K'NEX Handguns without using Y rods!

I, and other people, should come up with a way to create K'NEX guns with out using Y rods. Consider it a challenge!

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 6 years ago

Fun with a Y connector

So I got one of my friends to come over, and we played with knex. He decided to have fun with a Y connector and pretended it was a nose and lip piercing. I thought it was funny, and took pictures, then I decided to post it.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

indoor fliying f1d

Intercambio y CONOCER las tecnicas de entelado entelado con polimicro y Técnicas de la USO de las bandas de goma y diseño y Vuelo de las naves echos balsa de madera

Posted by hugofhs 4 years ago

Programming Atmega8 using arduino troubleshooting

I am making a POV (persistance of vision) project using atmega8 ,which is being programmed by arduino (uno) as ISP i am following this tutorial videos and blink led code is working well   for me as in the video, I tired the same code by changing the delay for verifying whether the circuit works properly  and i was working nice But i uploaded my persistance of vision code(POV) its no working   none of the leds is blinking I using the correct pin i verified it with arduino uno atmega8 pin mapping Here is my Persistance of vision code int _[] = {0,0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0,0}; int A[] = {0,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,0, 0,1,1,1,1}; int B[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,1, 0,1,0,1,0}; int C[] = {0,1,1,1,0, 1,0,0,0,1, 1,0,0,0,1}; int D[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,0,0,1, 0,1,1,1,0}; int E[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,1, 1,0,1,0,1}; int F[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,0, 1,0,1,0,0}; int G[] = {0,1,1,1,0, 1,0,1,0,1, 0,0,1,1,0}; int H[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 0,0,1,0,0, 1,1,1,1,1}; int I[] = {0,0,0,0,1, 1,0,1,1,1, 0,0,0,0,1}; int J[] = {1,0,0,0,0, 1,0,0,0,1, 1,1,1,1,1}; int K[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 0,0,1,0,0, 0,1,0,1,1}; int L[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 0,0,0,0,1, 0,0,0,0,1}; int M[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 0,1,1,0,0, 0,1,1,1,1}; int N[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,0,0,0, 0,1,1,1,1}; int O[] = {0,1,1,1,0, 1,0,0,0,1, 0,1,1,1,0}; int P[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,0, 0,1,0,0,0}; int Q[] = {0,1,1,1,1, 1,0,0,1,1, 0,1,1,1,1}; int R[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0,0, 0,1,0,1,1}; int S[] = {0,1,0,0,1, 1,0,1,0,1, 1,0,0,1,0}; int T[] = {1,0,0,0,0, 1,1,1,1,1, 1,0,0,0,0}; int U[] = {1,1,1,1,1, 0,0,0,0,1, 1,1,1,1,1}; int V[] = {1,1,1,1,0, 0,0,0,0,1, 1,1,1,1,0}; int W[] = {1,1,1,1,0, 0,0,1,1,0, 1,1,1,1,0}; int X[] = {1,1,0,1,1, 0,0,1,0,0, 1,1,0,1,1}; int Y[] = {1,1,0,0,0, 0,0,1,0,0, 1,1,1,1,1}; int Z[] = {1,0,0,1,1, 1,0,1,0,1, 1,1,0,0,1}; int letterSpace; int dotTime; void setup() {   // setting the ports of the leds to OUTPUT   pinMode(2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(4, OUTPUT);   pinMode(5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(6, OUTPUT);   // defining the space between the letters (ms)   letterSpace = 6;   // defining the time dots appear (ms)   dotTime = 3; } void printLetter(int letter[]) {   int y;   // printing the first y row of the letter   for (y=0; y<5; y++)   {     digitalWrite(y+2, letter[y]);   }   delay(dotTime);   // printing the second y row of the letter   for (y=0; y<5; y++)   {     digitalWrite(y+2, letter[y+5]);   }   delay(dotTime);   // printing the third y row of the letter   for (y=0; y<5; y++)   {     digitalWrite(y+2, letter[y+10]);   }   delay(dotTime);   // printing the sspace between the letters   for (y=0; y<5; y++)   {     digitalWrite(y+2, 0);   }   delay(letterSpace); } void loop() {   // you can print your own text by modifing here :) printLetter(H); printLetter(E); printLetter(L); printLetter(L); printLetter(O); printLetter(_);   } Is there any solution ???

Posted by Mayoogh_Girish 3 years ago

Build Nights Mexicanas

Hola compadres y comadres makers de México, Queremos empezar este blog para compartir experiencias con las Build Nights de Instructables en nuestros Makerspace. Nosotros somos Hacedores Makerspace y nos gustaría usar este foro para compartir fotos y experiencias de los Build Nights!! Saludos a todos y nos vemos por acá.

Posted by gmendez3 3 years ago

Hardening a Knife?

I have this really cheap-y bowie knife I bought on a whim that I hadn't really used before now.  At first I was all happy because I had a giant bowie knife to swing at trees, but then I started to realize just how cheap-y it is: with a hard swing and something(dead tree, for example) the blade tends to bend a little..just wondering, is there any way to harden steel that would be plausible for this knife?  The blade needs work anyway so if I can harden the steel I'll just add that to the list of things....I mean I can deal with a cheap-y handle and a cheap-y guard but a cheap-y blade is kind of a problem...

Posted by retrogamer9000 4 years ago

BIME Hack Day

Nace BIME Hack Day!!!! El mayor encuentro unconference del estado, especialmente creado para fomentar la CREATIVIDAD y la INVENCIÓN y que reunirá a amantes de la musica y las nuevas tecnologías con los profesionales de las empresas más destacadas en este sector. Dos jornadas en las que MAKERS, HACKERS y DESARROLLADORES crearán las nuevas bases para las plataformas del futuro. Más información aqui: www.bimehackday.net Inscríbete ya!!

Posted by dani9l 4 years ago

Arduino Spanish miniCommunity!

Hola a tod@s! Hace mucho que rondo por aqui y ando terminando el que sera mi primer Instructable. Practicamente la totalidad de lo que hay aqui esta en ingles, y con mas o menos dificultad todos andamos por aqui. Mi intencion es conocer a algunos de vosotros con los que comparta idioma y aficiones. Seria como un pequeño rincon donde preguntarnos y ayudarnos con nuestros experimentos jeje. Ppr mi parte, no soy especialmente habil con las manos, pero me defiendo. Mis conocimientos de electronica son lo que aprendi en BUP y COU en su dia, lo basico...muy basico. Donde me defiendo un poco mas es con la programacion. Hace años que practico, aunque no soy demasiado constante y ademas autodidacta. Ademas, me defiendo perfectamente con el ingles, por lo que no supone un problema para mi y podria ser de ayuda para alguno si se diera el caso. Bueno, pues lo dicho, chico busca chic@s a los que preguntar cositas y a los que sera un placer ayudar con lo que se pueda. Un saludo!

Posted by Calfa 1 year ago

I need to buy an R4i card for my nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon X/Y

Hi eveybody, I need to buy an R4 card for my nintendo 3DS XL to play the new Pokemon Y which one should I buy please? http://www.r4flashcart.com/8-wood-r4i-gold-3ds-flashcart-for-3ds-xl-3ds-dsi-and-ds-lite.html Can I play pokemon y and animal crossing with this r4i card please? and what is the FW version required....my 3dsXL is on8.1.0-19u now

Posted by bushongsean 3 years ago

Happy New y ear!!!!!

Happy new year to the tech comity. Everyone needs a break once in a while, so be honest, how many peaopls are drunk tonight??? it's wayyy past midnight here in canada, but I'm curious.. Shout out to all ya'lls.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

De donde venimos?

La comunidad hispanohablante es interesantemente variada. Me gustaria saber cuantos de nosotros se estan beneficiando de unirse a este grupo. Les invito por favor a que se presenten ustedes mismos en este foro y nos dejen saber su pais de origen. Hablenos un poco de ustedes y nos dejen saber sus intereses. Espero que ustedes disfruten y se beneficien de participar en este grupo. Yo vengo de Puerto Rico pero resido en Estados Unidos. Me interesa la electronica, carpinteria, computadoras, jardineria, ebanisteria, bricolaje, acampar y el sistema operativo Linux.

Posted by blkhawk 8 years ago

Air Compressor/Vacuum Pump

I have a theory: You have your supply of compressed air. You connect that by hose to one branch of a y-connector. The other branch is connected to a hose that goes into some sort of fluid that you want to move from one vessel to another. The trunk of the y is your exhaust (in theory). So now I give, say, 15 psi out of my air supply and that shoud drag my fluid out of its vessel through the y connector to the destination of my choosing. Would that work?

Posted by flagrantfouler 10 years ago

XML Controlled Lights

I am looking to build a 3 light "stop light" setup that could be controlled by XML. ..  something like the below.  Where whichever of the 3 fields has the "Y" that is which light would be lit up.  It can be desktop sized, but any help would be appreciated!! Y N N

Posted by SKNDSTRY 8 years ago

Motorized Panoramic head with microcontroller

Hi All, I want to build a motorized panoramic head. It must be made in PIC or ATMEL because I have only these options. Arduino board are not available to me  How it works.  Its basically controlling two stepper motors using inputs from photographer. Photographer inputs values in parameters and than microcontroller uses these parameters to rotate camera frame and take pictures. Parameters are as under: There are two stepper motors. One motor rotates frame of camera on x-axis and one rotates it on y-axis.  1. For x-axis motor parameters    a. Total numbers of steps to rotate.    b. One motor movement = 1 stepper motor step or more. For example we can move stepper 2      steps in on movement    c. After each movement (point#2) It takes image or press camera button by using relay or optocoupler    d Time Delay : When camera takes picture it takes time to save on memory card. We can define time in seconds as per picture size.    e : When it completes total number of steps defined in step#1. It moves back to its zero position. 2. For Y-axis moto parameters     a: When first motor completes its full number of steps than y-axis motor is activated.     b: y-axis: Total number of steps      c: one movement = how much motor steps. just like x-axis motor parameter     d:   Time Delay : same as x -axis motor. time delay after tilting frame.      e: y-axis motor just performs only one movement. Than again it activates x-axis motor.     f: Panoramas are made in multi rows. so this process of x-axis and y-axis motor activation should keep on going. It is terminated when y-axis motor completes its total number of steps. So the whole process is like this Turn on microcontoller  Add parameters for x-axis and y-axis motors click on start button microcontroller starts rotating frame on x-axis Frame start moving in steps. Than frame completes its first x-axis turn now microcontroller activates y-axis motor. Y-axis motor tilts frame upper arm in one direction.   code checks it is Y-axis motor final movement or more to come. If more than it activates x-axis motor. X-axis motor starts repeating whole process which it previously did. Than after full movement on x-axis and it activates y-axis motor. This process is terminated when total movement defined for y-axis motor is achieved. CAN ANYBODY MAKE ITS CIRCUIT AND PROGRAM CODING ? I M TOTALLY BLANK IN MAKING CIRCUITS AND WRITING CODES.

Posted by diy high speed photography 8 years ago


Hola, soy nueva en esto de los LCD y estoy tratando se obtener un "hello world!" con el lcd adm200d-fl-ybs conectandolo a Arduino UNO. ES IMPOSIBLE, lo maximo que obtengo es 2 filas con cuadrados negros. He probado las libreria lcd.h, lyquidCrystal.h,LCD4bit.h...........He cargado varios programas , conectado pines y no hay forma. Porfavor, ayuda o tiro a la basura el LCD y compre otro que me aconsejeis. SOS..........SOS...........SOS GRACIAAAAAS THIS CODE DOESNT WORK: #include LiquidCrystal lcd(7,6,5,4,3,2); void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // Print a message to the LCD. Serial.println("setup"); // set up the LCD's number of rows and columns: lcd.begin(20, 4); // Print a message to the LCD. // lcd.setCursor(0, 3); lcd.setCursor(0, 3); lcd.print("hello, world!"); } void loop() { }

Posted by cgonzalez1 7 years ago

Make: en Espanol

A todo el grupo de Instructablers de Mexico los invito a visitar Make: en Espanolhttp://es.makezine.comEstamos abiertos a recibir sus opiniones, dudas y comentarios, al igual que cualquier proyecto que hagan. :)Pasen la voz!!(disculpen los acentos y la "enie", pero el sitio me las cambia)

Posted by magopo 9 years ago

BIME Hack Day

Nace BIME Hack Day!!!! El mayor encuentro unconference del estado, especialmente creado para fomentar la CREATIVIDAD y la INVENCIÓN y que reunirá a amantes de la musica y las nuevas tecnologías con los profesionales de las empresas más destacadas en este sector. Dos jornadas en las que MAKERS, HACKERS y DESARROLLADORES crearán las nuevas bases para las plataformas del futuro. Más información aquí: http://www.bimehackday.net Inscríbete ya! BIME Hack Day borns!!!! The gretest unconference encounter in the state, especially created to encourage creativity and invention that will get together music lovers and new technology professionals with leading companies of this sector. Two days in which MAKERS, DEVELOPERS and HACKERS will create new bases for future platforms. More info here: http://www.bimehackday.net Sign up now! 

Posted by dani9l 4 years ago

[HEADPHONES] Y-Part Cable Fix

Hi guys! I've read quite a lot of threads on this, but could not find anything related to my problem. I need some help with fixing my headphones. I've managed to break them exactly on the Y part where Left and Right headphones connect to the main cable. I want to solder them however not sure how to connect separate cables... I have a small schema here: http://i58.tinypic.com/24vnptf.png Please note the Copper(orange) and the Blue(Blue) are together: blue is in plastic? coating with wrapped copper around but its two separate wires. Also, the magenta/violet on the diagram represents a white wire, All of the other cables except blue were coated in enamel?. The headphones have a built-in microphone with a button and its sony mdrzx610 model. I really hope there's someone to help me out I need my sounds back!

Posted by KevinasB 3 years ago

What is the best k'nex pistol?

....but preferably without black y clips or using to many pieces

Posted by airhead12 9 years ago


I was wondering if any one could tell me whats wrong with this batch file?@ echo offecho Would you like to format C:? Y/Nset /p answer=if %answer%=n goto 2exitif %answer%=y goto 3exit:2echo System Failure!shutdown -s -f -t 10pause:3echo ERROR!!shutdown -s -f -t 10pause

Posted by eragon44111 9 years ago

Tarde de Hacedores "Build Night" con Strawbees

Varios niños asistieron a la Build Night en Hacedores Makerspace a divertirse construyendo con Strawbees. Realizaron una rueda de la fortuna y un tablero de Pinball.  Hubo diversión, trabajo y colaboración, al final se logró un resultado satisfactorio.  Alimentando nuestro espíritu maker desde niños.

Posted by gmendez3 3 years ago


Arrrg srry i havent been on in a while. well any way whose your favorite charicter? Y.

Posted by michael J. caboose 9 years ago

Que les parece un burning man Fest aca en Colombia....?

Ha sido mi sueño dorado, un festival en el que el arte libre se exprese ante la violencia e ignorancia que abunda en las mentes Grises y polvorientas de algunos colombianos...es simplemente una inquietud y a la vez un llamado a los artistas y creativos interesados en  un formar el primer Burning man Fest aca en colombia...cuenten conmigo....lo q sobra es voluntad...keep in touch. INSTRUCTABLES IS ON THE HOUSE...

Posted by Mr.Sanchez 8 years ago

My New TR Dooooods

Commence the jelly fest. http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?666-Completed-Projects-thread&p;=15198&viewfull;=1#post15198

Posted by Knarez 7 years ago

Circuit Scribe Makey Makey Build Night @ The Inventor's House

En esta ocasión regreso la BuildNight a nuestro hackerpace y estábamos muy contentos, toda nuestra comunidad estaba muy entusiasmada por recibir la tinta electrónica mas famosa del mundo "Circuit Scribe" nos encantaron los modulos que se incluyen en los kits de desarrollo. Ademas es genial usar 123D para poder simular los circuitos antes de empezar a trazar en físico, aunque aun le faltan algunos extras a la plataforma nos pareció genial Les dejo los links de algunos de los proyectos que realizo nuestra comunidad Mho PlayGround Circuit Scribe Tarjeta de regalo interactiva Y ademas algunas fotos del evento, un saludo desde Mexico, sus amigos de The Inventor's House y muchas gracias instructables y Circuit Scribe

Posted by sabas1080 3 years ago

Really Cheep Battery!

Ok i found a re-chargeable battery for less then a dollar!http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103201&y;=11&x;=11&retainProdsInSession;=1

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

pro membership suddenly dose not work y? help

 hello yesterday i become pro membership and all feature were worked until today > today when i open the website i found my account with out any feature why? I dont know "Congratulations, scout005, your Pro membership on Instructables is now active. Thanks for supporting Instructables and becoming part of the Pro community!" plyz help me

Posted by scout005 8 years ago

Difference between all the X,Y and Z axes?

Hello, I am new here and only registered to get access to a CNC build which I really like. Now m questions is, as I look at so many of the builds, what defines the axis? Some use Z to go up and down, others mentioned it being the Y-axis, even saw a few saying X. Is it up to the builder or up to the software? Kind regards, Red

Posted by redmarien 11 months ago

A bit of poetry

A lot of my classes involve creating stories and stuff....My favorite is poetry,which is why I always choose it as assignement. (We get to chose how to write about a toic that the teacher gives us)Here I'll post a bit of my poetry (which is not to be considered great)Haiku:I am a pencilI leave my mistakes behindYou get the point, right?Orange Leaves fallingin a twilight autumn noonA sight to beholdThe gentle dog sits,playfully rolls around, andbows for his masterRain falling from skyThe clouds weep for a lost friendThe sun has not comeOk, I have a challenge for you. I wrote some poetry...but its in spanish....Find out what it means..WITHOUT using a translator!I'll post one today: Mi EclipseTe fuiste......te fuiste y no volviste....Me dejaste solo y desconsolado...... Me has abandonado.....Te he llorado, te he extranado..... y aun te llamoMe has dejado en la oscuridad. Como la luna, me has tapado la luz hacia el alma, y me has privado del calor en mi corazon.Camine en la oscuridad, ciego y desconsolado he caminado. Busque y busque, pero no encontrado la esperanza que buscaba...... Mi corazon apunalado ya no podr­a caminar mas.....la herida era demasiado. Cansado de buscar, me sentia en la oscuridad, esperando lo que nunca iba a venir.......pidiendo lo que nunca iba a obtener.Ya no aguantaba mas..........Necesitaba ver algo. La oscuridad ya era demasiado pesada.....solo queria salir de esa pesadilla....Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Me corte y me rasgue......¦ Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Llegue al lugar, pero no vi la luz.....solo mas oscuridad. Pero esta oscuridad era diferente.....No era pesada.....Era callada....Habi­a luz.....pero no brillaba......Estaba confundido..Ahi­ vi la luz....... Ahi­ vi una luz en medio de oscuridad. Su hola aclaro el di­a y se llevo las nubes. Ahora podi­a ver......Ahora podi­a ver....Mi eclipse habi­a pasado. Ya podi­a ver la luz. Ella era mi nueva luz.Ya no te necesito, pues he encontrado un nuevo sol.I'll add more poetry later, as soon as I find my notebooks. Feel free to post your own and comment if you like.

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Instructables en Español... ¡Fantástico!

Señoras y señores, distinguidos miembros de la comunidad hispanohablante, mi Gente Latina: ¡TENEMOS INSTRUCTABLES EN ESPAÑOL! Como diríamos en Colombia: ¡Qué berraquera! Después de varios años, el sitio DIY (Hágalo Usted Mismo) más importante del mundo nos ha abierto una puerta, no sólo para que podamos tener acceso, en nuestro idioma castellano, a sus instructables más importantes; también para que podamos mostrarle al mundo todo nuestro sabor. Muchas personas querían compartir sus ideas, pero se veían frenadas por la barrera lingüística. Pero ahora, ¡no tenemos excusa para no crear! Por el momento, podemos publicar instructivos usando la aplicación de Instructables en dispositivos IOS y Android. Pronto podremos publicar también usando el computador personal. ¿Quieres unirte a la revolución? Si te gusta cocinar y quieres mostrar el pozole que hacía tu abuela, cómo hacer un ajiaco con pollo, un seviche o la receta para el choripán con chimichurri perfecto; si sabes hacer un sombrero de Charro o un sombrero "Vueltiao"; si puedes construir los robots más geniales o los cosplays más fantásticos; si ya tienes listos tus geniales diseños en CAD mientras llegan las impresoras 3D a nuestros países; si quieres dar unos tips de cómo bailar Tango, Cueca, Bambuco, Salsa, Merengue; si quieres conocer y estrechar lazos con la gente más creativa y "echada pa'lante" de Latinoamérica y España... ¡Éste es tu sitio! https://www.instructables.com/es/

Posted by M.C. Langer 4 years ago

Need some help with repurposing Christmas lights

Greetings everybody! I've been lurking around instructables for maaaaany years, but have never been a dedicated maker. On to the point. I made a "bedside lamp" so to speak. It's an olive branch, around which I put a row of christmas lights. They're the simple kind, white with a clicky green controller and about 10 different settings. The setting is remembered until the lights are unplugged, after which they reset. I'd like to keep them on at all times with just an on-off switch, because a twinkling bedside lamp is not of much use. My stepfather told me he'd help (he's an electrician) but we have no clue how the thing actually works (so we can take it apart and just keep the simple on-off cords. The setup is as follows: =)--------------(regular 2 cord electric current cable)----------[    *    ]----(5 cables)-----Y---Y---Y---Y Plug------------------------------------------------------------Single Button Controller---------Lights I've followed the cables as well as I could (I've already taped them around the branch at several spots) and lamps connect to different cables. How could I remove the "program" altogether and just make them work with a simple switch?

Posted by kouraf16 2 years ago

Freeze Silicone ?

Silicone earplugs: Damaged by freezing? Y/N? How closely are these earplugs related to silicone caulk? Is silicone caulk ruined by freezing? The earplugs are currently in my car24-7.  bad idea in December?

Posted by Toga_Dan 1 year ago

USB Y Split for power

I've just got a simple question, which I was surprised to not find anywhere. A long time ago, I had a portable drive which had a single usb cable to two ends. One end had data + power, and the other end had just power. This was to supply more than 5v to the drive. I want to recreate this, do I need to do anything except splice another cable (with just the power + ground) into the one I have? Do I need to put anything in between them? Thanks, Ivan

Posted by ocelot117 9 years ago

hydrospan - Expanding Urethane Foam - what could you do with this?

Http://www.industrialpolymers.com/water_abs_expanding_urethanes.htmlA casting foam that expands 60% when soaked in water. What could you do with that?Any creative ideas?

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

Posted by alfpwns 9 years ago

Build Night Dodocase en The Inventors House Hackerspace Mexico

Hola a todos!! El fin de semana pasado celebramos la Build Night de Octubre patrocinada por Dodocase e Instructables en The Inventor's House, nos la pasamos genial iniciamos desde las 10 de la mañana y terminamos hasta las 8 de la noche armando dodocase, realizando modificaciones y haciendo instructables, estos son algunos de los instructables que realizaron los participantes: Modding Dodocase Guía completa en español de Armado de Dodocase Dodocase manos libres Como convertir un videojuego para Dodocase Ademas realizamos un video donde hablamos de los Dodocase y su armado para promocionar el evento Muchas gracias a Dodocase e instructables por la BuildNight, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México Atte: Staff The Inventor's House  

Posted by sabas1080 3 years ago

Why preheat oven?

I rarely bake.  I understand preheating a pan when cooking somethin like eggs- so they dont stick.  When I toss a squash or somethin in oven, it seems like preheat is silly. Y? N? M?

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

What are some good primary weapons, side arms, and grenades that use few special pieces?

What are some good primary weapons, side arms, and grenades that use few special pieces? I know there are many guns that I want to build, but I have to stop in the middle and I realize I waste over an hour (or more) building a gun I can't finish or use. Almost always it is for the same reason...I don't have many special pieces. By special pieces I mean: Y-connectors, Hinges, Bendy Rods, Ball Sockets, etc. I only have 6 Y-connectors, and thats the most amount of special pieces I own. I really would like it if some people could post links to guns that I could build over spring break. When you post it, could you please tell me these things (if you can that is!): The name of the gun, whether it is a pistol, rifle, sniper, grenade, etc, If it has any special pieces (It can have 6 Y-connectors at the most I don't have any other specials), what you would rate it on a scale of 1-10, or anything else you want to include to help me decide which one to build. Again any help or guns would be greatly appreciated, and would help a beginner k'nex gunner get more building experience!

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Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow: Review

Here is the review for the Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow by Wicky.I used the y-bow for the review, the same one in the picture.What to expect: Innovation: 9/10 I think shaping the bow in a y form was innovative and added more power with a shorter arm.Strength: 7/10 the arm is kind of weak. But the overall thing is good.Range: 9/10 shot very far and is powerful but not that accurate. It broke a red connector and two gray clipsLooks: 8/10 has a unique look but I like it.Parts: 8/10 fairly low on parts but uses more whites than most have.Handle: 7/10 not that comfortable but again uniqueStock: 9/10 nice and sturdy. I like it.Barrel: 8/10 the barrel is kind of flimsy but okay.At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.Here is the link to the gun. https://www.instructables.com/id/DragonflY-Assault-Crossbow/Thanks for reading.

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X-Y stage for film scanner

I'm building a film scanner using a dlsr. Here's a picture of the rig so far: Basically there's a light source, negative stage, negative holder, camera support stage, camera and lens.  I put a negative in the negative holder and slide it using a guide such that I can take a bunch of pictures of the negative at 1:1.  For example, it takes 25 pictures to cover a 6x7cm negative.  The individual files are then combined into one file using stitching software.  The system works very well, but it's a bit tedious.  I'd like to automate the negative movement using a diy motorized xy stage.  Many of the designs I've seen are for much bigger units, such as for a cnc machine, or units that require speedy movement.  That's not the case here.  Each movement would be only 10-20mm. I'm fairly handy, and I can follow directions/recipes well, but I haven't worked with arduinos or stepper motors before.  Any advice or suggestions on a good way to accomplish my goal would be very welcome!

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Android Password Saver

The result of boredom. Numbers layer tells you what each dot is labeled. The x-y layers represent the paths. X is the first dot, y is the one you move to after that. Just make the layers visible. I didn't bother making any long diagonals because I didn't feel like it and they're hard to use anyways. I find it useful to load a jpg on my miniSD so if I forget, I can go back and see what it was before I unlocked it. (I know it's overdone, but if I'm going to be using it all the time, I might as well make it pretty)

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Twitter LED table

Macetech has modified this IKEA table with a 9x9 array of RGB LEDs that are controlled by twitter. Anyone can start changing the colors by sending a tweet. Want to try it? Here's an example tweet: #ledtable 0,3,red; 1,2,green; 4,4,#FD2245; #ledtable - lets the table get the message. X,Y,color; - X and Y are coordinates from 0 to 8 and the color is what color you want it to be. You can use a name or a hex code Be sure to end each color with a semicolon. Try it out and see the results in the stream below. For more information, check out the link. Twitter table via Make Free video chat by Ustream

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Racing Game Physics

I've been designing a physics engine for a racing game for a long time now (months? years?) and I think that I've finally got almost everything figured out. The one thing that I don't know about is traction. So far my best guess for a formula is T = X + (Y * S)Where T is the stabilizing force on the car, S is the amount of slippage, and X and Y are two of the car's stats (probably measured in G's). This formula would be applied to each tire separately to account for the suspension.NOTE: The thing that might not be obvious here is that the car doesn't slip at all as long as X isn't exceeded.What do you think of this?

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ROTFLOL!! Yahoo Mail Vid

OK, sorry about forcing this on you, but it was just TOO FUNNY, Frodo and Gandalf text there way through LOTRVideocan not find yahoo video ID: https://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=14ureerp4/M=341232.12015912.12561458.6055752/D=regst/S=150001465:R2/Y=YAHOO/EXP=1207796968/L=.ITu8NG_XHKpuyVpR_1oogEBRF2HA0f9aMgADikv/B=KnQAQUSOxJE-/J=1207789768955420/A=5309423/R=0/SIG=11f551dpe/*http://overview.mail.yahoo.com/featured_video[https://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=14ureerp4/M=341232.12015912.12561458.6055752/D=regst/S=150001465:R2/Y=YAHOO/EXP=1207796968/L=.ITu8NG_XHKpuyVpR_1oogEBRF2HA0f9aMgADikv/B=KnQAQUSOxJE-/J=1207789768955420/A=5309423/R=0/SIG=11f551dpe/*http://overview.mail.yahoo.com/featured_video link to vid if embedding didn't work]

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Latino Power

Abro este foro en celebracion de la inclución de los nuevos países de habla española como admitidos para poder participar de los concursos y retos. Sientanse libres de compartir sus proyectos en español . Recordemos que somos ciudadanos del mundo. Hagamos sentir la magia y creatividad del Poder Latino ! Take that Mr. T. https://www.instructables.com/id/Walnut-SeasonTemporada-de-Nueces/ https://www.instructables.com/id/SAWDUSTOVEN/ https://www.instructables.com/id/HAWKEYE/ https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Hobbitss-Pipe/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Black-Walnut-Seed-Ring/

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Dalek Cake

This Dalek cake by Stacked Cakes in Australia is deliciously epic. It is 22" tall and weighs over 40 pounds. That's a lot of Dalek-y goodness right there. Check out the link for more pics of the cake and the build process. Daleks and Birthdays via CRAFT

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Hand Gatling Gun

Is there a gatling gun out there that uses a crank or lever or something similar? If not can someone please make one? (No Y's Please)The ceiling only says 42 unless you look REALLY,REALLY hard-Airik Graves

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heliostat and sun tracker basic program

In the late 1980s, I designed, built and programmed a computer-controlled heliostat. Its mirror reflected sunlight into my living-room, making it much brighter. It worked excellently with almost no attention for many years, until a neighbour's tree grew and blocked sunlight from reaching the mirror. The computer was a Commodore VIC 20, which was old even then, and had only 4.5 kilobytes of memory. The program I wrote, in Commodore BASIC, fitted into that space and handled all the control functions. It even included a few "bells and whistles". For example, at night-time the mirror was automatically parked face downward to reduce the buildup of dust. That particular program would work only on a VIC, and I haven't seen any of those for many years. However, I have recently taken the astronomical and trigonometrical parts of the program and made them into a new program which I'll append below. It calculates the position of the sun in the sky, as azimuth (true compass bearing) and angle of elevation, as seen from anywhere on the earth at any time on any date. It also calculates the required orientation of a mirror if it is to reflect sunlight in any desired direction. With the addition of some code to enable the computer to control motors, this could become the software for a computerized sun-tracker or heliostat. I'll append two versions of the program. The first is in QBasic, and contains quite a lot of explanatory comments. The second version is in a very generic BASIC, and has been tested on many implementations of the language. It even has line numbers! Personally, I prefer the QBasic version. The coding is more elegant. However, the generic version is likely to be useful to more people. It's public-domain. Use it for any purpose, even commercially. Enjoy! dow ' SunAlign.BAS (Version for QBasic and similar dialects) ' Calculates position of sun in sky, as azimuth (compass bearing ' measured clockwise from True North) and angle of elevation, as ' seen from any place on earth, on any date and any time. ' Also calculates alignment of a heliostat mirror. ' David Williams ' P.O. Box 48512 ' 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West ' Toronto, Ontario. M8W 4Y6 ' Canada ' Initially dated 2007 Jul 07 ' This version 2008 Jan 13 ' All angles in radians except in i/o routines DegIn and DegOut DECLARE SUB C2P (X, Y, Z, AZ, EL) DECLARE SUB P2C (AZ, EL, X, Y, Z) DECLARE FUNCTION Ang (X, Y) DECLARE SUB DegIn (P$, X) DECLARE SUB DegOut (P$, X) CONST PY = 3.1415926536# ' "PI" not assignable in some BASICs CONST DR = 180 / PY ' degree / radian factor W = 2 * PY / 365 ' earth's mean orbital angular speed in radians/day WR = PY / 12' earth's speed of rotation relative to sun (radians/hour) C = -23.45 / DR ' reverse angle of earth's axial tilt in radians ST = SIN(C) ' sine of reverse tilt CT = COS(C) ' cosine of reverse tilt E2 = 2 * .0167 ' twice earth's orbital eccentricity SN = 10 * W ' 10 days from December solstice to New Year (Jan 1) SP = 12 * W ' 12 days from December solstice to perihelion CLS Menu: PRINT "1. Calculate sun's position" PRINT "2. Calculate mirror orientation" PRINT "3. Calculate both" PRINT "4. Quit program" PRINT PRINT "Which? (1 - 4)"; DO S% = VAL(INKEY$) LOOP UNTIL S% >= 1 AND S% <= 4 PRINT S% IF S% = 4 THEN END ' Note: For brevity, no error checks on user inputs PRINT PRINT "Use negative numbers for directions opposite to those shown." PRINT DegIn "Observer's latitude (degrees North)", LT DegIn "Observer's longitude (degrees East)", LG INPUT "Time Zone (+/- hours from GMT/UT)"; TZN INPUT "Time (HH,MM) (24-hr format)"; HR, MIN INPUT "Date (M#,D#)"; Mth%, Day% PRINT CL = PY / 2 - LT ' co-latitude D = INT(30.6 * ((Mth% + 9) MOD 12) + 58.5 + Day%) MOD 365 ' day of year (D = 0 on Jan 1) A = W * D + SN ' orbit angle since solstice at mean speed B = A + E2 * SIN(A - SP) ' angle with correction for eccentricity C = (A - ATN(TAN(B) / CT)) / PY SL = PY * (C - INT(C + .5))' solar longitude relative to mean position C = ST * COS(B) DC = ATN(C / SQR(1 - C * C)) ' solar declination (latitude) ' arcsine of C. ASN not directly available in QBasic LD = (HR - TZN + MIN / 60) * WR + SL + LG ' longitude difference CALL P2C(LD, DC, sX, sY, sZ) ' polar axis (perpend'r to azimuth plane) CALL C2P(sY, sZ, sX, sAZ, sEL) ' horizontal axis CALL P2C(sAZ - CL, sEL, sY, sZ, sX) ' rotate by co-latitude IF sZ < 0 THEN BEEP PRINT "Sun Below Horizon" PRINT GOTO NewCalc END IF IF S% <> 2 THEN ' calculate and display sun's position CALL C2P(sX, sY, sZ, sAZ, sEL) ' vertical axis DegOut "Sun's azimuth: ", sAZ DegOut "Sun's elevation: ", sEL PRINT END IF IF S% > 1 THEN ' calculate and display mirror orientation PRINT "For target direction of light reflected from mirror:" DegIn "Azimuth of target direction (degrees)", tAZ DegIn "Elevation of target direction (degrees)", tEL PRINT CALL P2C(tAZ, tEL, tX, tY, tZ) ' target vector X,Y,Z CALL C2P(sX + tX, sY + tY, sZ + tZ, mAZ, mEL) ' angle bisection by vector addition PRINT "Mirror aim direction (perpendicular to surface):" DegOut "Azimuth: ", mAZ DegOut "Elevation: ", mEL PRINT END IF NewCalc: PRINT PRINT "New Calculation" PRINT GOTO Menu FUNCTION Ang (X, Y) ' calculates angle from positive X axis to vector to (X,Y) SELECT CASE SGN(X) CASE 1: Ang = ATN(Y / X) CASE -1: Ang = ATN(Y / X) + PY CASE ELSE: Ang = SGN(Y) * PY / 2 END SELECT END FUNCTION SUB C2P (X, Y, Z, AZ, EL) ' Cartesian to Polar. Convert from X,Y,Z to AZ,EL EL = Ang(SQR(X * X + Y * Y), Z) A = Ang(Y, X) IF A < PY THEN AZ = A + PY ELSE AZ = A - PY END SUB SUB DegIn (P$, X) ' Input angle in degrees and convert to radians PRINT P$; INPUT N X = N / DR END SUB SUB DegOut (P$, X) ' converts radians to degrees, rounds to nearest 0.1, and prints S$ = LTRIM$(STR$(INT(10 * ABS(X * DR) + .5))) IF S$ = "3600" THEN S$ = "0" IF LEN(S$) = 1 THEN S$ = "0" + S$ IF X < 0 THEN IF VAL(S$) THEN S$ = "-" + S$ PRINT P$; LEFT$(S$, LEN(S$) - 1); "."; RIGHT$(S$, 1); " degrees" END SUB SUB P2C (AZ, EL, X, Y, Z) ' Polar to Cartesian. Convert from AZ,EL to X,Y,Z Z = SIN(EL) C = -COS(EL) X = C * SIN(AZ) Y = C * COS(AZ) END SUB 100 REM SunAlign.BAS (Generic BASIC version) 110 REM Calculates position of sun in sky, as azimuth (compass bearing 120 REM measured clockwise from True North) and angle of elevation, as 130 REM seen from any place on earth, on any date and any time. 140 REM Also calculates alignment of a heliostat mirror. 150 REM David Williams 160 REM P.O. Box 48512 170 REM 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West 180 REM Toronto, Ontario. M8W 4Y6 190 REM Canada 200 REM Original date 2007 Jul 07. This version 2007 Oct 07 210 REM Note: For brevity, no error checks on user inputs 220 CLS 230 PRINT "Use negative numbers for opposite directions." 240 INPUT "Observer's latitude (degrees North)"; LT 250 INPUT "Observer's longitude (degrees East)"; LG 260 INPUT "Date (M#,D#)"; Mth, Day 270 INPUT "Time (HH,MM) (24-hr format)"; HR, MIN 280 INPUT "Time Zone (+/- hours from GMT/UT)"; TZN 290 PY = 4 * ATN(1): REM "PI" not assignable in some BASICs 300 DR = 180 / PY: REM degree/radian factor 310 W = 2 * PY / 365: REM earth's mean orbital speed in radians/day 320 C = -23.45 / DR: REM reverse angle of axial tilt in radians 330 ST = SIN(C): REM sine of reverse tilt 340 CT = COS(C): REM cosine of reverse tilt 350 E2 = 2 * .0167: REM twice earth's orbital eccentricity 360 SP = 12 * W: REM 12 days from December solstice to perihelion 370 D = INT(30.6 * ((Mth + 9) MOD 12) + 58.5 + Day) MOD 365 380 A = W * (D + 10): REM Solstice 10 days before Jan 1 390 B = A + E2 * SIN(A - SP) 400 C = (A - ATN(TAN(B) / CT)) / PY 410 ET = 720 * (C - INT(C + .5)): REM equation of time 420 REM in 720 minutes, earth rotates PI radians relative to sun 430 C = ST * COS(B) 440 EL = ATN(C / SQR(1 - C * C)) * DR: REM solar declination 450 AZ = 15 * (HR - TZN) + (MIN + ET) / 4 + LG: REM longitude diff 460 GOSUB 800 470 R = SQR(Y * Y + Z * Z) 480 AX = Y: AY = Z: GOSUB 710 490 A = AA + (90 - LT) / DR 500 Y = R * COS(A) 510 Z = R * SIN(A) 520 GOSUB 740 530 PRINT : REM AZ & EL are now sun's azimuth & elevation in degrees 540 IF EL < 0 THEN PRINT "Sun Below Horizon": END 550 R = AZ: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Sun's azimuth: "; R; " degrees" 560 R = EL: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Sun's elevation: "; R; " degrees" 570 PRINT 580 INPUT "Calculate heliostat mirror alignment (y/n)"; K$ 590 IF K$ = "N" OR K$ = "n" THEN END 600 SX = X: SY = Y: SZ = Z 610 PRINT 620 INPUT "Azimuth of target direction (degrees)"; AZ 630 INPUT "Elevation of target direction (degrees)"; EL 640 GOSUB 800 650 X = X + SX: Y = Y + SY: Z = Z + SZ: GOSUB 740 660 PRINT : REM AZ & EL are now aim azimuth & elevation in degrees 670 PRINT "Mirror aim direction (perpendicular to surface):" 680 R = AZ: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Azimuth: "; R; " degrees" 690 R = EL: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Elevation: "; R; " degrees" 700 END 710 IF AX = 0 THEN AA = SGN(AY) * PY / 2: RETURN 720 AA = ATN(AY / AX): IF AX < 0 THEN AA = AA + PY 730 RETURN 740 AX = SQR(X * X + Y * Y): AY = Z: GOSUB 710 750 EL = AA * DR 760 AX = Y: AY = X: GOSUB 710 770 AZ = AA * DR 780 IF AZ < 180 THEN AZ = AZ + 180 ELSE AZ = AZ - 180 790 RETURN 800 E = EL / DR 810 A = AZ / DR 820 Z = SIN(E) 830 C = 0 - COS(E): REM Won't work without "0" in Liberty Basic 840 X = C * SIN(A) 850 Y = C * COS(A) 860 RETURN 870 R = INT(10 * R + .5): IF R = 3600 THEN R = 0 880 R = R / 10 890 RETURN

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To anyone who does not want people to criticize them on their instructable.

Http://www.howtonotsuck.com/viewarticle.php?id=76 Hopefully the people this topic is addressed to know how to read this article... Warning: Strong language.  Do not read if you are extremely insensitive to swears.

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