pages will just call JSLoad the tags as they need them. Over time, you may find that one tag is used much more often than the others. Using JSLoad, you can refactor your code into a more efficient file structure, without changing any of the script calls in the pages that use the code. How is JSLoad used? Here is an example of how to instantiate a new instance of JSLoad: var jsLoader = new JSLoad(tags); JSLoad instances are intended to be singletons. JSLoad was designed to track state (which files have already been loaded, for example) in one central location. The "tags" variable passed to the JSLoad instance is a list of tag dependencies. Here is an example: var tags = [ { name : "baselib" }, { name : "widget", requires : ["baselib"] } ]; As you can see, "tags" is an array of objects, each defining a tag and its dependencies. In the above example, the "widget" tag depends on "baselib." An implicit part of the tags definition is that, by default (and for conciseness), tags refer to files. So, in the above example, the "baselib" refers to "baselib.js" and "widget" refers to "widget.js". If a tag doesn't actually refer to a file, but is an arbitrary grouping of your own design, you can set the "tagOnly" property of the tag to "true": var tags = [ { name : "baselib" }, { name : "widget", requires : ["baselib"] }, { name : "gadget", requires : ["baselib"] }, { name : "dostuff", requires : ["widget", "gadget"], tagOnly: true } ]; In this case, I've created a tagOnly tag called "dostuff." There isn't any actual file named "dostuff.js." Rather, the tag just indicates that it needs both "widget" and "gadget" (and, by implication, "baselib") to be loaded. All three will thus be loaded in the correct order if I ask for "dostuff." How do I ask for "dostuff"? Well, somewhere on my page, I might want to do stuff, and thus inline the following Javascript code: jsLoader.load(["dostuff"], function () { var widgie = new Widget(); var gadgie = new Gadget(); }); This tells my JSLoad singleton to run the anonymous function that is the second argument, and to do so as soon as the "dostuff" tag has all of its dependencies taken care of. I can make my load() calls at any point on the page, requiring any combination of tags, and I can repeat them; JSLoad will take care of creating HTTP requests to get the necessary files only once, only when necessary, and in the right order. You can download the code at the bottom of this blog post, or check out the test file to see it in action. The archive at the bottom of this blog post includes the test file, too. Limitations JSLoad has some limitations, due to its implementation. First of all, JSLoad runs asynchronously, to speed up load time on a page and to allow for nested iframes to load script into the top level context. As a result, if you inline dependent script in your page, JSLoad will need to wrap that script to ensure that it isn't executed before the necessary files are loaded. See "How JSLoad is used" above for details. Second, the list of dependencies you provide to JSLoad needs to be ordered. That means that no file or tag may depend on a file or tag that appears after it. This allows JSLoad to run faster, as it can calculate the dependency tree in one pass, and protects it (and you) from circular dependencies. We may remove these limitations in future versions, or at least parameterize them so you can decide which side of a trade-off you'd like to take advantage of. In the meantime, enjoy! And, if you have any comments or questions, please use the comment section below.

Posted by nagutron 11 years ago

PIC Programming Software

I am just starting to get into PICs, problem is, I can't find a program. All these tutorials on PICs on Instructalbes talk about the hardware, but not very many talk about software. I am pretty fluent in VBasic/Basic so I would like a developer that works in that language or C/C++. I have PIC Prog, but that just downloads it. Anyway here's what I need help finding: -Free devolpment and compiler program -Preferably programs with Basic or C -Works with JDM2 programmers. Yes I have MCU experience, but it's been with an OOPic. I can't use it on everything so I am switching to PICs. Anyway if anyone can help me with software solutions, I'd really appreciate it.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

where to learn about programming and electronics?

Ok so i want to start learning about programming and electronics (wiring, soldering, circuits, etc). where do you guys learn ur stuff from with the exception of college? i need any books, websites, etc that you used to hone ur craft so i too can learn. thanks

Posted by leader1 9 years ago

Library managment system

Hi everyone! In Bosnia & Herzegovina every library still uses old way of managment (paper cards etc). It's kinda sad, because everywhere in schools and city libraries should be computer programs that works as a database and book managment, but they are pretty expensive. I was thinking about making simple program for that use and donate it to schools in my country. I know little bit about programming in C#, I am looking for someone to help me with this project. 

Posted by AdvanŽ 10 months ago

123d App

Just a question if anyone can help. I've downloaded the 123dapp program to my pc for the 123dapp challenge but it keeps closing out/shutting down when I try to do anything with the prim. I've already searched this topic on Autodesk site and found an older thread about it but no fix. Is there a fix for this to stop this from happening? I've also unistalled and reinstalled the program and it's still behaving the same way.

Posted by N1K1_1NC. 5 years ago

Arduino COM3, COM4 HELP

Hey, I recently bought an Adafruit Motor Shield 1.1, but i'm having problems programming it. Everytime I try to upload a program, it tells me it cant find the COM4 port, only the COM3, which doesnt finish uploading. Also, COM4 works fine when I detach the motor shield from the Arduino UNO and play with LED's. I'm only a beginner, so I have no idea what to do.

Posted by vek11 6 years ago

Need some help in the Ghetto (AVR programming)

So I got my old printer cable cut up and wired to a tidy DB9 connector, and I've rechecked all the wiring about 6 times, comparing my connections to all the pictures and the pinout schematics from the ATMEL website, and I'm convinced that everything is correct ( that's obviously the problem right there). Running WINAVR, compiling the LED_Demo program goes fine, but the software is not able to communicate with the ATTiny2313. I tested the connection with the avrdude commands (avrdude -p t2313 -c dapa -P lpt1 -n -v) and the results suggest that communications are just not happening. I tested the parallel port by hooking up the printer, and that went fine. I'm out of ideas as to what to check. Any help out there?

Posted by CTroyer 10 years ago

Comment Tracker

This is sorta a bug, more likely bad programming When a comment is deleated, it doesn't neccesarly delete the comment If someone posted person information and deleated it, you can just go back through the comment tracker and read it what needs to be fized is that the comment tracker to deleate it too

Posted by Chicken2209 10 years ago

Out of Curiosity, has anyone ever worked with the Hadoop Programming language?

I was just curious, as I came across this reference not long ago: Apache Hadoop Core is a software platform that lets one easily write and run applications that process vast amounts of data.At this link

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

How to connect a physical pushbutton to a display to trigger an animation.

I'm trying to figure out how I would set up a physical pushbutton so as to trigger an animation once pushed.  The programming language I'm using is processing, and the content would be played on a 32" screen.  So I'm trying to figure out what type of hardware I would need (circuit boards, pushbuttons..etc) in order for this to work.  Thank you in advance to anyone that offers some advice.  P.S. I also have little knowledge in programming this is a project so I can become more familiar with it. Thanks!! 

Posted by SarahinaB 2 years ago

Anyone know where i can get a howto for call display programming?

I want to create a project that detects either a number on the call display is "Unknown Name", Unknown number, or "1-800" and then redirect the call to my answering machine that plays a message that the number is no long in service. Anyone know of a good tutorial on how to extract info from Call display?

Posted by stulk 10 years ago

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Somebody please help me

I have been trying to learn the programming language of arduino for quite sometime now I have asked multiple questions but I'm still not sure. I just want to know the language so please give me give me suggestions on how I could learn it, or just tell me how you learned it. Thank you

Posted by kiss my donkey 9 years ago

Wireless printer module as Arduino wireless shield?

Hi there, I was wondering if any of you guys see a way to use a printer wireless module with an Arduino. I took the module from a canon printer.  If yes, how complicated would it be if you grasp just some of C++? thank you all!

Posted by Matienzo 4 years ago

Mozilla wants its users to help re design Firefox

The article pretty much explains it. "The Mozilla Labs, which acts as the idea wing for the organization behind Firefox, is expanding its call for open-source contributions to those outside its base of community-minded coders and techies. Now, they want to get designers and creative types in on the deal."

Posted by Ferrite 10 years ago

bloody batch file help lol

Okay, so im into making little batch files etc. but one thing keeps on confusing me. whenever i check out a tutorial, it comes to destructive commands. so we get to DEL C:\ okay so that clearly wipes the c drive. but when trying the command on a victims pc. it always asks for confirmation! so whats the point in making the virus in the first place if the victim has to say yes to activate it?

Posted by mirielle 11 years ago

Beginning Robotics-- Where Should I Start?

Hello, as you can tell from my profile, I have a passion for robots.  I'd like to have a career in developing artificial intelligence in particular, and I would like to start sharpening my skills now.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to start. I was wondering if someone could give me an idea where to start out, as well as if someone could provide a link to a C compiler (preferably free).  Thank you very much for any help.

Posted by StarscreamClone 4 years ago

Arduino bootloading circuit

Hi everyone, I have a short question. I am making a project that uses a ATmega328P and I'd like it to be stand alone, so I have been burning bootloders on this chip but only on the DIP socket and with a shield I made after a tutorial. I know that when burning the ISP you can't have anything connected to the board, and I was wondering if you must have the same conditions for the bootloading procedure since I am going to use the TQFP32 package and it is going to be a little bit difficult to make a shield for it. So if I solder everything to the board and put a connector for the ISP do you think it will burn the bootloader?

Posted by shinystuff 3 years ago

61 Key Keybed to PC help?

Hey there guys, really need some help with my M Audio Key Station 61 I purchased it on eBay as Spares or Repairs but unfortunately the PCB is just totally fried and I don't see a way around that (Seller clearly knew the keyboard was totally ruined) But, it does have a really nice 61 key keybed and the case is is really good condition, everything else works bar the motherboard    I was wondering if there's a dev board or an Arduino or something I can hook the keybed up to so I can use it on my computer  Any help would be great with suggestions/links ect, quite lost!  

Posted by OscarA97 1 year ago

AVR sense/PWMing Help!

Hi again! I'm intent on finishing up a few loose end projects of mine, but before I do so, need the following information. How can I sense some resistance or voltage with my uC? I know I can do an a/d conversion, but that only triggers when Vin > some 1 preset value. I'm looking to make an adjustable knob to turn the intensity of an LED up and down. Also, how can I PWM some LEDs with my AVR uC - I can use the tiny2313 or mega8 or tiny 13, but I have no preference. I just need 3 different PWM channels. Any ideas? I already googled, but apparently I'm terrible at finding good tutorials. (oh, and I'm coding in C) The LEDs will be inserted into this nice, custom built (by myself) welded devil duckie. Horns and tail will turn to control RGB. Thanks a whole lot, -Muffin

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 10 years ago

arduino button problems, again

I have a problem with two buttons and a RGB LED. I want the two buttons to be pressed and then the brightness decreases/increases but it isn't working. When i press it, it decreases it but then it doesn't do it again. Any help would be appreciated. Code included below (problem is in bold) : int button = 8; int button_two = 7; int redPin = 6; int greenPin = 5; int bluePin = 3; int val = 0; int val_two = 0; int numb = 0; int r = 0; int g = 0; int b = 0; int i = 0; void setup() {   pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(button, INPUT);   pinMode(button_two, INPUT);   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   val = digitalRead(button);   val_two = digitalRead(button_two);     if (val == HIGH && val_two == LOW && numb < 7) {     numb++;     delay(300);     } else if (val_two == HIGH && val == LOW && numb > 1) {     numb--;     delay(300);     } else {     numb=numb;   }     if (numb == 1){       r = 255;       g = 255;       b = 255;   }   if (numb == 2){       r = 255;       g = 0;       b = 0;   }   if (numb == 3){       r = 0;       g = 255;       b = 0;   }   if (numb == 4){       r = 0;       g = 0;       b = 255;   }   if (numb == 5){       r = 255;       g = 255;       b = 0;   }    if (numb == 6){       r = 255;       g = 0;       b = 255;   }    if (numb == 7){       r = 0;       g = 255;       b = 255;   }   if (val == HIGH && val_two == HIGH) {       int r_cal = r / 5;     int g_cal = g / 5;     int b_cal = b / 5;         r = r - r_cal;     g = g - g_cal;     b = b - b_cal;   Serial.println(r);   Serial.println(g);   Serial.println(b);   delay(300);   } else {     val == LOW;     val_two == LOW;   }   analogWrite(redPin, r);   analogWrite(greenPin, g);   analogWrite(bluePin, b); }

Posted by Isaac Emery 1 year ago


I would like to hear your guy's batch replicators, here's a really old replicator that doesn't work from me: move "name of program" A: move "name of program" B: move "name of program" C: move "name of program" D: move "name of program" E: move "name of program" F: move "name of program" G: move "name of program" H: move "name of program" I: move "name of program" J: move "name of program" K: move "name of program" L: move "name of program" M: move "name of program" N: move "name of program" O: move "name of program" P: move "name of program" Q: move "name of program" R: move "name of program" S: move "name of program" T: move "name of program" U: move "name of program" V: move "name of program" W: move "name of program" X: move "name of program" Y: move "name of program" Z: if (A:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (B:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (C:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (D:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (E:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (F:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (G:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (H:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (I:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if J:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if K:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if L:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if M:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (N:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (O:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (P:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Q:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (R:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (S:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (T:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (U:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (V:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (W:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (X:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Y:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Z:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (A:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (B:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (C:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (D:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (E:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (F:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (G:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (H:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (I:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if J:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if K:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if L:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if M:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (N:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (O:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (P:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Q:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (R:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (S:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (T:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (U:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (V:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (W:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (X:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Y:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Z:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer "core" exit

Posted by thefirstgaruga 10 years ago