SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in Illinois we have a snow day. district 300. what about you?

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Snow maker

Awsome site! Hi everyone I'm new here.... I had hoped to fine some info on a homemade snow machine/maker. Any ideas? Thanks B

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World's Largest Snow Sculpture

Living in the bay area in California, I have access to now in Lake Tahoe, but we get no fluffy stuff to look out at in the morning. I love being able to wear light jackets in January, but sometimes I miss getting all bundled up and sledding or making Easter Island style snowguys on the front yard.So seeing this massive snow sculpture from China makes me want to just hit the slopes for a few weeks. Workers sculpt "Romantic Feelings", which will debut at the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province, China, on Dec 17. "Romantic Feelings", measuring approximately 115 feet high and 656 feet long, is designed to be the world's largest snow sculpture. The 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo starts on Dec. 20 at the city's Sun Island Scenic Area. (Getty Images/China Photos) ilnk with more picsvia Neatorama

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How can you make fake snow to play with inside the house?

A school teacher make her students snow that they playted with inside the class room when it was 90+ degrees outside for snow day

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how to repair cigarette burns in carpet?

I burnt my carpet and need instruction as to how to repair it.

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battery powered water bottle

Hello,  I'm interested in possibly modifying a water bottle with an attached battery and some heat coils, so that it could slowly melt snow in to drinkable water.  When I hike during the summer I carry little water because I'm refilling from streams regularly, and I'd like to do the same thing during the winter.  I don't normally build things on my own, but in this case I can't find any product like this.  I recognize that doing this requires quite a bit of power, so I'm not sure if it will end up being feasible or not.  I'm willing to carry quite a few batteries, however.  For a big mountain ascent, it's not uncommon to carry 4-5 liters of water, so we're talking about 10 lbs of water.  So even if I had to swap out batteries a few times, it would still be worth it to do that.  Any thoughts on the feasibility of this idea, and if so, how to proceed with it?  thanks, Chris

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Need help making a snow machine- Can I make it snow at 50-60 degrees F???

Hi. I've been thinking about making a snow machine ever since I saw a report on that 10 year old kid who built a snow machine (Although if you're smart, you'd know his grandfather had built it)Anyway, I thought I could make one, since I have the two main ingredients: A Pressure Washer and an air compressor.I haven't researched that much yet, but this is my main lead for now.Anyway, I would like to ask you people a few questions:Although I just found some info on this, how exactly does snowmaking work? My main question is if I need cold water. I just read that because the water moves so fast, it loses some of it's heat, but I don't think that would make it cold enough to create snow. I suppose I should use cooled water, like from a refrigerator.Can I create snow at 50-60 degrees Farenheit? If I could, would it at least last about half an hour?I appreciate any and all info you can give on the subjet. 'Any and all

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Moulding from an ice or snow original

I'd like to be able to make a mould from an original shape in snow or ice. Any ideas ?

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First Snow Of The Season!

Yaay! Snowww!! What does your snowy area look like?

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It's Snowing In the Spring?!

WTF?! It's snowing like CRAZY right now. IN THE SPRING?! It was warm yesterday! Global warming for ya.

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how to make my snow sled go faster

I need ideas to make my sled faster

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Amazing Snow Sculptures

Over in Japan, the 60th annual Sapporo Snow Festival is going on and there are some awesome sculptures in it. My sister-in-law is from there and told me stories of this happening, but I haven't seen photos from it until now. Link

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snow stamp

Hi all. so I've got this idea, snow stamp, the stamp could be anything, like some figure or text or even an advertise, for small one's sugru would be the way to go,  biger's may be laser cuted or something, use your imageination. It would me fun to make snow stamps on your shooes with some text, like joke or poem. I hope you like my idea. If you decide to make one please share your snow stamp pics here.

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Is it hard to make snow?

I've seen stuff around google. but, never trust the internet very much as like mythbusters last episode, it can lie. guy using a nossle like that, with compress air and a garden hose, claims with temps under 30F, and misty-compressed water, you can do this: this real, and the main question, Is this ahrd to make, and How do you...

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How could you build a snoasis?

Everybody's probably seen the groasis which will let you grow trees in the desert.  But I wonder if there's a way to make a version that will help a plant survive winters where it snows. backstory: I want to grow a tree that isn't suitable for the winters here. I had a nice tropical tree which I grew from seed in a pot, but it got so big indoors and clearly wanted to go outside that I planted it outside as a reward for being awesome. However, when winter came, I decided to protect it by giving it a blanket and some insulation around its core at the bottom of the trunk. Unfortunately this only caused mold to collect around the base and killed the tree. So... ever since I have idly wondered if there's a way to fashion some sort of insulating box at the ground level, kind of like the groasis that would let it survive a freeze in the winter.

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What's the best way to shovel snow?

I want to make sure I'm not ruining my back, which I usually feel like I am.

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Snow in Iraq, a sign?

Today in Baghdad, Iraq it snowed for the first time in 100 years... some sorta sign?

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Cheap External Mix Snow Machine

*EDIT* IT WORKS!!! Hi everyone, this is a simple DIY snow machine. It utilizes external mixing which not only increases the production but also eliminates the risk of water backing down the air line and vise versa. I will not be making an instructable but possibly a video displaying its qualities. It only needs an air compressor with the standard quick connect end and a regular garden hose. It works and I may be selling a few on ebay for ~$75 each and will include a professional looking instruction manual. This produces a very large mist and i have yet to measure its snow making capabilities. I expect it to make about 2" per hour over a 200 square foot area. Please comment and rate!!

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Snow in a box?

I'm trying to figure out a way to make snow in a box. I want the person opening the box to be surprised at fake snow shooting into the air after opening it. Any help is appreciated.Sn

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Ten year old boy builds a snow machine!

"WEST LINN, Ore. - Talk about ingenuity - a 10-year-old boy built his own snow machine and filled his backyard with enough snow to make it look like a blizzard had blown through."Read More...3 feet of snow in one night!

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how do i make snow more packable? Answered

I am making an igloo out of snow and i have tuberware as my mold, however then snow is to hard and is frozen in clumps. Is there a way to fix this?

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What are some other uses for spray-on snow?

I have a couple of cans of spray-on snow that I got for my birthday..but i'm not a huge fan of the fake snow in windows or on wreaths/trees. Any other crafty suggestions for this stuff?

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How can I melt a lot of snow quickly? Answered

At work, I've got a mound of snow piled up about eight feet high and it's right over a staff member's parking spot.  The sun is helping to melt it and I began to shovel a little bit out each day, but I was wondering if there were any other handy tricks to melt it quickly. I can't use fire and I don't have enough salt. Any ideas?

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How can I collect and melt large amounts snow for drinking water? (solar, not fuel based)?

I live in the woods in central Massachusetts.  I collect rainwater during the warmer months, filtering it for drinking water.  I'm looking for a fairly convenient, low effort way to melt snow using the sun.

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how to convery a self propelled lawn mower into a snow pusher, with blade? how wide balde, how to lift blade

You have a lawn mower for summer. You remove the grass blade, you create a snow plow blade and a frame to attach it temporarily to the lawn mower, then use the lawn mower as the source of power to blad snow off driveway, walks, side walks etc. Concern would be at what point would  belts begin to slip, or get jammed up. Don't know id anyone has tried it.

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Snow Day Homework!

Three out of four of Kitefamily have got a snow day! Only Roger-X has had to go to school, but #2 son's teacher set him homework! He had to build a snowman and take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery to pile high, so he scraped and swept the snow together to make a picture of a snow man. He got a little carried away, though - I had to stand on a chair to fit it all into the photo.

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Homemade Snow Maker

This is my homemade snow maker. I came up with the design and built it completely on my own and it works fantastic. This video is how much snow it made in about a minute at marginal snowmaking temperatures. Tell me what you think and rate 5!

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Snow flake photos Any information on micro photos of snow flakes?

 Snow flake Photography I am looking for an inexpensive method to photograph snow flakes.  Possibly the combination of digicam and microscope could work.  System will need a dark back ground, illumination from above, magnification, and functionality at below freezing temperatures  I have seen some set ups but the parts alone cost in the hundreds. Any thoughts or experience good or bad would be appreciated.. 

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Snow Bike

Im in the process of making a snow bike/ski bike whatever you want to call it and im using a snowboard but i was just wondering if a plastic one would work just as well? if not could i use an old skateboard? i dont have any skis to use so i have to improvise

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Contest Idea

I was thinking that we should make a snow fort contest.  What do you guys think?

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Hey, so I made a snow penguin thingy for the knexflux snowman contest ^.^ You can find instructions here:

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i want to bulid a low cost potable mounted snow plow truck deicer .

I want to build a low cost snow plow deicer for my truck i have a slat spreader but when carrying salt in a 8 ' bed there not much room i want to have one i can spray the walk ways and steps where i cannot get with salt or to speed up the salt

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Is it already snowing in your town?

So I was wondering if it had already snowed in your town and if so how much? I live in Belgium, Limburg, Bilzen and our whole country is getting huge snowfall like I have only seen once in my short 20 year life. At home we have about 10 cm of snow lying and more is still falling out of the sky... Heathrow in the UK has apperantly shut down and many UK people are stuck in our airports (Zaventem, etc) now and problems with transportation are rising in my country and neighbouring ones. So how's the situation with you guys? Enclosed a picture of my backyard at around 2 in the afternoon.

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Say Hello to my not-so-little Friend!

Courtesy of the MAKE projects blog, one excessively large (a full eight inches in diameter) and excessively violent "snow" globe.

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How is everyone who lives in the path of the snow storm doing?  I hope everyone's okay.  We're in Oklahoma and the worst is over.  We've been having jammies/movie marathons laughing ourselves silly.  I think tomorrow might be warm enough for some snowman building.   Make soup, stay warm, be safe!

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i live next to a steep hill covered in 3 inches of snow.any ideas of wat to do? Answered

I'va already been sledging, and i thrown younger siblings down it.

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how do you repair an Ez-47 electro lift plow unit? Answered

Plow reise's sometimes and will not swile right nor left, other time just the opposite

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Snowpocalypse! Share your stories and pictures!

Have you been buried by the American snowpocalypse? (Or is it snowmageddon?) We Brits thought we had it tough recently, but thirty-eight inches?  That's almost a metre! There are quite a few pictures (more pictures) and stories on the BBC, even another Washington snowball fight (no guns, this time). What about iblers, though?  Can you get to your workshops?

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Show Me Your Christmas Snow

I thought it would be fun to see everyone's pictures of their white Christmas.  We have been in a drought so the snow is very much welcomed.  It only snows a few inches a year here and usually melts the next day.  I think this snow is going to stick around for a couple of days.  If you don't have snow pictures to share, post a picture of Christmas lights or a video. I found this link with thousands of lights. .Keep warm and have a splendorous day!  Sunshiine

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Problem on creating new account with Safari (snow leopard)

I can't register using Safari Browser on Snow Leopard. It redirect me on the homepage once I click the register button. So I used Firefox instead.

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How to get energy from falling snow? Answered

From my research I've noticed that the only way people harvest energy from snow is through hydroelectric dams.   Are there any other viable options? Some ideas I've thought of: -Spinners facing the sky that spin when weight falls on them -artificial tree branches that hold a certain amount of snow and then get energy from the snap back. Could this apply to falling leaves?

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What do you want to see in OS X Snow Leopard?

Please share your predictions for the upcoming mac Operating System

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When snow melts, does the purest water melt first?

I am intersted in purifying water through freezing. I know when you make ice cubes, the white cloudy stuff/minerals/solids gets frozen in the center and therefore is the last thing to thaw out back to liquid. I was wondering if that would be about what snow would do, or would it have to be a solid block of ice for that to work? I don't have a dissolved solids meter or I would test it myself. I'm pretty sure snow is fairly pure to start with, but I could be mistaken. It does have a taste to it. What is that taste?

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which position should I put with used and new winter tires? Answered

I've bought 2 new snow tires, the same model than the old ones. Should I put them both in front or in the back? I've got a Nissan Sentra 2004 (so, FF)

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Its my 16th birthday! And it just snowed yesterday! (born in december, lived 15.5 years in Minnesota, guess what season I love!) And now because new mexicans are pussies they delayed school 2 hours. So I had time to fix my brakes on my bike (being 16 isn't all that exciting if you don't have a license), check out instructables and post this topic! (Its 8:37am). I love biking in snow! Today is a happy day! So, what are you getting me for my birthday? Hey robot, guess who is on my cake! (maybe I should post an instructable..)

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how do you make a ski jump ?

Can somebody give me an instructable or video on how to make an awesome ski jump????

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An Idea for a future contest? (Updated)

Come the season, how about a snowman contest?Good entries should include construction techniques, but should also show some skill, imagination, humour and possibly topicality.Source of the ideaActually, why not make it a native materials sculpting contest?Such in Grizedale Park Sculpture Trail

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Snowboard Shelf... Any ideas?

Hey guys! I searched for something like this, but got no hits. I have an old snowboard in the basement that isn't even worth selling. I'd love to do something with it, but I'm not too crafty. Can anyone direct me to, or create, an instructable on how to make a shelf out of a snowboard? I think it would be tacky in a pretty cool way. Thanks a lot.

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how do you make snow cone flavors syrup?


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Help wanted in the UK: Dealing with SNOW

Hello there all, As you might be aware, us here in the UK are having a fair amount of snow, which as you might also be aware, causes our country to slowly collapse... Since those of you who live in Canada and northern states of the USA are quite a bit more used to the snow, I wondered if the collective genius of Instructables could give us some tips on dealing with snow... Things which'd be interesting to know about: -Footwear -Driving -Clothing -Shovelling I think you get the picture. Cheers!

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