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A Few Ideas Answered

Which should I post first?
Blood shot effect for a film (completed)
Paintball Flamethrower (theory)
Paintball grenade (completed)
Call of Duty Ray Gun prop
Wunderwaffe prop

Which would everyone be interested in?



I wanna see the paintball thrower one. Thinking about a strafer type design?

Somebody, somewhere, will be interested in each one of them.  I'm curious about the "paintball flamethrower," but that's just me.

Hey!  Why haven't you finished posting them?  Are you still reading this?  Go!  Go post :-)

:P I had golf, couldn't get pictures today, hopefully it rains tomorrow. That way I could finish the instructable.

Paintball flamethrower?  Wouldn't that be a flameball thrower? Napalmball thrower?  I'm just saying....

*pulls out catapult from garage waiting for new ammo ible*

1. You post them all.
2. You post the ones that you completed first.
3. You can't tell what people are interested in until they see it.

Now go post.

:P The blood shot effect will be here friday.

Work that blood shot effect into a prank also so you can enter it in the April Fool's contest.   Look, I just got shot and I can't get up...