Any one can give me a free raspberry pi ?

Can any one please give me a raspberry pi or any other fruit board ? I want to learn programing and I will happy if any one give me

Posted by Soumojit 1 year ago

Oreo? Answered

Are oreo's double stuffed oreos really double stuffed?

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 7 years ago

How can I make stuffing?

Hello! I love to do amigurumi, but I've noticed that stuffing is very expensive. I'm looking for new way to stuff my amigurumi. I've already had used: stuffing soft polyester fibre mattress and pillow wool absorbent cotton balls of old wool (almost run out of these :D) Any other ideas? I'm looking for a way to make stuffing out of rags. Thanks :)

Asked by MicioGatta 7 years ago

How do you make realistic stuffed animal patterns?

I enjoy sewing but I can figure out a way to make more real-like stuffed animals. I mainly like to sew "mythical creatures" such as dragons, birds ect. I am having difficulty in designing a pattren to make stuffed animals.

Asked by SewWhat!! 8 years ago

no-sew stuffed animals? Answered

I cant sew or knit (i dont even have the stuff for it, or any money to buy things like that) and i am in need of a no-sew stuffed animal.

Asked by 142687 8 years ago

How do I put some knid of sound into a stuffed animal??? Answered

I want to make some Taun-Taun stuffed animals for my kids...I dont know how to put sound into the stuffed animal...Is there a program or circuit I can build to get the Taun-Taun sound on a circiut & then put it into the stuffed animal??? Is there any thing lying around my house I could use???

Asked by bigmark 5 years ago

Cheap, sustainable or recycled stuffing

Hi all, I'm part of a project where we're making soft sculptures to cover a tree trunk. It's for a sustainable festival, so we have to be mindful of re-using and recycling in our artwork. The problem we're having is with stuffing. It's only a temporary artwork for 5 hours so I'm not too concerned with waterproofing, but trying to make the sculptures look good when stuffed with shredded newspaper, plastic bags or chopped up old clothes is difficult. I'd really appreciate any ideas you can suggest! Thanks.

Posted by jarris 6 years ago

How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (, but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy

Asked by NunchakuMan 6 years ago

Do I need to secure the stuffing in adoll that I am going to felt?

My instructions are sketchy. Can I use any non-wool thread?Should I baste the kniited material to the stuffing inside or do I need to go through the legs, arms, hedd,etc? This is my first felting project. I appreciate any suggestions? Thanks?

Asked by 8 years ago

I would love a recipe for the spinach feta stuffed pretzels, wow they are so good :)? Answered

I would love a recipe for  the spinach feta stuffed pretzels, wow they are so good  :)?

Asked by iamaqtpoo 8 years ago

how to taxidermy a reptile? (bearded dragon)?

I have a frozen bearded dragon that I would like to take a try at mounting/stuffing/taxidermying/drying. It has been in the freezer for almost a year.

Asked by 8 years ago

How to enlarge a pattern???

I have a pattern of a stuffed penguin that I want to make larger but I dont want to take it to kinko or staples. My printer will not let me make it any larger, How can I do this?

Asked by anmlovr 8 years ago

Plushie: CAD program for Stuffed toys and Inflatables

This is an awesome tool for designing teddy bears, stuffed animals, and big inflatable items with complicated shapes. It's called Plushie, and it looks incredibly easy to use. It's kind of like Sketchup, but for blobs of stuff. You just start drawing in 2D, and it makes smart guesses at the volume that you're trying to create. Once you're done, it generates the pattern for you that you need to cut out. Here's their cool video: It's a Java-based Windows app. Someone should definitely make something with this!(I found this via the We Make Money not Art.)

Posted by nagutron 10 years ago

Some hints at making stuffed animals and casting resin

I posted a web album that goes through some of the process designing a plush animal and adding resin parts to it. It isn't super though rough, but might be helpful to some. Feel free to ask questions!Mr. Blue's Web Album

Posted by goosezilla 9 years ago

Why do some people have bellybuttons that are apparently stuffed with skin, while some people have bellybuttons that are, for the most part, hollow?

This is a question that has been on my mind for around three years. I have a hollow bellybutton, but when I go swimming with my friends I notice that some of them have bellybuttons that appear to be stuffed with skin and are not at the least bit hollow. Why is that? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Camisado 8 years ago

Want to put 12 different voice instructions into a stuffed lamb. Button pressed; voice begins. Where is this technology?

LambieAnn is a lamb who sees lambs skating on TV and wants to learn to skate. She is the main character in a children's book. I would like to put a voice into her stuffed animal character. When the button would be pressed, it would activate her voice. She would give educational cues that would help all skaters become better i.e keep your head up. There would be a few fun comments too. I would like to know where I can find this technology so the button can be put into the lamb's ear or belly when the stuffed animal is manufacturered.

Asked by 8 years ago

help with stuffing my pheasant help help!!!!!!!!!!feg?

Hi i have a pheasant i am trying (my 1st attempt)to stuff,i have folloed the instructions on here,but i think i have done it wrong,1st,i had it covered with rock salt for two weeks,then i have put a huge amount of borax in it for two days now,is this ok?or have i blunndered?please H E L P,feg

Asked by feg 9 years ago

Who said the British were "stuffed shirts" ?

This starts a little slow, but wait for it....(I thought it was funny anyways...)

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

I need all the pictures of the Instructables Robot.

I'm hoping to make a stuffed equivalent of Robot so I need lots of reference pictures. Have to get the shape right. I know there are forum topics, and I've found most of those, but where else has he shown up? :D I'm also wanting to make some stuffed versions of the Little Big Planet characters, so if you have any pictures of that feel free to post them as well. ;)

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

Build It: Wanky The Safety Cat

Http:// is on the front page of diggHow to make a stuffed animal turn and brake signal for your carShould I make this an instructable

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

what kind of gift can i give to my girlfriend the first month we've been together?

What kind of details can i give her

Asked by 9 years ago

domo kun costume

I got the urge today to be domo kun for halloween.. but I couldn't find any good Ideas... anyone wanna make a domo suit?

Posted by jakee117 9 years ago

Mimiga Doll?

Hey, I am addicted to the game Cave Story and I would really like a stuffed version of one of the characters. I suck at sewing, and any help on how I should do this would be awesome. Thanks!

Posted by crazyJ113 5 years ago

What gives with the FEATURED column?

It's coming up with stuff that's 3 or more years ago! Like this one from 2006!Are the new ideas so bad that they're stuffing old (and tired) 'ibles in there now?

Posted by sign-up 9 years ago

Why is the technology section of Instructables full of jowayoa-ju1818 postings?

My Instructables listings for Technology is stuffed full of non technology postings from jowayoa-ju1818 which appear to be non Tech and are listed as Art or Audio? Any thoughts?

Posted by acboother 3 years ago

smart card reader keyboard use ? Answered

Hello, does anyone know how to connect this stuf or what can i do with it ? is there a way to use the card reader via serial/usb adapter ? i don't have a PS2 connector thanks

Asked by rastactivist 4 years ago

how to make an an ewok doll craft ?

I need t make a ewok for my baby sister and i dont know how the only materials i have is 2 sheets of felt,pillow stuffing,a piece of white paper,some fabric paint and a sowing kit

Asked by ashmane 9 years ago

Instructables Cleanup or bug going around?

I just noticed the forum sections now start with topcis that are up to 8 years old. Is there a massive cleanup going on or is something stuffed up? I just hope it is not just my end of the line again....

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago


This is a forum for those who want to rant about dishes they were forced to eat, dishes they liked, funny experiences, and that terrible migraine you have from stuffing yourself (I thought you were only supposed to stuff turkey?) Enjoy!

Posted by Constructo Man 10 years ago

Blowgun Darts

I made a blowgun, and stuffed some tissue paper, then some rocks, and then some more tissue paper to make a kind of shotgun when blown. However, air kept leaking through, and I was wondering if there was any way to make a shotgun paper dart.

Posted by Batryn 9 years ago

email of 'structables unreadable

I used to like to get the emails of projects.  but for at least 8 months, and even worse now, they are basically unreadable in a piss-poor formatting style.  At least on Apple Mail client.  Stuffed spaced WAY out/apart. Its a miserable experience.  About to just spam filter it now.  its useless.

Posted by anode505 3 years ago

World's Largest Pinata

This record-setting pinata in Philly is huuuge! 94 feet long, 24 feet wide, 60 feet high, and stuffed with 8,000 pounds of candy. Who was the lucky guy to open it? The wrecking ball operator contractor who disemboweled it after plans for a wrecking ball didn't happen. Link via neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Mechanics, electronics, robotics or what?

I recently have become fascinated with what makes these moving stuffed toys work; like the Elmos and dogs that wag and walk, etc. I have my own stuffed creatures that I make and have an interest in animating them. But I don't know how to look up a book to start to teach myself. Are this toys considered mechanically powered, or electronically or what? Just what kind of motors are in them? Can I buy these motors? Would it be easy to adapt them to whatever types of movement I would want (according to the critter I was putting it in)? I don't think they would be considered robots; they're much too simple for that. Although I might consider doing something like that in the far off future. But I want to do something simple first; so what can someone recommend book-wise for me to teach myself the workings of these toys?

Posted by biirrd 10 years ago

what can you use for a bike engine cheaply or stuff that is laying around the house?

I would like to attach a engine to my bike so i dont half to pettal as much but still have the option to i wont to go fast and it go fast and strong and a gas engine so can someone help me

Asked by tylerlund381 6 years ago

make your own amigurumi-the most addictive DIY.

Amigurumi(100%handmade knitted stuffed toys) is easy for the beginner. once you know the basic skills, you can make your own amigurumi according to the pattern. After enough practice, you can creat it without other peoples' pattern. At that time, you are a master.

Posted by lmmamigurumi 7 years ago

What to do with a giant teddy bear??

Today at a thrift store I scored a giant 3 foot teddy bear for 4 bucks. I want to do something fun with it, my first idea is to take out the stuffing, extend the legs, and make it into a costume, since bear suits run really expensive. Any other ideas or further thought?

Asked by masterbuilder 6 years ago

Could I stiffen a pvc pipe by putting a foam piece down the center of it. Foam would probably be just bigger than ID. Answered

I plan on making this tripod telescoping so I will have multiple sizes of pvc, and will need a stiff piece of either round foam, or square foam that is pliable enough at the corners to be stuffed into a tube.

Asked by elnino2783 9 years ago

Animating a stuffed toy.

I'm brand new to this site and hope some one can help me. I am making a fabric covered starfish that will be stuffed with a polyester fiberfill. I am wanting to animate it in that I wish the arms to move in some manner. I'm not fussy about what direction or even how much; I just want it to have the appearance of being alive. I also want to have two small lights for eyes; if they could blink, that would be cool, but if not that's fine also. I don't know a thing about what I need and live in a small town, so my resources here are little if none. Hobby store websites have been no help. I just need someone to give me some ideas of what I need and how to run wires or whatever into the arms to make them move. Of course, I'm looking for this to be battery operated. Something I can turn on and walk away from. I can adjust the size of the starfish to accomodate the equipment I need, but don't want it to be too big. I guess I want it to be as compact as possible. I saw the wonderful hand that someone built and it said that it could be done using servos(which I have no clue what they are), but that sure got my interest as the fingers moved much like I would like the arms of the starfish to move. So can someone give me some suggestions or head my in the right direction? Thanks so much!

Posted by biirrd 10 years ago

Halloween Sincerity

Just in case anyone was wondering, I knew you didn't doubt it, we have photographic evidence of Eric signing the Halloween postcards! It took an army of halloween elves to keep up with the envelope stuffing as Eric signed a postcard roughly every 8 seconds, yes, I timed him. No I do not know how he accomplished that act of super human speed. 

Posted by Culturespy 7 years ago

Barefoot Waterskiing, Mini S'Mores Grill, Burger Recipes

  Barefoot Waterskiing Mini S'mores Grill Burger Recipes Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries Tetris Ice Cubes PVC Sprinkler Toy Cooking From Scratch DIY Barbecue Sauce Memorial Day How to Fish USB Flag Memorial Backyard Theatre Fly a Kite Grilled Eggplant Parmesan Build a Water Mortar  

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Bad for the speaker?

I stole some poly fill/insulation shit out of a old pair of speakers that are waiting for some new drivers and I stuffed it in my subwoofer box. It doesn't sound like it's going to explode as much as it did before (it's a rather "rickety" box). But I did some googleing and it can overpower a speaker or something? I won't hurt my sub will I? -Punk

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago