Set Promoted Items Saving Not Saving

After rearranging the items for "set promoted items" and then pressing Save, "saving" occurs to which occurs for an infinite amount of time ie it does not appear to work. Best wishes and all, thx. 

Posted by TVMiller 1 year ago

what type of file should i save a picter such as my profile image as, cause its a bit fuzzy (its a JPEG) Answered

What type of file should i save a picter such as my profile image as, cause its a bit fuzzy (its a JPEG)

Asked by wenpherd 8 years ago

instructables keeps saving

Hello, I have a current problem with creating an instructable. Right now the draft keeps saving. this means I can't go to another step but I can add photo's and text to the page I am currently on. If I create a new tab with instructables he sees only the beginning of my draft which is a shame since that means I need to make the instructable all over again and I was very far. I am using chrome internet browser on a windows laptop I was simply saving what I had wrote down and now it keeps saving for already an hour and I can't do a thing.

Posted by leon2772 2 years ago

Is it possible to build a hood mounted taser powerfull enough to stop cars' electrics during cop chases?

Could a hood mounted 'big' taser be mounted on police cars to knock out the computers or electrical system of speeding cars that are being persued? So many folks are killed during chases gone bad...there must be a better way to stop these things from getting out of hand.

Asked by sonboy85 9 years ago

My notes not saving!

OK I try to put notes on my pictures and they're not saving it just says saving your note but I left it for at lest an hour and it still did not save it just kept saying saving your note? Help?I have  done  notes on an  windows internet explorer on an   windows xp.

Posted by TSC 7 years ago

Energy Saving Link

Can you check the link to the Energy Saving Guide? It's pointing to the contest page. Thanks! --Kent

Posted by kentiler 9 years ago

The pixelr tool doesn't work!

When I was using the pixelr tool to edit photos this week, when I click save and it just take forever to save, I waited for a hour and the screen is still showing saving. I tried it other day but still got the same results. So someone can tell me how to fix this thing, it will be alot to me! thanks!

Asked by Super space ninja 3 years ago

Problem Updating The Instructable - Error

I couldn't save the instructable I'm working on. Tried to edit it, delete the whole thing and create a new one but I still get the same error message "JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal. Please see attached screen shot for reference and hope you can help me out on this.

Posted by mygms 5 years ago

Not saving notes?

OK I try to put notes on my pictures and  their not saving it just says saving your  note but I left it for at lest a hour and it still did not save it  just kept saying saving your note? Help?

Asked by TSC 7 years ago

New editor: saving issue; images problem

I'm working on and instructable using the new editor, but it doesn't stop saving, well, it doesn't stop saying it's saving. When I go to a new tab and open the same draft, my changes aren't saved yet. When I work on it on the old editor, I can't add a new step.  I'm going to restart safari in a few minutes, but I still wanted to post this under bugs. I'm using a Mac OS X 10.8. Oh, and another problem, I can't upload images to forum topics or comments, I have to open a draft, save the images to my library, come back to the forum topic/comment before I can post it. But, since my drafts aren't really working at the moment, I can't add a screenshot.

Posted by emilyvanleemput 4 years ago

Once more soup! (otra vez sopa!) FIXED FIXED FIXED

While trying to create a new instructable, I got the message at pressing Save button. There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal The text I want to save was: While I lick my wounds after the trip I had with the conversion to gas electrical generator, and collect courage to try to make the changes suggested several virtual friends, I had to make time for other tasks. One of these was derived from chulengo construction. The case was that chulengo made useless the bulky and damaged grill that I used before, and consequently it was demolished. But I also used the grill to burn occasionally leaves, paper, cardboard and other trash. My idea is thus decreased the use of polyethylene bags, and as in any case it is highly likely that this trash be finally incinerated, or worse, will contribute to contaminate ground water. Pressing F5 does not fix the problem, this time.

Posted by rimar2000 5 years ago

License changes when updating

Please make the license stick to what it was set at last. Whenever I update an instructable to include a new tag or cover image, it changes back to the default. It took me a while to even notice this was happening and many of my instructables were under a different license than I prefer for a period of time. The license can be changed, but if someone used the content while it was under a different license, I can't do anything about it. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 2 years ago

Can't save instructables when I write them on my Ipad

When I make a new Instructable on my Ipad, it lets me write on the forms, but when I hit the 'save now' button nothing happens.  If I navigate away from the submission form, I lose all of my text.  I've started three instructables on my ipad, and none of them have shown up in my unpublished instructables page. When I do it from my desktop, it saves just fine.  -Tara

Posted by Tararoys 6 years ago

how does a kill a watt work exactly?

Hey everyone i was just wondering how watt meters work. most of you already know the Kill-A-Watt. this is basically what i am looking to understand. Kill-A-Watt may get a little complicated as a device, but i would like to know what the basic idea is behind the there an instructable on how to make your own simple meter? any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

Asked by mohissa 5 years ago

For drivers who leave their SUVs idling -- can we make a remote control that will shut off their engines ?

Some drivers leave their cars idling.. many times unattended.  They are getting lousy gas mileage and adding carbon needlessly to the environment. Can we deliver some kind of kinetic energy to the vehicle that will cause the engine to shut off without endangering anyone? I'm thinking this would be a remote control device... Just point and click.... and the engine stops running until the driver shows up and starts the car again.

Asked by steve_newguy 7 years ago

Cleaning the oil for a vacuum pump

Was too lazy to do an Instructable about it and think a lot of pics or even videos won't help much if you know what I mean ;) Some of us use rotary vane pumps not for the purpose of evacuating refrigeration systems but for all sorts of fun and experiments. This means quite soon or often we face the problem of the oil taking in a lot of water or even worse particles and solvent fumes. I don't know about you but I was getting sick and tired of replacing the expensive oil every few weeks or sometimes even days if something got too wrong. There are many different blends of compressor oil out there that will work very well in our rotary vane pumps. The main difference is whyt the oil is designed for. Some are perfect for aircon systems, others for the work with solvent fumes and there are even those special oils that bind moisture. Unless you really need to evacuted special gases or solvents basically any low viscosity oil will do us just fine! So instead of paying 20 bucks for special compressor or even vacuum pump oil we can select the cheap everyday oil. Well, not exactly... We also want to be able to recycle our oil to save even more money. That means we don't want an oil that binds to water to keep it out of harms way. We also don't want any oil that has special coating abilities for example these oils claiming to reduce wear and tear on your engine. But any other low viscosity mineral oil or if you prefer synthetic oil will do - just stay away from silicone based oils!! If you have not used your pump for a few days you can often see a slude at the bottom of the viewing glass. If the rest of the oil is clear you can simply drain this worst bit and top up with fresh oil if required. This simple procedure saves you a lot of oil already, at least if your pump has some rest every now and then. Once your oil looks wasted it is time for the recycling and cleaning: Release the oil into a high glass jar or these facy spaghetti glasses. Fill with fresh oil and give it a short run. Release this oil as well and wait for it to properly drain. You now have the inside of your pump nice and clean again, time to fill one last time with fresh oil to keep using the pump. The filthy oil we now have in our jar should be covered with some fine cloth or filter paper and placed somewhere warm. After a week or two the oil, filth and water will have seperated and you pump, drain or siphon out the now clean oil for further use. Don't be too exact here trying to get all the oil out, just remove what you can without risking to suck in the filth from the bottom. Simply leave the rest in the jar and add the next oil change to it for the same recycling process. Solvents.... In some cases we will work with solvents and that means the oil might bind to them. Acetone for example is quite nasty here and can change the oil itself by breaking down certain components. In most cases it means the viscosity will be reduced, which is not really too bad for us. What is bad however is the fact that these solvents often refuse to fully seperate or evaporate. Once the oil looks clean do a smell test and if it smells like solvent then for sure there is solvent in it. Next step to confirm is to do a lube test. Simply place on some smooth metal or glass and smear it with your finger - a drop is enough here. If it feels sticky on the surface, gives you a rubber like feeling when sliding over the surface or is far less "slippery" than the fresh oil you also have a problem. I found that filling this contaminated oil into a proper container and applying a strong vacuum will remove all solvent residue in a very short time. Downside is that the oil in the pump is contaminated again, so it pays off to collect solvent contaminated oil seperately and once you got enough for several refills use the pump to get rid of the solvent. When done do another smear and smell test, if still smelly repeat if no longer smelly but still the same bad feeling on the surface: Discard as the oil might be broken down by the solvent.

Posted by Downunder35m 1 year ago

Save feature??

Is there a way to make a save feature in batch?

Asked by royalroachemail 9 months ago

Save draft? Answered

Can I save a draft of my instructable to post it later?

Asked by LeonardoS113 1 year ago

BPLED - The Energy Saving Search

BPLED - The Energy Saving Search> http://www.bpled.comSave Energy using a dark background

Posted by hoque 9 years ago

Need help saving

I need to save a program to my flash drive at school, but it won't let me save it, it says the operation has been cancelled due to effects in place by the admin. how can i save stuff?

Posted by abun1991 11 years ago

new browser editor not saving

After working in the new editor in Browser i spend about and hour working and found that nothing actually saved. i was pressing the save button very often while working. Than i mentioned it was not showing the "saving..." and "saved" logo next to it. Really frustrating. i am using chrome on osx 10.7.5  when i reloaded the page it began to save again

Posted by bastl-instruments 4 years ago

About saving lessons? Answered

Can I save these lessons tomy computer and come backlater

Asked by Barbara1951 1 year ago

saving lessons for the future ? Answered

Is it possible to save the lessons for when i will spare time later on

Asked by Instruit 1 year ago

saving instructable pages

How can i save instructables pages and keep the tags on the pictures?

Posted by rocker9455 10 years ago

Save as STL? Answered

Question:1--i can save the file open : fusion f3d /igs /sat /smt/ of step stp but i can see save as "STL" (saving... after the right click)Can you say me why ?Thanks

Asked by claudiof2 1 year ago

Attempting to save:

Had trouble saving within image notes...just got a "400 error" and an endless loop...had to go back, and lost work at this point. Also when saving question...does not had to publish without saving, without previewing???

Posted by Creativeman 9 years ago

Heeelp! Can't find saved instructable I was writing

I've started an I'ble and saved it but can't find it anywhere... Thanks!

Posted by perec3 1 year ago

Saved instructable projects? Answered

I saved an instructable project and exited.  Now, I cannot find it.  What do I do?

Asked by Goalie1 8 years ago

Editor not saving step when reordering

In the editor, for an instructable, a step that would otherwise be automatically saved is NOT when you click 'Reorder steps.' all progress on that step since the last save is lost. 

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 6 years ago

Can't Save my Instructable!

Hey all! I'm having a problem saving my Instructable, every time I save or it autosaves, it gives me an error like the one in the screenshot attached. It's only started giving that error recently, before which it was saving fine. I'd really appreciate some help! I'm using Google Chrome Version 45.0.2454.101 m on Windows 10 Thanks!

Posted by Satyavrat 2 years ago

How do you delete the open and save file history in windows?

 Each time you save a file, its saved in widows. When you look to open a file you can bring up a list of recently saved files. How do you delete the history of these saved files? Any help is greatly appreciated

Asked by 8 years ago

OPINION: White macbook upgraded ram or Uni-body Macbook. Answered

I am almost 15....i have 700$ and am saving for a Macbook. I am torn between the 999$ White and the 1299$ Aluminum... The specs are almost identical now that apple has upgraded the white ones and i am pushing toward the white. What upgrades do you recommend if i got the white macbook? Here are the specs: White( Aluminum( help and be nice

Asked by dane480 9 years ago

can't save to favorites?

I get error message 400 when I try to save to favorites.  Is this something we can't do?

Asked by sdartnut 7 years ago

Why doesnt my steps save?

Okay, so I've been trying to complete this instructable but everytime I try to click "save and preview", it keeps going back to the "edit" and doesen't save the step. Even though I've also put a title to the step it still says "This is a required field". What should I do?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 10 years ago


I can not save mi texts in "step by step"  

Posted by gonzalorojoaguirre 6 years ago


How do you save a design for later editing?Importing back the .stl file makes the design uneditable (clicking on the group letters and then choose 1 letter for example)...

Asked by StevenN63 1 year ago

what is the energy saving in LED street-lightings compared to HSVP/ HID ???

Compared to old lamps, energy savings , maintenance costs,,,etc

Asked by sunsolaristech 7 years ago

How to create a basic save/open file dialog in Visual C#?

I am creating a simple Sticky Notes application that will open/read/save text files (in a *.sticky) extention. I was able to code the entire application, except for the save, save as, and open commands. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

Asked by Pettrocity 6 years ago

If label hangs off edge of image, save button doesn't work

In the new editor if you have a situation like the attached image where you create a label near the edge of the screen, when you click save it thinks you have clicked outside the image and moves to the next image instead of saving. The workaround is to save it further to the left and then drag it into position. Windows 8.1 update, Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m

Posted by Microbe 4 years ago

Why won't the instructable editor save my image notes?

 It says "saving" and the little symbol keeps spinning but it never finishes.

Asked by Mark Rehorst 7 years ago

Is there a "favorites" or way to save projects?

I may be a moron, but I can't figure a way to mark posts that I'd like to save for later. Is that capability part of the site yet? Thanks

Posted by lokipie 11 years ago