How do you print black and white negatives?

Chemicals needed and times for printing black and white prints from a negative?

Asked by tim guinan 8 years ago

My blackberry has a white screen whenever i open it what soulotions i might do?

I tried removing the battery didn't work i dont wanna give it to someone to fix it they might make it worse anyone knoww what this white screen means and how can  i remove it??

Asked by Emma-science 5 years ago


I recently about 2 weeks ago* ordered 50 LEDs for my sister in laws wedding reception from, I was totally screwed over when i only received 28 of the LEDs i ordered, not only that but when i ordered them, there was an instock supply of 120 ! ! ! ! >_Ok, aside from being screwed over, im in dire need of finding (10 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - White and also need (12 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - Red possible could someone help me in finding similar LEDs that use a 3V battery for an LED throwie??another site ive tried is but the Minimum order US$99 mixed OK. and i dont need $99 in LEDs If anyone can help, id appreciate it big time!! Thanks.

Posted by les_SD_3386 10 years ago


Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Posted by RelyNupon 10 years ago


I'm doing a silhouette  wall mural and i want to know if white acrylic paint will glow under a black light?

Asked by Terriestephens 6 years ago

Ipod 20g white

I have a 20g ipod the sad face is on sometimes and other times is not condition is well and it comes with a black cover Im asking for $35 or something else

Posted by f9150bust 9 years ago

Where can I find white plastic sheeting?

Black or clear will not work, and that's all I can seem to come up with on google. White and black on opposite sides could work, but I can't find the size I need. Speaking of size, I need it to be 16 to 20 feet wide (and similar length, but rolls could be longer); most seem to be 100' for sizes that wide. One other requirement- reinforced sheeting will not work, I will need it to have a smooth surface when I'm done. Thickness matters less, but obviously the thicker the more expensive and I think 4 mL would work fine. What's it for you ask? Sorry, but it's a secret, at least for now.

Asked by yokozuna 9 years ago

Price of regular white LED's???

I just came back from my local electronics store and was kind of shocked to find that the price for a white LED is 2 bucks from where I come from, which is about US$ 0.62 each! I was thinking of buying 100 of them which ends up around US$62.00!!! Is that the standard price? It doesn't look like the regular LED, it's somewhat smaller and shorter in size, with a flat head instead of the usual rounded ones. But the price difference is so big! The standard round headed one's are only US$ 0.09 each! But the funny thing is the salesperson told me that round headed LED's DO NOT come in white, only red, yellow and green! But in fact I bought them before from another store but sadly they are out of business now so there's only this other store left in my city. So my point is, is that the standard price at your local store? How much do you pay for a single white regular LED? PS. by 'regular', I mean those with rounded heads and can commonly be found almost everywhere such as toys and decorations. Also I'm not referring to those high powered LED's used in modern flashlights. The pictures below shows the regular LED, and the one which I saw at the local store which has a flat head.

Posted by orien2v2 8 years ago

How to make a small round warm white LED light please?

This may have been asked in a different format if so please accept my apologies. I have bought some cheap Tilly/Storm lamps that would normally be filled with parafin and have the materail wick lighted to achieve the glow of the lamp. I would like to replace the liquid based light with a set of warm white leds. I've also bought a small round adhesive/stick on plastic light unit to try and understand how they work. Having opened it think this will suit my needs in the Tilley lamp. Pressure downwards on the top surface of the light unit switches the LEDS on and pressure released switches them off. The power for this light unit is from 3 x AAA batteries. I would like to either make my own 3 LED light unit from parts but what items do i need and where do I get them from or understand how to replace the bright white LEDS in the light unit I've bought  for warm white ones but how do I do this? I believe that the length of the two stalks comming out of an LED indicates + and - but is the longer one +? Also when it comes to the small triangular shaped circuit board on the original how do I tell the + from the -? Any help will be very much appreciated as these Tilley Lamps/Storm Lights would look good in the garden at night as well as inside. Many thanks, Bernard

Asked by InvictaJ26 5 years ago

Where have all the oranges gone? Long time passing...

Yes, I know this was announced as a feature, but it's still a bug in my book!  Why has the orange masthead been abandoned?  It's the characteristic color of Instructables.  Taking it away is diluting the brand.

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

Wiimote Whiteboard

I have connected my WiiMote to my laptop via the bluetooth dongle that you reccomended with BlueSoliel software.  They are communicating with one another.  I am trying to use Johnny Lee's software for the Whiteboard Interface.  When I try to open his software it sends a message sayin that the device is not on the HID list.  Do I need a driver for the WiiMote?  How do I get it on the HID list?  Keep in mind that my laptop doesn't have built in Bluetooth hardware.  The control panel has bluetooth options, but when I open it, I can't do anything from there.  It doesn't see any of my devices.  The Blue Soliel wizard sees and communicates with both the Wiimote and my Blackberry.

Asked by 7zarc7 8 years ago

What is your favorite use for white chocolate?

I recently made cookies that featured white chocolate chips, and they turned out better than I thought they would! That led to me doing some looking online for white chocolate recipes. Using it to decorate has been done... what interesting recipes do YOU have in your culinary arsenal that use white chocolate? I am in the mood to try something new, and I have a bag of white chocolate chips that need using!

Posted by Little Mom on the Prairie 7 years ago

Can anyone think of names for an all white male cat? Answered

Well, we are getting a new kitten and this one is all white and we can't agree on a name. P.S. Don't say Snowball, that's way too generic.

Asked by airsofter1 7 years ago

White walls yellowing

Right so i cleaned off my white walls last night with some lava soap and purple power cleaner degreaser and scrub brush but i noticed they have a light browning effect not sure if that UV damage or some other type of oxidation.   ive checked around the interwebs and the only things i can come up with are  island girl sea glow,  bleche white and brillo pads with magic erasers am i stuck with the yellow??  ive only had these white walls since agust

Posted by Malhecho 6 years ago

White screen of death on iphone 3g.

I have "rebooted", updated the software and connected to iTunes but nothing has worked. I called the phone and it went into voice mail. I heard the camera "click" and when I connect to iTunes it allowed me access to the pictures on the phone. Is there a solution of there that I may try before I bring it to the Apple store? Thanks.

Asked by fdxeng 7 years ago

LED Marker board

I want to build a LED writing board. It's basically a markerboard with a LED light behind it and it takes advantage of special fluorescent markers. My question is, how can I achieve that the board doesn't light up unless the marker is applied to the board. You can see in the video, that the glass stays black/dark until you write on it... How does that work?

Posted by CSMx 8 years ago

What is the correct name for this plastic?

I have seen this stuff used by machinists for jig making and small parts. What is the professional name for this plastic? I thought it might be ABS plastic but i dont know for sure

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

Do aquarium fish like cold or warm LED light best?

I am making an aquiarium (from an old tv, to be specific), and I wonder if the fish like warm or cold LED light best. The light will be their 'daylight'.

Asked by Stanaboy 9 years ago


What was in water something like crayfish but without pliers and tail and smaller, going on bottom of my looks strange with its legs!! i am scared HELP!!! I am scared!!!

Asked by h0meIandsecurity 7 years ago

Niece Needs Help ASAP

Although everyone and their brother has offered help to my neice with her photography class in High School, however; no one has come forward and now time is at the essence. She has a Cannon 35mm/ Black and White film. She's having problems with the way her pics are coming out as welll as the developing. (teacher is of no help..too busy). I know nothing about cameras and cannot help. She needs someone she can Skype with to actually talk and show her what she may be doing wrong.She's ADHD and needs to actually "see" as well as being instructed.  We're kind of desperate and can use some help. If anyone has some experience with this please let me know and I'll see what I can set up. Thank you in advance for any help given. Do not have any of her photos to upload but can get some it needed. Thank you.

Posted by kelsee31 5 years ago

What are the white & gold super thin speaker things found in some toys called? Answered

They are gold and have something that looks like a white sticker on the other side. They have two wires coming out from under the white sticker. I have found these in several toys and smoke detectors I have disassembled and need to know their name.

Asked by workinprogress37 8 years ago

How can I make a mechanical white-noise generator (sound conditioner)?

I would like to be able to make a white-noise generator like this one but I do not know how I would start.  If anybody has any suggestions, that would be fantastic.   If you do not know how to make a mechanical version but do know how to make an electronic one, that would still work, but mechanical would be preferred.  

Asked by j626no 8 years ago

should i post my....

Should i post my homemade copycat white castle burgers?

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

what is this white piece in a ds for? Answered

Hi all, recently, i had to take apart my DS lite to replace the button panel. when i got it apart, i saw that there was this white piece in the ds i took the panel from, but it wasn't in mine. unsure if it was required, i put it in mine. what is this piece for anyways? if it helps, i have a polar whit ds lite, and i believe it is a 3rd gen, judging by the fully covered wifi reciever in the base of the unit. but what is this white piece for? (its right beside the stylus slot)

Asked by zack247 8 years ago

My instructable Is white page after an edit

Hey, my instructable [id/How-To-carve-A-Maori-Hook-Pendant-Video/] is broken and displays only a white page. This happened immediately after i made some edits to the content. Whatever occurred also wrecked my ability to view my list of published instructables, it just displays another instance of instructables inside of itself instead of the list. I've sent an e-mail to fungusamungus, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully someone will be able to help (This entry is in a contests) thanks, -Calvin

Posted by nepheron 6 years ago

Michael Jackson and his huge glove! (awesome video)

This is so delightfully bizarre. An Internet project gets the help of online volunteers to locate Michael's white glove in each frame of a performance of Billy Jean. With that data others can make some crazy tweaks to it. This one is by far the best of the bunch.Really, just click the link and watch the video. It's great. awesome white glove footagevia Make

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

painting a model 53 chevy bel air top white help? Answered

I got this model 53 chevy and it was molded into the perfect blue, but i dont have that paint, and my friend keeps on bugging me that using normal paint will make it look bad but i got a flat whte spray, which would work fine, i just no that i can get of paint from the blue body with varsol, but if its poossible to not use tape ( cause itll make it rly sticky) that would be helpful. its an old model to, from 1968 or something, and it dosnt tell you what color to paint it, so i got the oher stuff, but could somebody show me the enginge colors? that would be rly helpful.

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago

Why is my cat throwing up so much ? Answered

He throws anything liquid we try to give him back up. He is about 4 years old. He throws any solid back up too. It is almost like a white foam. He doesn't eat anything bad he just eats his cat food and water. By the way: he just got over a nasty cold that took him out for about 2 weeks. We are taking him to the vet but I want to know whats wrong. Answers ASAP!!!!!!

Asked by airsofter1 7 years ago

My mower smoked and won't run? Answered

I was mowing with my push mower (brigs and Stratton) and suddenly it blew out a large amount of white smoke and stuttered to a stop.  Later that day I tried starting it again and it almost started up but it sputtered and filled the area with a plume of white smoke.  Now (a year later) I decided to attempt to get it running again.  I am not sure about taking out the spark plug because I think it may need a torc wrench or something.  I did however check to see if it would still spark one of my spare plugs which it does.  The fuel in it is still the same so I may try draining it and re-filling it.  It smells like gas.  I have heard of water and oil being probable causes, could this be true.  I know that it has mistakenly been filled with the mix of oil/fuel from my chainsaw's can.  I drained it, but could there still be oil in it or something.  Can I pull my spark-plug out with a mere crescent wrench and replace it?

Asked by 6 years ago

Problem: can't erase on whiteboard

I recently decided I needed a bigger whiteboard and so, in true instructable style, made one out of a fridge door. Unfortunately the fridge door had some stickers on it and I removed them with orange oil and some other cleaners. Now when written on, the whiteboard marker will not erase. Instead it smudges and cannot be removed even with water. What can I do to make my whiteboard usable agian? I've heard car wax can be good, should I try this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by TobyRhino 10 years ago

"It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up"

Public Knowledge recently published a white paper on 3d printing (see link for downloadable PDF version). It compares low-cost home 3d printing technology with home computing and digital publishing, with specific reference to the possibility of DMCA-style legislation preventing the technology reaching its full potential. In many ways, today’s 3D printing community resembles the personal computing community of the early 1990s. They are a relatively small, technically proficient group, all intrigued by the potential of a great new technology. They tinker with their machines, share their discoveries and creations, and are more focused on what is possible than on what happens after they achieve it. They also benefit from following the personal computer revolution: the connective power of the Internet lets them share, innovate, and communicate much faster than the Homebrew Computer Club could have ever imagined. The personal computer revolution also casts light on some potential pitfalls that may be in store for the growth of 3D printing. When entrenched interests began to understand just how disruptive personal computing could be (especially massively networked personal computing) they organized in Washington, D.C. to protect their incumbent power. Rallying under the banner of combating piracy and theft, these interests pushed through laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that made it harder to use computers in new and innovative ways. In response, the general public learned once-obscure terms like “fair use” and worked hard to defend their ability to discuss, create, and innovate. Unfortunately, this great public awakening came after Congress had already passed its restrictive laws. Of course, computers were not the first time that incumbents welcomed new technologies by attempting to restrict them. The arrival of the printing press resulted in new censorship and licensing laws designed to slow the spread of information. The music industry claimed that home taping would destroy it. And, perhaps most memorably, the movie industry compared the VCR to the Boston Strangler preying on a woman home alone. One of the goals of this whitepaper is to prepare the 3D printing community, and the public at large, before incumbents try to cripple 3D printing with restrictive intellectual property laws. By understanding how intellectual property law relates to 3D printing, and how changes might impact 3D printing’s future, this time we will be ready when incumbents come calling to Congress.   Podcasts and videos on 3d printing. Gothic Cathedral play set. BBC reportage. Freedom of Creation (3d printing designers)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago


Here is another blinking LED running from a single 1.5 AA battery. While the white and blue LEDs need over 3 volts. The white blinks in the transition moments between red to blue and to red !

Posted by iceng 3 years ago

Can to add music to Shaun White for 360?

Since there are only four good songs on Shaun White snowboarding, I was wondering if I could add my own songs.

Asked by Rock Soldier 9 years ago

Any idea where one can get a Valco Airline guitar?

The title says it all. Does anyone know where I could buy a Valco Airline guitar (like Jack White's) for cheap?

Asked by freeza36 5 years ago

How do i dye baggy pants?

So, i am trying to make a costume and it needs baggy pocketless pants but what i need to know... how do i dye em? I'm figuring by hand is the best way because i only need half of it dyed, not the whole thing also.... i don't know which color of pants i should buy and which color dye to buy my pants are light blue (not baby blue) on the sides and the inner part... crotch area and down is white so i don't know if white dye is easier to dye onto blue pants or if blue dye is easier onto white pants or if it doesn't matter

Asked by saiyankev 3 years ago

Broken iPhone for Sale

Selling my White 16gb iPhone 3Gs. Can't update or restore it, so im selling it for parts or to someone who knows how to fix it. Still powers on and in great condition. Get details and bid on the auction here:

Posted by sega27 7 years ago

Who thinks the other flavors of mountain dew are slightly bogus but also interesting

I would just like to see what people think

Posted by acidbass 7 years ago

My New Bike (which im not going to take apart)

So i finally got a picture of my new bike, and here it is, its a mongoose and its a nice bike to ride, but the shocks are a bit well, press easily, if you know what i mean, if you have something for that let me know, now i'll be able to get slurpees and not get told about how crappy my bike is by the stupid bike shop guy, what a jerk. oh well, here it is and im hopeing to get my diy white castle burgers on here soon. Thanks.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

I need to power 150 led's, and Im not sure how.?

The LED's I want to use have this as a data sheet: Emitted Colour : White Size (mm) : 10mm Lens Colour : Water Clear Peak Wave Length (nm) : N/A Forward Voltage (V) : 3.2 ~ 3.8 Reverse Current (uA) : Luminous Intensity Typ Iv (mcd) : Average in 25000 Life Rating : 100,000 Hours Viewing Angle : 20 ~ 25 Degree Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Max Power Dissipation : 80mw Max Continuous Forward Current : 30mA Max Peak Forward Current : 75mA Reverse Voltage : 5~6V Im going to be using 150 of them and was told my arduino cant power them all and I need to get/make a "led driver" So Im not exactly sure what I need to make to power them, and not blow up my arduino. Any help?

Asked by 'earl 6 years ago

Whitewater kayak into a good fishing kayak? Answered

I am looking to buy a kayak. I don't want something too long, or too expensive. I am planning to buy off of craigslist. While on craigslist, I noticed that whitewater river kayaks have ALL of the features that I want in my fishing kayak. Limited size, plenty of space to move, alot of storage space... I was just wondering if I could buy a whitewater river kayak, make a few modifications, and use that as a lake fishing kayak? The only modifications would be fishing rod holders, a paddle hoder, and maybe a container inside to hold bait and tackle. Thanks for looking at this, freeza36

Asked by freeza36 5 years ago

How many cut white rods is too many to use in a knex gun?? Answered

Hi everyone, The question is how many cut white rods is too many for a knex gun?? I'll have to use a few but don't want to use too many. Thanks for your opinion BTW: I will give out best answer. KSC

Asked by Killer~SafeCracker 8 years ago

Whereto buy LEDs? Answered

Sure, radioshack has them(i actually just bought some) but they're expensive, even if you get the 20-pack. Anyone know about a good electronics store? I need blue and white leds, alond with other components.

Asked by lawizeg 9 years ago

Help! How do you do the acid-eaten clothing effect used by places like Lip Service Clothing? Answered

I accidentally tossed my favorite, and only, pair of solid white pants into the wash with colored clothes, and now there's a stubborn blue streak/splotch down one leg and on the hip. I've bleached it numerous times, but it hasn't budged, so I fear I may have to dye them- But before I take such extreme measures and have to kiss my white!pants good bye, I thought I might just... destroy the blue and create a nifty effect as well. So, does anybody know how to do the acidy-holes effect (Even if it doesn't actually use acid) used by places like Tripp and Lip Service on 'post disaster' styled clothes? a link for reference, not my flikr. Any help would be much appreciated!

Asked by deofthedead 8 years ago

LED car headlights colour temperature (Australia)? Answered

I was looking to replace the headlights on my car to LED ones, but I'm kinda conscious about the legal requirements I contacted the Licensing and Vehicle centre/department/whatever to ask about the max colour temperature, but the best they gave me was what was in the pic below. Does anyone know how to convert that or something into colour temperature? I know they sell 5000K lamps at a nearby automotive shop, but they also sell a few more... questionable accessories. I really don't want to have to drag my car in and have to pay several hundreds over just a few headlights; might as well just take the ticket if I ever got one. Other than that, they should have the same brightness, throw, etc. Thanks

Asked by .Unknown. 6 years ago

how can I hook-up an old black and white monitor to a video jack?

I have an old IBM black and white monitor, is there a way I can hook up a video jack to it so that it can display video signals from places like a vcr? if so, how?!!?

Asked by gorgo333 9 years ago