1. AC Voltage stabilizer? 2. UPS? 3. Inverters for domestic use?

1.  In my area where I live we have power (electricity) facilities but the voltage always fluctuating and we have to attach expensive VOLTAGE STABILIZERS to each and every electric/electronic items for to avoid damages. I am expecting some valuable ideas to make cheap and best  voltage stabilizers / UPS / Inverters. Is it possible that I can connect one unit (VS) to multiple gadgets. Thanks in advance Roshan.

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Voltage help

Hello I am new to electronics I am having trouble designing a circuit that lowers VDC as ground resistance increases and raises as ground decreases every circuit I've built works backwards. I am working with 5vdc any help would be much appreciated thanks

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How do I transform some kind of voltage into 5v? Answered

I'm planning on building a circuit with an ic which needs 5 volts, and I don't want to use a computer as a powersource, what can I do? Or can I use 4,5 volts for it. Thanks, BoK

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How do I Configure a Adjustable Voltage Regulator? Answered

Hello! Im working on a project that uses a 9v battery to power a circuit. I would also like to power a circuit with the same battery. But this circuit was designed to run off 2 AAA. I've gone searching and It seems like I was only needing a Voltage regulator to step down that 9v to 3v ish.  Problem is that I couldnt find a output 3v one! So I had to buy an adjustable one from Fry's Electronics. And I don't know how to configure this! haha, this is quite a problem. And documentation on this product is horrible. Can anyone please help me out?? Product is NTE1900 3 terminal positive adjustable voltage regulator. Input is 9v, I want an output of 3v. How would I set this up? Thanks!

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how can i increase 500mA to 2A?

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Question about voltage

I am brand new here and have a question about voltage. I was reading the Instructable about how to run battery operated devices with ac power. https://www.instructables.com/id/Run-any-battery-powered-item-through-AC-power./ If I have a device that uses, for example three 1.5v batteries ill need to find an adapter that will push 4.5v. Is that correct? If that is correct, what would I do in this case? I have 20 of the same device, each of the devices take three 1.5v batteries. I want all 20 of these devices to be run on one wall plug(if possible). Does this mean that I need to get a wall plug that will push 90v? If thats the case, is that even possible? Thanks in advance

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How to cut down the Voltage???

Hello guys it's electricnewbie again, I have another newbie question that I think you can help me out with. OK so go easy with me since I'm a beginner. . . So, I have a laser/light (from walmart) that takes three 1.5 volt batteries that gives it a total of 4.5 volts. So, I want to hook it up to USB cable. Now, a USB cable supplies about 5.1 volts. How do I drop the current from 5.1 volts down the 4.5? How could I use the same principle in my other projects? Say I have a 9v battery and a 3.4v buzzer. I know how to use resistors with an LED. [R=V1-V2/mAH] Since I know the mAH of the LED, then I know what resistor to use. But how use that equation if at all on other things?? Thanks guys,

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6v to 12v system?

I have a 1929 model t that is curently a 6v system with no starter or generator. I would like to use a starter generator off of a modern galf car. Is there any way i can step the voltege down befor the battery or would it just be easyer to add a converter in to run the original lights and ignition system? Any help would be awsome!!!

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will this really regulate voltage?

Will this really regulate voltage?I would think that voltage could just flow arround the capshttp://electronics.howstuffworks.com/digital-electronics4.htm

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I have a Solaris voltage controller ?

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Please help!! what is the average dc voltage for a Toyota Tundra?

I also heard that car voltages get up to 13.4 volts.

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can someone please help me with high voltage?

Does anybody know a cheap, easy way to make high voltage?

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Why not get high voltage by boosting 300V to say 2KV ?

Hi, I plan to build High Voltage of 4KV. The output current is very low (say 100uA). I intend to use this as focus voltage in a CRT application. Hence, I am exploring the ways to do so. I have seen people building high voltage (8-20KV) using transformer followed by voltage multipliers. Now a days, MOSFETs are available which can withstand voltage upto 4.5KV. So it should be possible to create boost converter which could boost 300V to 2KV. Then one can further boost the voltage using voltage multipliers. The input voltage of 300V is achieved by rectifying the line voltage of 220V/50Hz. Visiting internet, I do not see anybody doing so. Hence I wonder what could be wrong in doing something of this kind. Could somebody elaborate ? Regards, Hardeep

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anyway increase voltage without using ac ?

Anyway to increase voltage using only dc input and using low voltage batteries (1.5 ~ 9 V ) ? and without making big or with loads of parts circuit ? ( I need simple circuit) any more taughts than joule thief ?

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how do i use a 7805 voltage regulator with 6 volts power supply? Answered

How do i use a 7805 voltage regulator with a 6 volts power supply?

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does voltage matter in a capacitor or is it only uf? Answered

Ive seen volt numbers on capacitors but people mostly just mention uf. but the uf is the same but the size of the cap looks different. does voltage matter?

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Voltage regulation

I have a solar charge controller (Velleman SOL4UCN2) that outputs 12v, 6v and 3v. But I need 9v and I'm not sure how to get that.

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what voltage do wired mice run at (the mice you use for your computer)?

I have been wondering what voltage that mice run at so i can make a hover mouse

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Voltage Relays

Hello, I'm new to this board, and well, making things in general, and am particularly stumped about voltage relays. I know in theory how they work, a small voltage triggers a circuit to close and let a larger voltage through, but practically have no idea what the terminology used in the data sheets mean. What I'm looking for is to have 120VAC be triggered by a 5VDC. The 120VAC would only be on as long as there was 5VDC triggering it. Can anyone out there tell me what I should be looking for, in particular, what the voltage that causes the circuit to close is called? Thanks. --D.K.

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LED Voltage Help Answered

I recently purchased 10 led's from superbrightleds.com but I cant seem to figure out their voltage. I am not good with electrical terms (I am a noob with electronics) so the led's detail page just confuses me. If anyone could figur out the voltage of them by going to this page here it would be a lot of help. Thanks!

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how high is the voltage in the average neon transformer? Answered

I need to know because I may be using one as my power source for my Tesla-coil. 

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Need a 100v voltage regulator?

So what I am trying to do is make a variable power supply from a computer PSU, I've done thise before minus the variable part. I need a voltage regulator that will limit 200 or more volts to 100 volts DC. I also need different variable voltage regulator that will allow me to adjust this from 0 to 100 volts, they usually have a circuit in the datasheet that uses some resistors and a potentiometer. So, are there voltage regulators like this? If not what is another way to do it?

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Reading the max voltage of a low duty cycle PWM?

How do I measure the maximum voltage reached by a very low duty cycle PWM signal without having to alter the signal. The multimeter shows no reading or gives a very brief wrong reading and falls back to zero. I don't have an oscilloscope. Are there any other alternative set-ups to measure just the voltage in this case. Please suggest.

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Ultra simple high voltage generator not working? Answered

 I found the low volt side of the transformer but when I attach the second terminal of the 9v it sparks at the battery and not on the high volt side. Help!

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i have 12v 1A dc voltage supply from an adapter and 5v 0.25amp bldc motor so how to reduce voltage and power my motor?

Input 12v/1A dc power supply from AC to dc adapter ..  and want power a 5v .25 A brushless dc motor ... so want a stable and reliable dc voltage reducing circuit which will not burn out if used for long time.

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voltage level monitor circuit ?

Hello, So for my application, i need to have a circuit that can monitor the input voltage until it reach 5V (usually from 0V ) then switch on and allow the 5V to flow into another circuit.  The problem is i have no idea where to start. Can anyone help me ?  Thank you very much

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Why can't I use a voltage divider?

I am working on building my own firework controller. the whole thing will be powered by 6v dc, with the exception of the test circuit this going to run on 1.5v (I am using an optocoupler to separate it from the 6v). I was just going to use 2 resistors to make a voltage divdered to get the volatge down to 1.5. I just read however that "voltage dividers should not be used to supply power to a load". My question is why cant I use this method? When do you actually use this method? and what should I use to properly reduce the voltage? 

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Voltage conversion for halogen bulbs Answered

I need to convert 120v to 12v to power four 12v 20W halogen bulbs. What type of converter do I need, and with what specifications? Where could I find one. Is it possible to dim the bulbs?

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Voltage regulator?

I need to know how to build a 12v-5v pulse regulator for my fuel level sending unit/gauge in my truck. I would like to know what parts to buy and the order of everything. Thank you in advance. Daniel

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Using a recycled switch -- Question about voltage

I'm building a simple solder fume extractor using a 12v fan from an old appliance. I will wire in a 12v power supply. The switch I want to use is rated 125v AC at 13 amps. Is there any reason I couldn't use this switch? Or do I need to match the switch's voltage with the fan's?

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Traffic signal input voltage help

I have recently bought this traffic arrow from a surplus store and i cannot find the input voltage anywhere on the net. it has a built in switch mode power supply from what i can tell and i think it is 120V AC but am not sure. the arrow is a GE Gelcore LED Traffic Signal. ANY help would be appreciated.  thanks

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Low Voltage Disconnect?

Hi, I would just like to seek your assistance and idea for the observation below on my experiment: I have a gadget that is being charge by a 2w 9v solar panel, the problem is I haven't place a blocking diode and I observed that when I tested the charging slot there is about 0.16v output. To clear it that was supposed to be my input voltage. 1. Question is why does it produce an output voltage even though it is imy input voltage? 2. Would the 0.16volts output have a significant effect on my system during night time and or bad weather? Please give facts and computation if possible. 3. If I want to step down my input voltage of 9volts to 4.5 volts can you give me the idea how to do it. Well, I am asking you this because your insights and helps for me in the past are very helpful for my science project. Thank you teachers

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wiring and grounding high voltage transformer?

i need to add another power cord to my HV Transformer it does not look like it has any difference in which way it is wired could i just connect the power cord to it and in the second picture is the screw the ground to the case or can i just gound the case itself to a pole in the ground for example

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Does Voltage Or Current Kill Electronics? Answered

I've heard it a million times "It's the amps that kill".  But what if we are talking about electronics?  Would something that is 1.5 volts at an amp affect an electronic device? What if I had something at 10 kV, but virtually no current, like a piezoelectric ignitor?  (Maybe both of these examples would, I'm not sure,  but which is more likely?) Just wondering if someone can tell me whether it is mainly the volts or amps that fry electronics. And also how this happens. Does the high voltage short circuit things? Or is it the current that would overheat the small little circuits inside? I'm thinking that both are possible, but I'd like to know which is more likely to kill electronics, voltage or amperage?

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Help with Voltage Regulator

Hi, I have put one of these together for an ATX power supply and have come across something that I might be getting wrong.... In mocking up the LM317 circuit in breadboard (standar one found everywhere on line and on the LM317 pages), I have got the thing metering -11v to +11v??? I am using one of the black ground wires of the PSU on the black side of the volt meter, but cant figure out why I am not just getting positive voltages??? Could the diode be faulty? Or is this in fact correct? Any help appreciated...

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Variable Voltage Regulators with + and - 12v input? Answered

Hi, I have put one of these together for an ATX power supply and have come across something that I might be getting wrong.... In mocking up the LM317 circuit in breadboard (standar one found everywhere on line and on the LM317 pages), I have got the thing metering -11v to +11v??? I am using one of the black ground wires of the PSU on the black side of the volt meter, but cant figure out why I am not just getting positive voltages??? Could the diode be faulty? Or is this in fact correct? Any help appreciated...

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How to connect a 12v/5v dc converter to a standard 12v plug? And still use the plug?

I need to power both a Raspberry Pi and a 12v touch screen from the same 12v source. I know that I can use a dc voltage converter (like this one: http://amzn.com/B00GQ4DTGQ) to step the voltage down to the 5v for the pi. The power supply has the circular 12v adapter (e.g. http://amzn.com/B00GUBVI9K). My question is how to I attach the voltage converter to the 12 supply, and still be able to use the 12v supply for the touch screen? Thanks!

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I need a high voltage, high amperage power supply

I am in need of a power supply that can give out about 500V @ 13A. I know it's high, but I want it to charge a capacitor(400V, 1000μF, 13A) for my coilgun. I've already tried a flyback charger, but the result was to blow the capacitor up(I think that it couldn't withstand so much voltage, despite the amperege was lower that its threshold). I don't want that to happen again and I want a relatively fast way to charge the capacitor. Also, the power supply needs to be portable. Another thing: the voltage is not mandatory to be THAT high; the amperage also(let's say...1 or 2 amps...)... However I need DC pulsating current, at 20 kHz NOTE: I really hope that I'm not asking too much.......

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How can I start a old monitor flyback transformer using its own driver?

I found an old monitor which i am pretty sure that it is not broken and it works now i wana use the high voltage output using the monitor driver but i dont know form which part should i get the high voltage please help me i need this immiedtly thanks

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oil burner ignition transformer and uses question ? Answered

I recently just got a hold of a Allanson oil ignition transformer, the output voltage is 10,000 volts at 23 ma. the power cord was cut so i have to connect another power cord. what gauge or metal is recommended for the output terminals and can i attach a power switch to the 120 A.C. volt line. i was planning on starting off making a jacobs ladder then later on making a tesla coil after i have worked with high voltage a little bit longer are there any more uses for the high voltage transformer i have  

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Procedure to getting Voltage and current of an LED without knowing ANYTHING else?

Good day good people. I got batches upon batches of various surface mount and dip leds. Not a single god damn seller wrote the specs on neither the website, nor the package and there are so many that I can't tell which one's from who. Regardless, however the ridiculously low price you get these things for, you can't really complain. So I need to know if there is a procedure to finding out the current and voltage of an led and that is without knowing a single rating about it. It it guesswork or is there a proper testing procedure? It can be a 1,5v can be a 2.5 or a 3v led I don't know. What should be tested first, what should be second? All I have is a basic multi-meter and besides checking batteries voltage I have't been using it for anything else. Thank you, folks.

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Bench power supply build from ATX power supply acceptable voltage

Hi, I built a bench  power supply from an ATX power supply and I am not sure if the voltage is correct. I am getting 5.74 volts off of the 5 volt supply and 12.7 volts from the 12 volt supply. Is that too high to use or should I try to bring it down a little? When I built the supply I didn't have a 10 ohm power resistor so I used a 6 ohm 10 watt resistor. Could this be the reason for the higher voltage? Thanks for any help you can give me. Dan

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Increasing USB voltage? (newb here)

Hey all, I've recently got into learning to solder and learn about electronics. Well, I've been trying to make a few USB toys, but have come to find out that the USB ports don't put out enough power to get most of my stuff going. (an led light strip requiring 12 volts for instance). I was wondering if there was something simple I could put together to get some more power.

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Where to buy large capacitors for cheap? Answered

Building various things, like tesla coils, railguns, and wire exploding devices, reguires very large capacitors. I need to know where to buy some with high voltage and capacitance rating around 450v and 10000uF.

Asked by macgyver603 9 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

Ground connection?

Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/High_Voltage_Power_Supply_For_Marx_Generator/?comments=all#CRLI0D7FV40AZSC

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