DIY Railgun?

Hey guys, I recently built a coilgun and want to move to something bigger, namely a portable railgun. Check out this link: I want to do something similar, perhaps in pistol form. I have more power (450v 1120uF) than the one in the link and have graphite to use as projectiles. What kind of range can I expect? And how powerful could it be? Can it be done? The requirements seem pretty simple.. (If I make it, Instructable coming soon!) Thanks. BTW I have lots of experience dealing with high voltage.

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Coilgun or Railgun? Answered

               I want to build either a coilgun or a railgun, using a bank of camera capacitors as the power source.  Experimenting with small coilguns, I've found that the efficiency is very lacking.  I haven't done the math, but five camera capacitors in parallel with a medium-sized coil will barely move a half-inch screw.  So which should I go for for better use of available capacitors--coilgun or railgun? P.S.  I've found places on the internet that give tutorials on making capacitors, which I would also consider doing.  If I'm able to make large-capacity capacitors myself and use those, should I build something other than what I should make if I only have access to camera flash capacitors? P.P.S.  I heard the following rule somewhere here on this site:  "The more amps in a coil, the more powerful its magnetic field, the more voltage in a coil, the larger the magnetic field."  Is this true?

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convert coilgun to railgun? Answered

Can I convert the coilgun into a railgun by replacing the firing tube with two rails? Should the current pass through the rails only for a moment (as in the coilgun)? Which can accelerate a projectile to a higher velocity? 

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Coilgun/Railgun idea

So i have been researching and thinking about this project sence the magnet contest. basicily i was thinking hey why not combine the 2 with the coilgun i would get a ton of good acceleration. then it would hit the rails and be jolted forward . it would minimize the time the round was in the rails and give them the best chance to do there job. So i would be using a ferrious round with aliminum at the rear to act as the armiture. To get better flight path out of the gun i would take a copper pipe for both the coil and the rails but for you cant have the 2 touching so ill space it with somthing like pvc. correct me if i'm wrong but i heard plating copper with silver would give a better result for rails the final keystone will be the capacitorbanks and controllers (i don't know much about microcontrollers so any help there...or anyware would be great) my idea was to stage a bank per coil and rail that way each would fire it's full load when the round got to there what do you guys think? info please. this is a new project so if anyone has the time and wants to try my idea let me know what your results turn out to be

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How to make a simple railgun(low voltage)? Answered

 I want to make a railgun. but i haven't any capacitors. I cannot decide power source. What i want is my railgun to be use low voltage power source(voltage < 400). and I want make a simple railgun. but I don't want linear DC motor experiment.(use foil). Can you recommend a simple railgun for me? I just have only 100$. (very low cost.)

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is a coilgun (gaussgun) better than a railgun? Answered

I am writing an essay comparing and contrasting a coilgun and a railgun. i know the differences between the two but i am in need of outside opinions on what is a more effective tool.

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"Railgun" Help Wanted Half-Way Completed

I'm just going to skip to the point. I want help with a railgun, I already have a basic design below, its going to look like that. When its completed we will both post it, you don't have to. So if your insterested send me a pm.

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Has a hobbiest ever made a compulsator?

Compulsator is a method of energy storage, give high pulse currents.

Question by rp181 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Questions about making a railgun

Sorry if this is the wrong section, it's my first time posting. I am thinking of making a railgun for a school project dealing with magnetism. I basically know how to make one, but most tutorials say anywhere from 300V - 600V for the current. However, since this is going to be my first time doing something like this, I don't not want to risk electrocution without any prior experience. The projectile will be a short nail, probably be around 3 centimeters long and 4 millimeters in diameter. I want the range to be around 10 meters or more and should be able to pierce a layer of cardboard. The starting force that will just be an ordinary rubber band. This is more of a demonstration for myself to see what I can accomplish, so range and fire power doesn't really matter. So basically my question is, what is a viable voltage for the railgun, given my specifications above, that will not take me on a ride to the ER. If should it shock me, then so be it, I just don't want it to be lethal when I do make a mistake. Again, I am a novice at stuff like this and don't know much, so take into account of that fact when getting irritated at my question. Thanks in advance.

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The possibility of crane-based railguns

It's just a curiosity. Anyway, so there I was, reading up on railguns (just for the heck of it), and after reading the part mentioning "millions of amps", it got me thinking, "What power source can provide millions of amps?" Then and there, I thought, "Lightning!", but how I could I use it? Wait... Oh, cranes! I could stick the railgun on a crane, then whenever the crane gets hit by lightning, it would fire a projectile! Now, who's willing to risk their lives to load a piece of metal up there? :D Nah, just joking. Anyway, I was just wondering if this idea would be feasible in the first place, and what would it take to implement.

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Railgun, High or Low voltage? Answered

Okay so i'm making a railgun, and need to get capacitors. Should i go with the ones in the 300-400 volts range, or somewhere around 15-50 volts? I would rather go low-voltage, as they seem to be alot cheaper.  Also, how would I go about making a charging circuit, schematics would be nice.

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how make a railgun in home ? Answered

How make the rails, wich material, how many capacitors and that capacity, power suplay

Question by tiofeno 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to make a railgun at home?

I would like to make a railgun at home, but i need to know how many capacitors, how to make the rail, etc. i was hoping to be able to do it with disposable camera parts. there is a tutorial on here on how to do it but i cannot get enough information from it to be able to build one. It would also be nice if it was considerably powerful. any help? 

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The Mark 1 Railgun - &quot;Punisher&quot;

I have finally finished my new gun, I am keeping the design and most of the statistics under wraps for the moment, but If you PM me and ask nicely I will send you a picture, the one piece of information I will tell you is it uses the massive #109 bandUPDATEpicture and real video are now posted below. that is the only picture I have uploaded the rest of my pictures are in the trailer video, and just so you know the trailer video has been on my ob for a few days now =P

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Is this capacitor bank enough for Railgun? Updated

I have connect the capacitors (5 of 150v 330uF and 1 from Fuji-film cracked camera which has already connected to the charge circuit board, so I don't know the detail) in parallel. Is that enough for Railgun?  I have made rails with copper 5x15 cm. I'm not sure that it will work. Update.................................... Now I change them to be  5 of 350v 47uF and 1 from Fuji-film cracked camera which has already connected to the charge circuit board. And increase the size of the rail to 10x2 or 3cm per one copper plate.  Is that enough? Or should I change something more? Because I have seen somebody use only 3 of the camera flash capacitors and it works. How do you know that it's ok or not? @3@ Thank you...

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Cool double weapons

Here is some cool weapon doubles: Magnum dagger AK scissors Blowgun lead pipe Pistol flying guillotine Colt net Railgun sword Railgun warhammer Pump action baseball bat Trident crowbar Pistol machete Railgun mace Railgun chainsaw Rocket war hammer Colt wrench Blowgun chainsaw Razor gun :-)

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Why won't people use dpdt switches in their coilguns?

I know that switches are not so efficient because the contacts spark. But i will start my coil-gunning with switches.

Question by jukees 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how can i make a railgun with a taser?

Theres lots of instructables about how to use capacitors for it, but i have a high powered stun gun, with more volts than any camera circuit capacitor bank. 1,800,000 V or 1800 KV. i know there has to be a way to do this. considering a camera capacitor only has about 330 V.

Question by mikmkt93 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Is it enough?

So,I've got 10000uF x 50 capacitors, for a total of 0.5 farads, the capacitors operate at a breakdown voltage of 75 volts, is that enough to power to run a railgun? if not, can i use a trasformer to pull up the voltage?

Question by Lord Lovaht 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Best cheap non camera circut for coil gun charger circuit?

Im building a new coil gun this time without camera flash circuits so best cheap alternative preferable with the schematic. Thank you  

Question by rocket_man 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I wanna build a rail gun but i dont know how to wire my transformer

 its a 6 pin i got from a fujifilm camera , this is my only issue i know enough to do everything else. How would i wire it? i have diodes  , the caps , and the right resistors( out of the camera)

Question by tom10122 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

High Current voltage booster? Answered

So I have been doing a lot of math for a rail gun, and I finally found out what statistics I need for the capacitor to get the energy needed. But I may have ran into a problem. The voltage for the system is rather low, but the current is high, so I need a capacitor with something like 60-ish Farads, and 20 V, and of course the ones I find are outrageously expensive. ($2,400!!!) But I was able to find ones with 70 F but only 2.1 V, but since I need 20 volts I was thinking that I could use a voltage booster, but I am not sure if that would work, or if I can find/make a Voltage booster that can withstand that kind of current (would be something like 67.5 KA) the other option is find ones with higher Capacitance, which I did, but they are still a bit on the expensive side ($70, and since i need to it comes up to be $140 or so (not as much but still)) So what I wanted to know is whether it would be less expensive to try to find/make a voltage booster, or just buy the $70 capacitors? I suppose I should also be asking is it even possible to get a voltage booster that can that that many amps, and how easy would it be to make? Oh almost forgot, another question (which would skip having to solve the others) is: Is there a way I can increase the voltage that a capacitor can take, or increase the voltage in a capacitor bank, or some variation of those? Because if there is, that makes everything easier, but I couldn't find anything on doing that so yeah...

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Help with charging capacitors

How do I charge my 450v capacitors with a 120v outlet? I am building a rail gun and need to get these up to a high enough voltage. 

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coilgun question, could someone explain what an SCR is to me and how to incorporate it in a coilgun circuit?

I am a novice "coilgun maker," and understand all the principals and such involved in it. now that im moving to more advance coilgun design, i need to understand what an SCR is/does. wiki can only teach u so much :D any help or answers to this question will b greatly appreciated!

Question by asantiago2 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How much does a camera flash circut boost voltage?

I want to know how much a standard flash camera circut boosts voltage. I'm trying to build a railgun and I simply wish to know about how much it does, as I cannot afford a multimeter or voltage meter. Information welcome.

Question by StartedBullet 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can you charge a capacitor bank from 9v without a flash circuit from a camera? Answered

I need to charge a capacitor bank but the only easy way i can fid is to use the flash circuit from a camera. Here in Aus these are hard to obtain and i really need a portable and reasonably cheap Capacitor charger for a project. Please help me, any links to sites i can buy materials for a charger and especially circuit diagrams. Thank you.

Question by Doddity 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

I was given a 42uF 12KV oil capacitor. Any suggestions for having some high tech fun with it? Answered

It's rated for oscillatory currents, pretty old, but it is in good cond. electrically. I can easily and safely charge and discharge it. The thing is, it was free, and I suppose I couldn't turn it down. Now what? The highest voltage I would possibly need a filter cap for is 4500 for an amplifier, so that's out. The "oscillatory currents" rating makes me think it was for energy storage and high frequencies. It is likely from LANL surplus. Can crusher? disc launcher? I'm mainly interested in suggestions for projects that will focus on a fast discharge and high peak power levels, and do not require a lot of additional items, but I am open to any decent ideas.

Question by Opcom 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Capacitor chargers. I need Ideas.

I need some help. For a project I need to charge a few large capacitors to 350+ volts ( 2x 6000uF, 400 volts) . Normally, you would use a flash-circuit from a disposable camera. Unfortunately, they are quite hard to get these days. None of the stores who sell them here have any leftovers, and buying 10 of these cameras for 4 € each would become a little to expensive. When I used one of them (which I found somewhere hidden away) it started to overhead and lighted itself on fire. I would also like to avoid having to plug anything in the wall outlet. That is why I need some ideas for circuits that can boost a voltage of between 1.5 and 12 volts DC, to something near 400 DC and somewhere near 40 mA. Is there anybody who has some ideas?

Question by kirdaiht 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I have a question for people who have made/know coilguns.

Can anyone explain what an SCR does and where should i encorporate it in my coilgun design? Wiki can only teach you so much and i still can't quite grasp what it is/does.  also any other info for a rookie coilgun builder lol

Question by asantiago2 7 years ago

Any ideas for a every-room-micro-train? Railgun-railsystem?

Hello,my girlfriend and I moved into a new appartment.We allways had this idea of a tiny train that will drive from room to room, to deliver notes or just for the fun of it.After I looked at the miniature model trains (z track) I decided that it both would still require larger holes to be drilled into the walls and a meter of rails costs about 20-25 euros- which would be horrible expensive for a long track.Now I had the idea of using a railgun system and build my first one.(Two strips of aluminum-tinfoil +-9V, a nail with two strong earth magnets on each tinfoil-track) It worked even though I used strong magnets without goldplating and a rough wood plate where I simply "gluegunned" the strips to. It halted at some bumps but still it was amazing how little work this involved.I now think about using a smaller "railgun"-system to power a tiny train-device.Any thoughts if this could work out?I was hoping if I made the curves wide that the angle would not stop the cart.(pic attached also available at )

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Does anyone know how to make a matrix code on paper? Answered

I want to draw my own matrix codes and be able to solve them

Question by Rebreg 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Where to buy large capacitors for cheap? Answered

Building various things, like tesla coils, railguns, and wire exploding devices, reguires very large capacitors. I need to know where to buy some with high voltage and capacitance rating around 450v and 10000uF.

Question by macgyver603 9 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Will an IRFP 50 do the work for this schematic?

I recently made a some hv experiences. i made a 555 based ic timer along with and irfp 450 and worked great. but now i want more juice. i found this schema on the net and i was wondering if irfp 50 will work. i found those irfp in an old matsushita photocopier ( great stuffs inside)... those mosfet are quite expensive that is why i am just wandering if they could do the work.

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is this component? is it a solid state relay? Answered

I want to know if it is a solid state relay. i got it in an old photocopier matsushita. on the component it is written  sf16drz-h1-4 input    DC4~7v OUTPUT  AC 210V 16A K975c MITSUBISHI Electric it has 4 leads out. 2 small and 2 big. I googled it but no success and if you know explain to me how this component works. it has  a large heatsink on the top

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Knex Concept: 1

So just something quick. I got this idea for a more powerful semi-auto. Its basicly a slingshot, when you pull the trigger it pulls back the band and releases it in a smooth motion. Then you pull the trigger back and repeat.  Its nothing speicial, I can't even work on it now because of the railgun though.

Topic by didexo 6 years ago

Why my capacitor charger melt wires when just plugged from mains? Answered

Recently completed a coilgun with a portable 12vdc supply. it works very fine, but i am not satisfied with it performance it is taking 30 to 40s to charge my capacitor bank of 1350uf at 400vdc. however to boost up the charging i've put a mains supply of 230v.  but whenever i connect it melts my wire at the rectifier. i don't know why but how is it no working here is a shema

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Coil Gun Charging circuits?

Ok so i made this coil gun using a camera flash circuit but im using 450V caps so the circuit only charges to about 330V how would i step up the voltage in a cheap way. Buy another camera circuit or build one? If you need any more info just ask and thank you.

Question by rocket_man 8 years ago

Rail Gun, full auto?

Unless i am mistaken, rail guns use high voltage rails, and conduct through the rails and a projectile... not unlike jacobs ladders. if we took a jacobs ladder and made the rails parallel, they could be used as a rail gun. right? if so... what's to stop us from having a gravity feed rail gun, something that rols a ball bearing or some such metallic ball or rod onto the rails to be shot down, the moment the first projectile isn't touching the rails, the new one rolls on... say... power it with a cordless drill battery and step the voltage up with a wallwart transformer? if we can make portable tesla coils... a rail gun doesn't seem so far fetched. granted, this post isn't using any technical jargon so you probably all think i'm an idiot, but i do believe that it's possible. my knowledge of rail guns is fairly rudimentary. any ideas? it would obviously be VERY low velocity... but if you were to make it stationary, you could upsize it and run it through a large MOT from a microwave, or a transformer from a UPS or something equally massive and... well... have a fullly automatic rail gun turret-y thing? yes? 

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Wild & Wicked Weapons

Popsci has an awesome compilation of some ridiculous weapons developed by the military. Some of them are old and discontinued, like the Gay bomb (yes, they were considering developing a bomb that turns you gay). And others that are pretty cutting edge, like the railgun that fires a 7 pound shell at 7 times the speed of sound and some remote controlled cyborg spy moths.Here's a link, check it out:Worlds Spookiest Weaponsvia: hack-a-day

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Which of my guns do you like the most?

- B.L.R. - 3 votes                                                          - K.B.O.S -                                                        - B.A.R. - 1 vote                                                           - S.K.S.P. -                                                      - RPD - - Railgun Pistol - - The Avenger - - K'nex Shotgun - - H.A.B.C. - - K'nex Pseudo Semi Auto Pistol V2 -    - Piece Efficient K'nex Turret Rifle -          Please vote on which gun is the best. The voting ends on June 10th, so be sure to get your vote in before then. You are not allowed to vote for multiple guns; you must vote for only one gun.

Topic by ~KnexBuild~ 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Capacitor charging circuit using bd243c. Will it work?? Answered

I recently made a schematic to charge a capacitor bank for my coilgun.D1-D4 are all 1n0007 t1 is a centre tapped transformer which will step up 12v to 330V. WIll it work. r1 and r2 are 10w resistors. Q1 and Q2 are BD243C with a rating of 65 watts.  i found my transformer from a very old cassette player. huge and heavy able to pump about 100W. i don't bother about charging time. I just want to know if it would be good. don't worry about the voltage monitoring i have a small voltmeter(like a watch. chinese product.) i am just want to know if it will work or not UPDATE: I have tried the shematic. It works flawlessly.  

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Capacitors, where to get them? Answered

For a school project, Me and my friend build a medium sized railgun, however, we can't keep the capacitors we used to power it. My question would be, Where can I get some capacitors to replace the used capacitorbank. I am looking for capacitors with both a high voltage rating, and a large amount of capacitance. (the total bank contained 8 1000uF, 385 volt capacitors, I would like to get at least half of this out of my replacement-bank) so does anyone know: places where I can buy this kind of capacitors for a small amount of money, which do ship in europe. common used electronics containing this kind of capacitors to salvage. I already found some in a computer PSU, one in a computer monitor. And I know they are used in disposable flash cameras, which are not very much used any more, and can hardly be found here (Unless I buy them, which is going to cost me a very large amount of money) Places where those capacitors are commonly used, and where I might get them for little money. They don't actually need to have the exact same voltage and capacitance, but I would prefer them to be somewhat close to it. ( > 100 uF, > 100 Volts) I am also looking for a new charger. chargers from disposable cameras might work, but tend to overheat and break down rather fast, I would like to know if there is something better.

Question by kirdaiht 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Does solid state relay needs a protecting diode for the pin 3 out of a 555 monostable? Answered

Recently i need some timer for my capacitor charger to be used in a coilgun. i just finished a 555 one shot monostable pcb design.  my charger require about 24 watt of power which is unsufficient for the 555 pin 3 out,. I know that a protecting diode can be put with a relay. but a solid state for a solid state realay. does it need a diode. i just want to know because i will put it in my design 

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

My Sketch Up designs (rendered)

 These were made in Sketch Up over the past 2-4 months. Most of them are almost finished, they just need texturing. Index: List of ships: - 3300mm anti-capital gun - CCM-21b "Heron 2" - Battleship and it's render /w/ editing - XUAP Medium Assault Craft (Atomosphere model, space version coming soon) - Missile Cruiser (based on missile frigate in halo) - MGV (Modular Ground vehicle) And I had an issue on another forum... If you don't like it so much that you have to start flaming... just click the little x in the top right (or the red button on the top left for Mac users) or click the back button. Please, if you wanna use this, give me credit for what I did. I spent about 4 months almost

Topic by ry25920 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Help finding an LED voltmeter? (or figuring out how to use a 3 wire one for this)

For my coilgun/railgun/whatever project I want to use one of those all In one LED voltmeters, however, all the ones I can find are either 2 wire and just measure the input voltage, or 3 wire, and require a neutral ground. That's where the problem lies. I want to use it to monitor the capacitor bank's charging, which goes up to 250 volts, I'd be fine splitting the voltage and using two meters, but to measure it the negative connection is high voltage positive, which means I can't measure the capacitor bank's charging. Is there an LED volt meter (that's not super expensive) that will accept power from a separate source and has negative and positive connections for measuring voltage? If not, how can I work around this neutral ground problem?

Question by XOIIO 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Knex Concept: Multi-Staged Bow.

Well, I don't know whether this has been done before. a design for a multi stage, railgun style bow. It uses as many bows as you want linked up. Here is a picture and how it works. 1. The trigger is pulled, letting go of the first bow's elastics. 2. The elastics catch on the bullet, propeling it forward. 3.When the bullet reaches here, the trigger will set off the next bow, boosting the bullet even more out of the barrel, 4. This will be complicated to time as it will all happen in a fraction of a second. The key to make this work is to time the second bow to fire just after the first, like the SwagBoss. Even then it would take some fine-tuning to get right. Build it if you want, I don't have parts for something so big. Picture; Blue-Secondary trigger Green-Primary trigger Brown-Elastics

Topic by TheFoofinator 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

questions for rail gun?

I have a few questions about a rail gun project i'm working on... 1.) Where are some good places that i can buy parts for a decent railgun (i already know of some places like home depot (for the rails and casing) and radio shack (for some of the minor components)? 2.) Is there a better material (cost and in efficiency) than copper for the rail? (i heard aluminum is good, and i also heard silver is good but silver is expensive) 3.) what are good power supplies (something fairly mobile would do nicely, and i am not asking for specific requirements i am asking what other people have used as power supplies) if you commented on my last question, don't on this one please, i got your opinion. I would like an answer that is to the point please and not something that has to do with whether or not i should build a rail gun (i have gotten answers like that before which bugs me when i ask a question).

Question by Tobor 2.0 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Nerdman's Ships: Round 2

Hello! It's been awhile since I was here (was working on other things), but I've finally gotten around to making screenshots and renders, along with a bunch of new sketches (3D). I apologize for the amount Short List: (In order) - Assault Destroyer - Barracuda Class Frigate - Knife's Edge (now with new features) - Barracuda Class Frigate - Sky Razor (Sister ship of the above) - Falcon Class Heavy Cruiser - Hieroglyph Class Multi-role Fighter - Manta Class Bomber - Dolphin Class Artillery Frigate ::WIP:: - Mark XII - Light Torpeto Link to better images- Minor side note: Thank you ibles for having an multi-uploader.  This is much easier than the other site I post on. :D - Nerdman  ------------------------------------------------ Expanded List:: ------------------------------------------------ - Assault Destroyer - Armed With 7 Medium Rail Guns - Designed for both direct assault and defense of large vessels against smaller ships (Frigates, bombers, etc.) - Barracuda Class Frigate - Knife's Edge (now with new features) - Designed for both exo-atmosphere and in-atmosphere operations - Armed with 4 light torpedo tubes, 3 triple AA turrets, and 2 solid mounted railguns in the nose - Barracuda Class Frigate - Sky Razor (Sister ship of the above) - Designed more as a heavy fighter than a support frigate, this can both keep up with standard fighters but even out maneuver them due to it's massive engines - Armed with 2 triple AA turrets, 6 light torpedo tubes, 2 solid mounted and 2 partially mobile railguns in the nose - Falcon Class Heavy Cruiser - Designed as fast attack ship, the falcon can reach incredible speeds while still being able to turn very sharply - The falcon is primarily armed with 512 packs of multi purpose launcher tubes, it can hold up to almost a thousand missiles or nearly 6,200 un-guided rockets. - Hieroglyph Class Multi-role Fighter - Carries two multipurpose modules (similar to the Heron) which hold quite literally anything that fits inside the power, weight, and computing restrictions. - Designed using spare Heron frames which were useless due to constant space combat. - Armed with a triple AA turret (rear), all other weapons/ offensive abilities come from the pods. - Manta Class Bomber - The Manta Class Bomber, created about the same time as the Hieroglyph, was made from XUAP hulls which were useless in space and were unused because of it. - Armed with 6 light torpedo (single use tubes), 3 triple AA turrets, and a minor ECM package, this bomber can hold it's own against even heavy fighters. - Dolphin Class Artillery Frigate ::WIP:: - The Dolphin Class of frigate was created when the fail "General Frigate" was unable to meet expectations. - Armed with 2 heavy plasma cannons capable of shots up to 400km away. - The Dolphin is also nimble enough to avoid long range missiles, but is unable to enter atmosphere and is unable to avoid fighters. - Mark XII - Light Torpeto - The Mark XII was created strictly for bombers, but soon showed extreme success in both heavier fighters, and light frigates. Being powerful for it's size, it was also reasonably light and nearly as maneuverable as some missiles. 

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What should I do with all this?

Hey everybody, I've been MIA in Ible-land for a long time now. In the meantime, some new stuff has been brewing here. Some totally awsome ibles coming, I promise! Recently I aquired at an auction: -a pallet of computers -printers -a 24" color plotter -a photocopier -a microscope on the end of a long arm with a fiberoptic light What should I do with the pallet of PCs, the photocopier, and the microscope? Obviously the photocopier is the big deal here. Copy machines have a loda of stepper motors (most w/ very high torque), lots of electronics, LEDs, high voltage power supplies, a flourescent lamp, belts, pulleys, encoders, shafts, wheels, feeders, speakers, com. chips, MCUs, RAM (good for advanced robots), lots-o-metal/plastic, and some very awsome/complex mechanisms. Pretty mush everything is in a photocopier. So help me out! maybe I'll use your idea to better mankind and destroy the oil industry! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought to imagine every car running on fuel cells. Give me some ideas because too many are running through my head. Things like: -Tesla coils -Rendering farms -laser scanners -CNC machines -static lifters -lamps (yeah, not the best idea) -railguns -large, 4x4 robots -trebuchets -sorting machines -combat robots -lasers -net-enabled robots -high-speed home PCs -extra misc. Also, the toner feeder leaks, that is why the copy machine doesn't work. There is a full toner cartridge though, what do I do with that? Well, give me some Ideas and I greatly appreciate it!

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