San Francisco Trip

Heading to San Francisco in April for a family wedding and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things to do.  I'm bringing my three little girls, 10, 8 and 6, so we will have to do some touristy things.  They would like to see Instructables and I don't know if that is possible.  Specifically I need to find a moderately priced hotel,  a restaurant in China town or any tips you might have.  I am from Chicago and know that sometimes Google doesn't work so great, like suggesting a restaurant or hotel that was just featured on the nightly news, and not for good reasons.  Thanks in advance for any help. CDAwisconsin

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Courses in San Francisco

Hey, i'm an Mecatronic Engineering student from Brazil, and i'm visiting my brother in San Francisco for a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there were any cool places with interesting courses about electronics,  like arduino and different electronic components and motors, or also about building different structures, basically anything that could help me build a remote controled car for example. I have an open mind about this, i'm not entirely sure what i'm looking for, but any suggestion of places with good courses i could take a look would be very much apreciated! And for those who read everything, a treat: "What kind of ears does an engine have? Engineers!" Thank you all in advance!

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Sparkfun in San Francisco??

I need location(s) of sparkfun or sparkfun distributors in San Francisco! I am going there (I am from Croatia in Europe) and I don't know locations! I don't have time to search because I'll be there e just few days and then I go back. Please help!

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DIYcity San Francisco

PariSoMa Coworking SpaceWednesday January 14, 2009 at 6:00pm1436 Howard StreetSan Francisco, California Get DirectionsTwitter bots, aggregators, social software, mobile apps - we use these things more and more in our daily routines to make our lives better. But can we also use them to remake our cities altogether?How can software designers, architects, urban planners, sociologists and citizens work together to design a better San Francisco?How can we transform urban spaces, changing them from the centralized, hard-coded things they are today into finely-tuned, fluid, user-operated systems that are efficient, sustainable and fit for life in the 21st century?This will be the first San Francisco DIYcity meetup. Are you interested in helping with this stuff? Then you're invited! Come out to get to know each other, exchange ideas and help plot our future direction. Please also join our discussion group at SF is the local branch of DIYcity, a movement kicked off by John Geraci in New York City. For more about DIYcity, visit

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Toothpick San Francisco

Artist Scott Weaver has built a model of San Francisco with a twist: it is made entirely out of toothpicks and glue. He estimates he used 100,000 toothpicks on the model, which includes a track on which ping-pong balls can roll down and 'visit' the city.Surprisingly, Instructables HQ does not seem to be included--must have been an oversight.PressDemocrat via SFist via my friend Nicole.Image from core77

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A Night in San Francisco? [Sorted]

Right, here's a question for the San Franciscans amongst you... What's to do overnight? Kitefamily land in SF on the 29th July, just before 11pm, so I reckon it will be at least midnight before we get out of the airport. Unfortunately, the apartment we have rented is not available until 1pm on the 30th.  That's half a day to kill. If I was alone, that wouldn't be a problem, but I'll have Kitewife, Roger-X (15) & Conker-X (11) with me, as well as our luggage, after 16 hours on a plane. So, does anybody have a suggestion of what to do? Shall we be boring sensible, and book into a motel for a night?  Or can you come up with something more interesting to do, that is also family and luggage friendly? A big ask, I know, but I'd like a good start to our month in SF. ------------------------------- EDIT: OK, so it looks like we're going to be staying in a motel.  Anybody recommend a specific one? -------------------------------- FURTHER EDIT: Thanks, folks.  We've decided to ne normal and sensible, and have booked that night in The Dylan. By the way... I AM VERY EXCITED!!

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We are here ! It's 10:45 local time, sunny, we're fed, I've seen two new birds already (a chipping sparrow, Spizella passerina, and a Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottus), and we've just realised that we're less than 100 yards* from the nearest BART station. The plan for the rest of the day is to trundle into the city to find our apartment, then I hear there's an interesting place to visit over on 2nd Street... This is already shaping up to being a good experience. UPDATE: Rather than clog up the forums with this stuff, I'm going to blog and tweet it. *See, I'm talking American already!

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San Francisco bike survey

Here is a survey for everyone out there who bikes in San Francisco. My biggest complaint about biking in the bay area is the lack of pedestrian / cyclist access to the bridges. It makes me mad.

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Altered Barbie in San Francisco

It's time for another Altered Barbie exhibition in San Francisco - perhaps the best thing that's happened to Barbie since her introduction over 50 years ago. Here Barbie "breaks out of the mainstream American concept of beauty and social stigma. The new Altered Barbie metamorphoses and naturally blossoms into a diversity of attitude, social roles, politics, and culture expressed through the medium of art." If you've seen lavonnesbarbies at Maker Faire, you already have a good idea of what you're in for.  If not, check out the great gallery hosted at Altered Barbie and find out more about the upcoming exhibition!

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Denizens of San Francisco - Coolest Art-Space Ever

Heya,My girlfriend just told me about The Frankenart Mart. It's a communal art-space/store with a really unique business model. I don't know about you, but I think this is really a great and interesting idea. I hate to say this, but it's so... like... ::GASP:: .... Art Gallery 2.0Any which way, they're changing up the theme of the store next weekend and they are inviting people to drop off work (in case anyone is interested). I think I might drop something off.

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Make:SF Tonight!

Make:SF is having their monthly downtown meeting tonight at Instructables World HQ. All are welcome to attend. The festivities start at 6:30PM. 489 Clementina St. 3rd Floor

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Mission Bazaar

Tis the season for the holiday craft bazaar. And no one does it up like SF. W00T!Mission Bazaar the self-proclaimed "Shopping Spectacle" will host tons of artisans exhibiting their creative works, products, fashion and accessories. There will be over 20 hours of live performances on three stages featuring live music, circus and dance acts, performance artists and DJs, including gypsy jazz, bellydance, spoken word, beatbox, choral ensembles, fashion shows, puppetry, flamenco guitar, and much more.And it's totally in a castle!"...full of period detail including cavernous dungeon-like basements, stone staircases, sweeping corridors, and a gigantic drill court spanning almost an acre..."It's the Armory Community Center, and the Mission Bazaar is the first public event to be held there in over 30 years!! So take the chance to come check it out!Saturday, December 6th from 10am-6pm and Sunday, December 7th from 11am-6pm at The Armory Community Center at 14th & Mission in San Francisco, which is right around the corner from my house, so I will totally be there.Scope it! MISSION BAZAAR

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Come and meet us at Maker Faire this weekend!

Maker Faire is this weekend! We'll have a booth where you can meet the Instructables staff, see some cool things we'll be bringing along and pick up something extra cool if you've published an Instructable.If you're gonna go I'd recommend going early as it was packed last year. If you go later in the day, try taking an alternate route into the area besides taking the exit from 101 and getting stuck in the slow traffic line. Last year I took a different exit and parked in a residential area a half mile out and it was easy as compared to others who got stuck in a 2 hour wait. Also be sure to check out the Maker Faire car travel page.So go early! See lots of cool stuff! Stop by and say hi!

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An empty city

Via Laughing Squid's Twitter feed, I came across this; Filmmaker Ross Ching created this eerie time-lapse of San Francisco in which all the city’s streets, bridges, and sidewalks are completely empty. The effect was achieved not by shutting down San Francisco’s streets, but by clever digital trickery. San Francisco is my absolute favourite place in the world, and watching this video brought on a weird kind of homesickness - there are streets I walked several times a day, some within a block or two of the apartment we used in August, or only metres from HQ, and watching them without the lively crowds is both fascinating and creepy. Enjoy: Of course, you're a Maker, and you're curious about how the cars and pedestrians were erased from the city... *sigh*

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Miembros de SLP Mexico

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We've Moved!

Instructables has taken another step forward by moving from the naval base in Alameda to San Francisco! While we loved the views and the shop at the tower the space was getting a little too cozy and, along with Potenco, we moved on across the bay into a new spot in the South of Market neighborhood.The new space means that we're easier to visit and we're much closer to the many cool folks of the DIY community in San Francisco. We have some big plans for the new space, but for now we're focusing more on unpacking boxes and making lots of runs to pick up free items we find on Craigslist. Oh, and finding all the cool new places to eat nearby. We're loving our new food options.We'll have more pics of the new space soon. Right now the place is pretty sparse, but it'll be cool. Very cool.Have a good caption for the second picture below? Enter it into our caption competition!

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GTA San Andreas resolution problem.?

Hi, when I try to play GTA San Andreas on a 1280 by 1020 resolution I get these weird lines in my screen. Theres only about 3 of them but they make the game unplayable. My moniter is a 1920 by 1080 so it should be able to play these games.

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Looking for Arduino Instructor in San Francisco

Looking to hire an instructor for a fun new arduino class for New Media students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  More details at the job posting or I am happy to answer questions:

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Making a City Out of Jell-O

Liz Hickok likes to recreate cities out of Jell-O and has been doing it for four years now. She's fascinated by the colors that are possible as well as the fact that it degrades in interesting ways. Watch this video to see how she goes about planning a recreation of the Mission District (woo-hoo!) in San Francisco with Jell-O. This reminds me that I need to get on with my own Jell-O project. I'll definitely be rewatching this video for help in the near future.via Wooster Collective

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Call for Makers for Maker Faire

Entries are now being accepted for the bay area Maker Faire that will be happening on May 3-4 in San Mateo. This is an awesome event and we'll be there to represent, but we'd love to see some of you guys show off your cool ideas as well. You have until March 12 for entries. If you want to show off what you can bring in person, there are tryouts on Feb. 17 at the Exploratorium.Here are a few suggested topics: - Things Made From Recycled Items - Making Musical Instruments - 3D Printers and CNC Milling - Textile Arts - Home Automation - Rockets - Ham Radio - Puzzles, Games and Toys - Cars (hot rods, custom vans, electric vehicles) - Airplanes and Aeronautics (models, etc) - Biology/Biotech - Chemistry - Food Makers - Model Trains and Planes - Green Tech - Sewing and Felting - Kites - Old Farm or Garden Equipment (Tractors, etc.) - Temporary Structures (Tents, Domes, etc.) - Unusual Tools or Machines - How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.) Call for Makers

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Laser Etching at Web 2.0 Expo

We've been at the Web 2.0 conference using our Epilog to laser etch all sorts of things for free. The biggest job that we did was a complete tattoo on a brand new MacBook Pro that a gadget blogger from Chile bought the previous day just for this! It was the biggest job of the show and took 26 minutes to do. Other etches usually take a lot less time as most people are etching phones (lots of iPhones).Check out some of our awesome pictures. Bring in your gear tomorrow, and we'll give it a tattoo too!More Links: CNET loved us Wired was inspired Fayer Wayer article with more pics Fabulous fractals QR codes more QR codes ... and a bit more video

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Ch. 3 In Which Old Science Creates New Technologies

Hey Instructastorians! I know I haven’t been keeping my Instructables Intern Blog updated, so in advance I apologize for the lateness in this update. Things have really picked up since the last time I posted anything here! As some of you might remember back, a couple of weeks ago Instructables HQ, which where herein be referred to as Instructables Laboratories (Seriously, that’s what they call the building here!), held a massive social event involving Liquid Nitrogen and fast freeze Ice Cream. It was a rising success for everyone and more than 70 people visited our lab! The Ice Cream was fantastic to, due to our delicious confectionary staff particularly Angie, and our Maker Faire ticket raffle was awesome. As for the Faire itself, I unfortunately was not able to participate in the Instructables Booth, being more than slightly preoccupied with my own DIY PIXAR stand, but I heard it was great. They managed to give away almost all of the Lab’s business cards and even managed to sell several dozens of our Robot T-Shirts! Sure beats the hell out of being stuck in a dark room, with several hundreds of people jamming into your personal space, while Tesla Coils scream Classical Music at 56 decibels… BUT, last week after the Faire, things became sadly much more subtle. Several people around The Lab were still recuperating from the hectic events of the Faire and there wasn’t much to do around the office. Being recently promoted to the job of Delivery (meaning I get to control all outward shipment of prizes and gifts), my goal was focused on trying to ship out a lot of the past closed contest prizes from a couple of months past. Thankfully Instructables had a monthly event to obliterate this post MF doldrums- INSTRUCTABLES BUILD DAY! This is held on the last Friday of every month, where most work is momentarily cast aside and everyone instead works on their own personal Building projects! SWEET! So for my project, I ended up creating something really cool involving PVC pipe connectors, a Shop Vac and several feet of clear vinyl tubing ('ible coming soon).  I'm making a note here- HUGE SUCCESS! As for myself, even though I might’ve gotten used to waking up at 6:00 AM to commute 1.5 hours to San Francisco, I’m still completely thrilled to be working here. Always something new going on and never a dull day at the office Lab. OH and I finally got my own key! Now I can enter our labs without setting off the Turret Defenses! -New Intern 2011, SHIFT!  

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can you get gta san andreas for gamecube? Answered


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Dead Drop at Instructables in SF? Answered

If you don't know what a dead drop is, it is a USB device mounted in a wall, in a public space where anyone can access it. Anyways, I have heard there is one at the the Instructables HQ in San Francisco. Is it still there, and does anyone know what's on it? Next time I am in San Francisco I will have to check it out!  

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Grand theft auto IV vs Grand theft auto San Andreas

Which is better GTA 4 or GTA san andreas? GTA4 is graphically superior, but san andreas has a bigger map with more countryside and desert. Also, San andreas has planes and helicopters, but GTA4 only has helicopters, but to compensate it has much more weapons and cars. Also everything in GTA 4 is more realistic and looks nicer.

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Will you be at this year's Maker Faire in San Mateo?

We want to see you there! Last year we paid a visit to each of our authors who were exhibiting at Maker Faire in San Mateo, and hooked them up with a little sumpin'-sumpin'. So, will we see you there this year? Let us know in the comments below, and share a little about what you'll be bringing to the show.

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Free Maker Faire Tickets

I've got two free tickets to give away for Maker Faire Bay Area, happening on May 19th and 20th! You have until 12:00 NOON PST tomorrow to enter. See my blog for details.

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DIYbca tomorrow night in San Francisco

If you find yourself in San Francisco tomorrow night be sure to check out the excellent late night party at YBCA. It's always a good time when art gets a little out of control.  This time it's being called DIYbca

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I get to go to the Instructables HQ!

Yesss!I am leaving to Yosemite on Thursday, renting a hotel.Then the next day (Friday), I am going to hike or whatever.Then we go back to the hotel.Saturday morning, we start out to San Francisco.We get there around... I dunno, 3 or 4 or something?I won't be able to make it to Yuri's Night, but the next day (Sunday), Eric and I are planning on meeting at the HQ at around 11 I guess.This is gong to be sweet.Sorry the images lack color...

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I have an old wooden tv cabinet, (sans tv parts) any ideas?

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Instructables at Maker Faire!

Instructables will be at the Autodesk booth at the San Mateo Maker Faire! Anyone going?

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Ice Art Alaska: San Francisco Art Institute Team

INTRODUCTION:In March 2008, a team of five graduate students from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) are determined to participate in the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. Four sculptors will compete in the Multi-Block Classic event, which involves carving over 700 cubic feet of ice in under 132 hours. Additionally, we are bringing one archivist who will record and write about our experience. We seriously consider Ice Art as an opportunity to enhance our artistic knowledge and ingenuity, as well as to positively impact the communities involved.TEAM:Jesse Hensel, Team CaptainEric ReyesStephanie InagakiJesse WaltonLaura Rogers, ArchivistCONTEXTIce Art brings together communities from various countries -consistently from Canada, Norway, Russia, Japan, and China - and at all career levels including professional artists, students, and local residents. Each team has a different approach. Some will celebrate traditional craft while others will pursue edgy artistic expressions. Some will produce monumental forms while others will carve small-scale objects. For six long days, the SFAI team will work intensely together in the harsh Alaskan environment. During morning and evening meals they will reenergize and discuss different carving techniques and landscape traditions with other participants. This experience will undoubtedly benefit those in the competition in addition to educating and entertaining audiences worldwide.For general information about the competition visit: PARTNERS1. San Francisco Art Institute2. Make Magazine3. Morrow and Hensel Consulting4. Instructables

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What hackerspaces should I visit in San Fransisco?

I'm about to head off to San Fransisco to visit some family, and I'd like to visit some hackerspaces and similar places. I went to Noisebridge when I went to Maker Faire two years back, but I only went in for a brief (but very cool) tour. So, what else should I visit? Also, are there any DIY/building/hacking related stores I should go to? AUGUST 22ND UPDATE: I just got back from San Fran. I went to Noisebridge's new place. It's pretty cool. Thanks, Noahh

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does mark hoppus still live in in san diego?

I know travis lives in la, im not sure about tom or mark.            -M 

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San Francisco Public Making Meet Up #3

I'm holding another "Make Out" making in public event this Thursday, June 2nd at the Amsterdam Cafe in San Francisco. It's a casual meet up to work on projects, share ideas, brainstorm, meet people, or just drink beer and chat. (Amsterdam cafe has around 300 beers available.) (They also have really good coffee, tea, and wine if beer isn't your thing.) Bring a project or just bring yourself. In the past we've had everything from crafts to robots to baking.  Last time we looked forward to Maker Faire, so I expect we'll talk a lot about our Maker Faire expereinces. When: June 2 from 5pm to 8pm (though it may run longer.) Where: Amsterdam Cafe, 937 Geary street, San Francisco [map] [web site] I'll be the guy playing with LEDs and Arduinos. Cost: Free! (Though Kelly, the lovely owner of Amsterdam cafe would appreciate it if you bought something to drink and tipped well.) Who: Everyone is welcome. More details are here. 

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I am Going To San Francisco Today!! What places should I see?

Hi, I am leaving for San Francisco/bay area but specifically Stinson beach today. Are there any maker friendly places I should see while I am out there? Thanks Joe

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Searching for volunteers to test NEW San Diego Social Network Have you ever been a part of something great in San Diego and wanted to tell all your friends? Have you ever been 'in the know' about a well kept secret or breaking news and were itching to "Unload"? That's where The Unload comes in. It's a gathering place for people to discover and "Unload" the latest news and happenings in and around San Diego. Stop by, register and unload on your favorite topic!

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Toronto, San Francisco - Where to buy?

I live in Croatia and my friend is going now to either to San Francisco, USA or to Toronto, Canada.My question is where in these towns he can buy electronics, robot parts, MAKE and LadyAda kits... etc.? And where is in these towns sparkfun store or dealer?

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Does anyone know of any good Diy communities in san diego?

I just moved to San diego, and i'm looking for local places to get handmade stuff, materials, and possibly a place to work. Does anybody know a good area in San Diego to find these sorts of things?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

How to make a San Disk micro SD work with the Kingston SD adapter?

Long story... dose anyone know how?

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Six degees of separation from Eric Wilhelm

Caitlainsdad says I have 3 degrees of separation: Eric walks the Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas star as detectives in the "Streets of San Francisco". Adrian monk is a detective in San Francisco... How many do you have?

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Pearl Art Supply in San Francisco Closing Sale - also Cambridge, Iselin and Los Angeles

The Pearl Art and Craft Store on Market Street in San Francisco is closing on Feb 14th. Everything is 75% off now. 969 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103-1701 (415) 357-1400 It is a big art and craft store - 3 floors. Lots of great stuff. Click on the link. I just did and found that stores are also closing in Cambridge, Iselin, NJ, and Los Angeles.

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GREY WATER GARDENING. New gardeners in San Francisco need help.

We would love to know a legalish, inexpensive, and DIY way to divert some of the grey water in our household out to our new garden.

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Master of Fine Arts Exhibition- San Francisco Art Institute

You are cordially invited to my Master of Fine Arts Exhibition. Opening reception will take place this Friday from 7:00-9:00pm in the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason. The exhibition will continue May 17-22nd from 12:00-6:00pm. Over one-hundred artists will be represented at this event.Thank you very much,Jesse Henselwww.jessehensel.comAdditional Information:;=652&sectionID;=4Directions:;=en&q;=Buchanan+St.+and+Marina+Blvd,+San+Francisco,+CA&ie;=UTF8≪=37.805274,-122.433701&spn;=0.009833,0.015814&z;=16&iwloc;=addr

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FireFox 3 Robot Building San Francisco Dolores Park

Firefox 3 is nearly upon us! What better way to celebrate than to re-create the Gran Paradiso robot on a sunny afternoon in Dolores Park? Everyone is welcome - invite your friends! Bring your robot building supplies. For more information, and details on what to bring visit the Wiki page below.The main Wiki: party:

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Sculpting From Scratch: Class at the San Francisco Art Institute

For over one million years hominids have made and embellished tools. We make everything from fake flowers to 2,000 ft towers. However, in a world of Ikea and fast food, it is easy to forget the potential of our own hands. Sculpting from scratch combines engineering and play to make freestanding objects that entice the senses and provoke thought. Class projects will focus on learning how to use shop tools, repurposing refuse, articulating objects, illustrating intent, and the question of beauty. No prerequisite.Jesse Hensel is a contemporary artist whose work is informed by the Yup'ik woodcarving tradition. His rugged natural sculptures use an Alaskan frontier perspective to critique contemporary society. Recent San Francisco exhibitions include such venues as the de Young Museum and Mark Wolfe Contemporary. His team was honored with the Artist's Choice Award at the World Ice Art Multi-Block Classic in Fairbanks, Alaska. He received his BA in Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College and his MFA in Sculpture from SFAI.Sculpting from ScratchInstructor: Jesse Hensel10 Sessions/Thursdays, June 4-August 6Time: 6:30-9:30pmLocation: Studio 105Number: SC1002Tuition: $400Apply:;=21&sectionID;=5

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SEMICON West 2011, July 11-15, in San Francisco

For techies who live in the San Francisco Bay area or who will be visiting here July 11th through July 15th, you may want to check out this event.  Event Dates Exhibits:                              July 12–14, 2011 Events (co-located conferences, partner events):   July 11–15, 2011 Location Moscone Center 747 Howard Street San Francisco, California (Facility address provided for directional purposes only) Show Hours Tuesday, July 12                  10:00am–5:00pm Wednesday, July 13             10:00am–5:00pm Thursday, July 14                 10:00am–4:00pm Background Founded 1971 (2011: 41st year) SEMICON West is the flagship annual event for the global microelectronics industry. It is the premier event for the display of new products and technologies for microelectronics design and manufacturing, featuring technologies from across the microelectronics supply chain, from electronic design automation, to device fabrication (wafer processing), to final manufacturing (assembly, packaging, and test). More than semiconductors, SEMICON West is also showcase for emerging markets and technologies born from the microelectronics industry, including micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), photovoltaics (PV), flexible electronics and displays, nano-electronics, solid state lighting (LEDs), and related technologies. Major technologies served Semiconductors Photovoltaics/Solar Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) LEDs/Solid State Lighting Printed/Flexible Electronics Technology/product segments include Device Fabrication/Wafer Processing Equipment and Materials Deposition (CVD, PVD, ALD) Etch Ion implant Lithography Masks/reticles and mask-making equipment Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) equipment and materials Silicon and non-silicon based wafers and substrates Process chemicals and gases Chemical handling systems Vacuum systems, components, and parts Robotic systems and components Valves, actuators, gear systems, and other components Factory automation systems, software, and components Assembly and packaging equipment and materials Wire bonding Bump/flip chip/wafer-level packaging Automated semiconductor test equipment (ATE) Test handlers Probe cards and test materials FOR MORE INFO GO TO:

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Share Office Space with Instructables at Squid Labs in San Francisco

2010-04-05 Update: We've moved, and all our shared space is occupied!  Do you have a cool small company and are looking for some shared office and/or lab space in a really great environment? Share space at Squid Labs! Squid Labs recently opened a new office in San Francisco and we're looking to fill spaces in our shared work environment. The current tenants are Instructables (community project sharing) and HumCycles (electric motorcycles). Features of the space: - Tons of natural light. Windows on all 4 sides and skylights. - Landlord is awesome and tech/green savvy. - Space is clean/professional yet also stylish/zany. - Cool intra-space neighbors working on hot technologies. Lots of idea/resource sharing. - Close to BART, MUNI, and freeways for your commuting needs. - Parking lot with space for 9 cars. Shared resources: - Large conference room with table/chairs/projector. - Smaller meeting room for phone calls. - Two kitchens with fridges, microwaves, plates, etc. - 75 watt laser cutter - Lounge space for eating, hanging out, brainstorming. - Shop space in the garage with a mill, lathe, welding, and other power tools. - 4 unisex bathrooms. - Internet, wireless, firewall. Static IPs available. - Pizza parties, build nights, and meet-ups. What's available: - A mix of cubicles and large and small private offices. - Month-to-month cubicles, or longer-term larger-area leases are possible. - In the layout below, the blue and pink areas are available, and the green areas will be available in the future. White is open common space, and dark gray is bathrooms, closets, and the elevator. This represents single cubicles to 5000 sqft of the 7500 sqft total. Location: 489 Clementina St. San Francisco, CA (Right next to 6th and Folsom) Contact me if interested! Click on my username in the right-side column for contact info.

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StarWars Lightsaber event in San Francisco!

Hello fellows DIYers! :D Instructables is with no doubt one of my passions. Another one is lightsaber combat! This sport is very popular in Italy, thanks to Ludosport, one of the first sport association devoted to the study and practice of the lightsaber combat. I can personally confirm that this is a FANTASTIC sport activity, and now it will land @ SAN FRANCISCO! Jan 30-31, 2016 @Studiomix 1000 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109 Come and try a new amazing sport activity, not just for Star Wars fans! Facebook event: Book your place at: Stay great!

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Place in San Jose, CA to get discarded DVD burners free? Answered

I need a diode to make a burning laser (Kipkay's ible), but I don't know where to start when it comes to looking for free DVD burners (from a computer repair shop? where?) to get it from. I also need a LM317T chip for the driver, which I've heard is in the burner. Does anyone know a place in San Jose CA to get that? Preferably free, as in discarded.

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