Goat Tower

Want to raise goats, but are short on real estate? That's ok, build a tower!David Johnson built his own tower out of 5,000 handmade bricks, each one a different size and shape! "The goats love it, and the people driving by can't believe it."There are currently only three goat towers in the world. We hope to see the fourth one posted here! (hint hint)VIA: boingboing

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Knex Tower

Hey I'm making yet another maybe medium sized tower about 4-4.5 feet and I was wondering is it best to have to two tower or one and should they be about the same size?

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knex ball tower? Answered

Can you use for the knex big air ball tower lift different balls than frome that set?

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Ok here is the idea, I have a main tower, plus a dozen or so old ones.  I wsa wondering if it is possible to some how link 2 motherboards so that one acts as a slave for the other.     First thought was that it may be as simple as running a cable from the ide ports.  That may be totally off but that is where I got the idea.    Target goals of theory 1. Additional disk drives- this would allow you to use additional HDD in the other case this was my primary objective. 2. Might the additional processor be able to split the tasks of the computer as a whole? In theory would it then be ran as 2 seperate computers or as one whole with dual processors (does such a thing exist?) 3. extra usb space. 4. additional vga outputs- I have 5 screens right now using the onboard, a dual port pci-e and a pci vid card plus a usb adapter one.  rather clusterry.  I have a additional screen but no card space for it.  I intend to eventually be able to use each independantly or as one large 2x3 screen for watching movies, but that in itself is not as of yet crucial to the theory. So can it be done buy this method or for that matter any method? If so how would I even start? I thank all those much wiser on this that I in advance

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eiffel tower model?

I need to make a model of the eiffel tower. i prefer to make it out of: #1-cardboard and duct tape #2-paper and duct tape #3-knex i could also use other forms of connection other than duct tape. could you post a link or make one your self and post an instructable? (i will be working on it too)

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what is a mini-tower?

What is the main difference between full,mid-tower and mini-tower cases in diagrams and how many slots do they have

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Corwin's birthday in the tower

We celebrated Corwin's birthday in the tower at Squid Labs yesterday, and, while up there, fixed up the flag poles and hung a pirate flag. I think it's admirable that we had at least 3 months of a "professional" looking fascade before our true colors bled through. Or, maybe it was just laziness...More pictures here.

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Table migration at the Tower

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to witness a massive table migration near Squid labs. I would like to share with you some photos (View them at high-res for the full effect) of the event, and a few bits of information about this majestic animal.The March of the TablesMuch mystery surrounds the annual table migration around the bay area. The Wikipedia article has limited information, saying only " The table herd has previously been spotted at fisherman's wharf, the Google campus, and partying at various gay clubs in the city". The herd that passed near Squid was about 200 large, and composed of multiple table family units. Occasionally some drunk Alameda College students would come out to the runway at night for some "table tipping", but other then that the tables are usually left to themselves.

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Build a tower that holds a load 150N using a minimum number of raw spaghetti. how tp amek it?

 can any one help me  to make this tower as i   am unknown abt it   we have to   make according to this basis:- • The base of the tower must fit within a 10cm x 10cm square, on a flat, level surface. • The top of the tower should be 5cm x 5cm this is to place the load. • The tower height should not exceed a maximum of 15 cm. • The weight of the tower must not be more than 35 g • All sides of the tower must be the same.

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LEGO Tower Is Impessive, Yet Boring

So up in Toronto they built a 29.3 meter tall tower of LEGO. It's a new world record. Some "master builders" were overseeing it. There are images of flags on the side.But still, it's just a tower of LEGO. Doesn't really inspire me, but maybe you guys think differently. Am I missing something? Full story

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Students build 33 foot tall cardboard tower

This cardboard tower built by students for an exhibition in Paris is 33 feet tall and held together only by screws. It's made up of 96 pieces of cardboard and only took 9 hours to assemble. Even better, no scaffolding was needed as the staircase around it provided all the access the students needed. Cardboard Tower via treehugger

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how to build a tower with 40 craft sticks and Elmer's glue

Must stand 10" tall, support 25 lbs, and have center of 4" diameter

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I want to move my CREATURE TOWER from ''home renovation'' to ''gardening'' Who can help. Hans Carlier ?

I want to move my CREATURE TOWER from ''home renovation'' to ''gardening'' Who can help. Hans Carlier ?

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How can I add a second hard drive to my computer?

I recently bought a computer that uses a SATA hard drive, I would like to add a second hard drive inside the tower. I have a few SATA plugs available but my issue is that it seems that there is only one slot for a hard drive. I would like to have it internal and hopefully not look like crap. Is there something I can buy or build to hold the hard drive inside the tower? I've added a picture of the top of the tower where the original hard drive is. Thanks for any assistance you can help with.

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check this out! big penny strcuture

This guy is LOADED. and bored. too much time on his hands.edit: see more at http://www.fincher.org/Misc/Pennies/Sent3b.shtmledit2: this guy was making this for charity NOT for himselfFrom Marcelo Bezos at pennypyramidproject.com.I recently built a World Record Penny Pyramid using over 289,000 pennies. I'm currently adding more coins to the pyramid in an attempt to reach the 1,000,000 penny mark by August of next year,Marcelo is raising money for a charity to raise awareness of Colorectal Cancer.

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Control Tower at the Center of a Rainbow

Check out this picture taken by seedlingproject of the Squid Labs/Instructables Control Tower at the center of a rainbow.I wonder what's at either end!

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CB Radios and Relay Towers

`A buddy and I have portable Citizen Band Radios and we were kinda wondering what cool stuff we could do with it. Also we want to try and build a simple Relay tower to be able to talk to extend the signal. How would we go about doing this?

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Who bombed the twin towers?

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What is this metal tower used for?

I'm currently using it to hold my air plants, but what is this metal tower actually supposed to be? I found it at Goodwill. It is 2' tall, black metal, and has three hooks at the top.

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Giant ship rolls on by the tower

It's just another day working at Instructables/Squid Labs when a giant wooden ship rolls past the control tower.

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k'nex ball tower guid ? Answered

I lost my guid for my k'nex ball tower i'm looking to download the guid can anybody help me?

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tesla death ray and tower?

Can any one explain me working of tesla tower for wireless electricity transfer and his magnifing transmitter  and also how tesla death ray work????

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Ball Tower Name Contest!

I will give a patch to the person who can think of the best name for this tower! After 17 months it is almost complete! It stands 6' 10" and has 8 tracks. This is my first ball tower,but my brother and I built a Ferris wheel that was about 8' 6" tall. You can suggest as many names as you want. The contest ends on June 11 at 12:00 P.M. CST.  Thanks!!!

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instructions for knex ball tower? Answered

Hi, i have all the pieces to the knex big air ball tower, but i don't have the instructions. can anyone tell me where i can download them?

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Military themed dice tower

I made this recently and will be glad to post full detailed instructions if I see that there's enough interest in it. Let me know, and when I get enough feedback I'll do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWwdL5rV_3YI had nasal surgery 1 day before I recorded the audio, so my voice sounds terrible.

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Can I transfer my ATT tower phone to work on Verizon towers?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Precedent on ebay. It's the 828C so it's supposed to work on verizon towers because it's a cdma. When I called Straight Talk to transfer my number they said that I couldn't do it because it is programmed to use Att towers. Anyway around this?

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How to climb a 1,768 foot tower

Those tall transmission towers need maintenance which means that someone has to get up there to do the work. This video shows just how that's done. Full-screen view is highly recommended.

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I haz a sad - Gorilla competiton

So I saw the Gorilla competition and it said - make a cardboard construction and enter it in our competition. So I made my construction, and went to enter it, and only then did I see that I was supposed to be making was an instructable. This may be obvious to anyone familiar with the site, but I had not entered a competition on here before, and it does not say anywhere in the rules that a series of photographs and instructions was part of the competition. So I have a very nice cat tower made from carboard tubes (which the kitties love), but only a final photograph. Sigh. I will know next time, but I think you should say that this is a competition to make an instructable, rather than just a finished object.

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Speaker on the blitz

I moved all my stereo equipment around a month ago or so. And I noticed that my speakers never sounded the same as before the move around. Today I got a little fed up with the shitty sound they had, and apon turning my balance on my mac to the left, the music sounds very tonal. It's not very bassy like my right speaker. If I turn it over to the right speaker it sounds normal, and shakes the room, but the left one does not vibrate my room worth 2 cents. I even switched the speakers around to see if it was my left channel on the amp, and it's not, it's the speaker. Anyone have any ideas why it sounds like this?? And yes, it was hooked up correctly, I did try switching the wires around, and it sounded worse, so yes it was connected correctly. These are technics twin woofer floor speakers, thought they were decent but my faith in them is very little right now. Thanks guys for anything you come up with.

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Sound tower not working - repurpose with Raspberry Pi?

My soundtower quit working. It powers on but no sound from an ipod or from component audio cables in the back.  Are the speakers themselves repurposable perhaps by removing the electronic boards and replacing with a Raspberry Pi?  If not, it's going to the dump.

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Piece List - Big Air Ball Tower? Answered

As above

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How do I wire a 6 IDE hard drive tower?

Dose anyone know how to wire up a 6 IDE hard drive tower? I need it on the cheep. I need it to ether wire up to my home computer directly or attach it to a home computer network, aka network cables & Wi-Fi. Any Ideas or all ready made instructables on this topic. What I imagen it to be a box with the 6 hard drives, power source, a fan & a cable running to a Wi -Fi or computer connection.

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Knex tower Vs. baseball bat- 2

Here is the second tower i built just to smash it in slow motion.

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DVD player from a computers dvd player? Answered

I have a dvd player from a  dismantled computer tower, is it at all possible to make convert it into a working dvd player i could hook up to a tv?

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Wind turbine placement?

I live in a rural area and we have two blue Harvestor grain silos. One has a 25 foot diameter and is 90 feet tall and the other is 4 feet from it with a 20 foot diameter and is 70 feet tall. I was wondering if it would be possible to mount a wind turbine on top of the taller one. I don't know much about turbulence though, if there would be too much? Or how high it would have to be off to clear the turbulence? This is my first try at it, I was going to try a treadmill motor, something small

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Are you brave enough to climb a transmitter tower?

How many of you are willing to climb to a transmitter tower? Are you brave enough? Watch the video and share your thoughts.

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How do you destroy your ball towers?

I might dismantle my ball tower soon. How do you guys usually destroy yours?

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Knex tower Vs. Baseball bat

Firstly, before you watch the video, its not a baseball bat. Its a metal chin-up bar :-P

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My complete ball tower showcase

Just figured I'd post the images of all my ball machines (at least the ones I HAVE images of, mind you :D)Click on the pictures to see details of them.Fun Facts:-Although Enigma was much larger than Dynamo, it took half as long to build.-On Dynamo, the part with the Flexi-Tube and Ferris Wheel was initially a Maze (or, as I call it, a Ribcage). Due to balls having trouble making it through, I decided to replace it.-On Enigma, I had initially planned it to be two 8-foot-tall towers. Unfortunately, with all the elements I wanted to put in, I had to alter my design to make them all fit.-Both of the two machines have at least two loops on them and a spiral bowl.-The red staircase in Enigma goes across the machine instead of from one tower to another one adjacent to it.-Both machines have seven path separators.EDIT: New ball machine added.Feel free to comment, and if you want to showcase any ball towers you've built, be my guest.Here are vids:

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The “9/11” World Trade Center disaster horrified Americans as they witnessed people leaping out of 100 story windows to their death. There was simply no available escape system to facilitate a safe yet quick evacuation to the ground floor. Elevators weren’t working and internal staircases were blocked by sporadic debris, black smoke and fires. The situation was virtually hopeless to the point where many chose to jump rather than be burned alive. So here we are, with technology capable of constructing 100+ story buildings but without the means for external fire-escapes. Unfortunately, the public isn’t aware that at our current level of technology we can finally address this problem with our architects. We are talking about a means to rapidly deploy a flexible escape tube-chute from 100+ stories that hangs along a guy-wire which is pre-attached to our escape floor and anchored to the ground (Fig-1). This tube-chute escape system will deliver a person from 100-stories down to ground level and safely outside the building in under 10-minutes. Prior to deployment, the entire system is housed inside a container that is either attached to the outside of the building or built into a structured wall, opening to the outside at various floor levels. When in deployment, the inlet of the flexible escape tube will be anchored to the outside wall of a designated escape window and contain an inner diameter sufficiently sized to accommodate an individual. The tube’s exit end is tethered to a rope-wire that runs down our permanently located guy-wire, through a series of guy-wire slip-rings, and quickly pulls the tube's exit end to ground. The rope-wire is permanently attached to a winch-motor located on the ground. During deployment, the winch pulls the tube’s rope-wire down to ground level by slipping along the guy-wire rings. As the tube-chute deploys downward, it automatically forms a spiral about the guy-wire, creating a very long escape slide that gets anchored to the ground. A fully deployed tube-chute exhibits three basic attachments for stability: 1) a set of flexible slip-rings and tethers attached between the permanent guy-wire and tube to form its downward spiral, 2) a tube-chute inlet anchored to the outside of the building at various floor levels, and 3) a tube-chute exit anchored to the ground and providing a fully deployed and reliable escape system ready for use. As each person enters the tube-chute, they are only aware of the outside winds which buffet the tube plus the internally hanging cloth fingers used to slow their descent as they slide down to safety. They are not aware of any height and feel relatively secure due to their complete envelopment by both the tube and its touching fingers.  A 100-story descent would take about 6-to-10-minutes to reach the outside safety of ground while travelling at a speed of roughly 5-fps (3.5 MPH) as regulated by the spiral-ramp and internal cloth-fingers retarding gravity.   Technical  Details: The tube-chute is reinforced by a sewn-in spiral wire that gives it strength and flexibility. Its tube is made of heavy duty nylon, much like the large yet light air-hoses used on many high stress applications today. The tube cork-screws its way down and around a permanently deployed guy-wire that stretches from the designated floor of the building to the ground. The tube is sized for a person to enter and slide down the spiraling pathway until he reaches ground level. Gravity will act to propel the sliding individual down the tube. To counter gravity, we rely on the tube’s spiraling design to produce a gradually declining ramp that slows and checks an individual’s descent speed. The number of spirals and ramp-angle necessary to reach the ground will be sized to limit the gravity-induced speed so as not to endanger an individual’s sliding descent. That and the internally hanging cloth fingers guard against excessive speeds and will prevent skin-burns from the sliding friction. The tube’s nylon material is impregnated with anti-flammable chemistry and its exterior is aluminized to prevent radiative heatloads from causing a fire due to either direct flames or the radiant heat from indirect flames. A final note on the overall weight for this flexible tube-chute structure. Clearly, since we are designing a deployable fire-escape system, its weight must be kept to a minimum for deployment safety and reliability. Items such as the cloth materials, tube-wire reinforcements, and spiraling tube tether attachments must be carefully chosen for weight, strength and durability. While issues of weathering may not be that important, as it will be housed and protected from the elements, the shelf life of the various materials chosen is of paramount importance.

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Has anyone seen the Chaos Tower up close?

I just came across The Chaos Tower in my "surfing" and wondered if anyone had fooled around with this? The price, even on "sale" is a bit prohibitive to me, for now. But it looks like an interesting way to construct Rube Goldberg structures if one hasn't a lot of "spare" resources for parts.

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Anyone know how to build a Cell Phone Repeater or Booster for a tower?

I'd like an economical way (if that's possible) to build a cell phone repeater or booster that can work for multiple cell phones, and be mounted on top of a tree or some other tower or pole. (Boosting signals here is legal). The reason I'd like to do this is because we use a cabin that's located deep in the forest and currently cell phone signals are spotty. (Move down the road 100 feet or stand on a stump and it works, but not where you really need it to). My concern is for safety as many of my family members use this area, and if there were ever a problem, I'd like to know that we could get a call out for help. I've done quite a bit of searching on this already, and have found several methods to improve the cell phone antenna, or the coffee can method, but what I'd really like is something that can work for ALL of our cell phones (that are with different cell carriers), and therefore (as I understand it), can be on different frequencies. The only thing I could find were devices that were out of the box ready and at a hefty price. Does anyone have any advice? or can point me in the right direction in order to build something like this that will work? Thanks, canucksgirl Edit: Let me clarify that the intended purpose isn't to be able to contact 'emergency services' from camp. We're a few hours from the nearest town and it isn't conducive to 'sit and wait' for help to arrive. Our group has been extremely safe, competent and self sufficient in that area for more than 30 years. Without getting too personal, we have an "in town" family member with a serious illness. If there were ever a reason, we'd like to be able to reach family at the camp to let them know that they needed to return home.

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Freestanding LEGO Brick Tower Build Challenge

Not sure where this would fit - so square pegs it is!I'm interested in starting up a competition to build the tallest freestanding LEGO brick structure and I think Instructables could be a great place to play it out. As you've all probably seen, recently students in Vienna built the tallest LEGO tower at an amazing 29.48m. Photo at SF GateThe catch with that tower however, as pointed out by many in the blogosphere, is that it is 'supported' by wires, which keep it from falling in the wind. While they may just be a safety feature and not part of the structure, I agree with many who have said this is not really a freestranding structure - for that it would be LEGO brick and nothing else.So now, the challenge: Post an instructable showing how you built your tallest LEGO brick freestanding structure. This way, in the spirit of the DIY community, the next person can build off your design and improve it to create a bigger tower. Instructables should clearly show your method of construction, however there is no need for a brick by brick play. If you use a special technique to build the major components of your tower - such as a feature that allowed you to reach your desired height - highlight that for sure. For a baseline, I've found it very difficult to find any postings online of the tallest LEGO freestanding structure out there. Most publicity has been on these mega towers supported by tension cables. I was however to find one student's project here which topped out at a very modest 11 feet. 11ft TowerI hope to post my own attempt to beat this tower shortly - however if you've got the bricks - start building!! Then please link your instructable here.If you have any verified information on previous FREESTANDING builds out there, please post them too!Thanks!Daniel

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How do I make a wooden container that will be watertight?

Trying to make a barrel/miniature water tower yet I can't get the wood in place while staying airtight.  Any instructions on how to do this?

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what knex lift should i use to make a ball machine ? Answered

i will be making a ball machine but i dont know what lift to use

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Instructables HQ flooded!

The San Francisco Bay area is being hammered by a series of winter storms right now. There are gusts to 75 MPH and a torrent of rain. All that wind-swept rain has flooded our server room and created a foot-deep lake on the runways outside the control tower! If things aren't working right on the site, it's the rain's fault, really...This storm is actually pretty tame by East Cost standards, and I'm proud to report I got a little bit of kitesurfing in yesterday morning on the front of it before the wind and rain truly picked up. It's just that we have perfect weather 90% of the year here, so it's really the relative difference, not the absolute magnitude, that makes people talk about how bad it is.

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Before you go to this link, i'd like to make it clear...AS MUCH AS I WISH I DID,I DID NOT MAKE THS!if anyone has anything more awsome in knex than this,post a pic in ur commentAND PLEASE DO COMMENT AND RATE! click the link and enjoy the show!http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=F5V5Dpz_SNk

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