How can I scare birds away from my tomatoes when I am not on guard.? It can not cost much.

Please give well reasoned answers.

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Motion activated scarecrow???

Hi Everyone! So, I'm already thinking of a new project my students should do for next year.  We have a garden at our school that wild animals love to frequent, so I'm thinking of a motion activated solar powered scarecrow...anyone have any tips for a robotics newbie???  thank you! patti :)

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how do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent?

How do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent? Thank you in adavance for anyones help. I am constantly cleaning outside.

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How can I make a motion detector sprinkler ? Answered

I need something like the scarecrow motion detector sprinkler. Had one work great for the elk, but it is worn out. At $60.00 I can not afford them.

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Marshmellow guns

Hey, im new to instructables blah blah blah......yeh iv recently made a marshmellow gun but am really unsatisfied by the firing mechanism...blowing through a pipe is rather i was wondering if anyone could put an instructable on how to make a trigger mechanism or something which could extend its range, accuracy and velocity.....

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Bird scarer - with noise

I'm looking for any ways of building a repurposed material bird scarer. Not a visual scare (scarecrow, CDs/foil, silhouette) but something that makes a bit of noise. I know a keen allotment owner who has purchased an air gun to shot into the air and scare parakeets ! He would hate to actually hurt a bird - and I feel there has to be a better way. Rattles - tape recorders that can be set outside, wind powered stuff ? Anything that might stop my friend eventually hurting himself (I'm also concerned about the effect air gun pellets could have on the soil). Thanks for any suggestions. Victoria J

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Motion detection sprinkler

So my neighbours cat uses my garden - my vegetable patches to be exact - as a toilet. I know there are many many people out there just like me who are sick of it. I happen to like cats, used to have one myself, but i dont like them crapping in my garden. I've tried everything. Nothing works. But they dont like water and having soaked the cat at 4am with the hose a month ago i got a few weeks of bliss being left alone, until just last night when it decided to try again. I can't wait up for it all the time. So I want to make a motion detection sprinkler. Cheap as I can. I could buy one ready made like the Contech ScareCrow but it's £50. I figure it can't be that hard, I have several hozelock sprinklers in the garage that I dont use. If I could buy a cheap infrared motion detector and some kind of actuator? Maybe I could rig it up to the hose and sprinkler, but not sure exactly how to do this. Hoping someone here can suggest how to proceed?

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Looking for simple Halloween costume ideas

(this was a Question over in "Answers," but Frollard brilliantly suggested that it would be better as a discussion here)There's a Halloween party next month for residents of my housing complex, which is for elderly and disabled people (I have disabling health problems (although not life-threatening or anything, in case you were going to worry)), and we've all been asked to dress up somehow. My problem is that I don't really fit in all that well here, and so neither do my costume ideas. Most of the residents are very normal, ordinary sort of people, except for those whose disabilities affect their cognitive or emotional functions; and those who were normal and ordinary back in Korea or Ukraine, but are still struggling with US language and culture.Most of my costume ideas (a Fruity Oaty Bar? ....Lady MacBeth? ...Marvin, the Paranoid Android? ...a Brownie from British folk mythology, to tie in with chocolate brownies from the oven to bring for the treats table?) are based on one semi-obscure cultural reference or another. I try hard (if not always successfully :) not to come off to my neighbors as some self-styled superior know-it-all, and I don't want to torpedo myself by showing up to the party dressed as The Solar System, complete with Halley's Comet in a holster on my Kuiper Belt.*(*although if I could figure out how to pull it off (for some other party), wouldn't that be just absolutely cooler than cool??? :)So I need an ordinary, normal, as-generic-as-possible costume idea. Cheap, easy, not so cumbersome as being a ghost with an old white sheet with eye-holes cut out, and not so close to unpleasant realities as The Grim Reaper (any number of our 80- & 90-year-olds already might as well avoid buying green bananas.) Right now I'm thinking about a bat with wings made from an old black umbrella, or else a scarecrow-cum-gardener (since lots of people know me through my working in our Community Garden).

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