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A knex car to build, anyone? Answered

I want an idea on what car I should build, can anyone give me a decent idea? Im open to almost any idea...


dodge charger, shelby corba, honda civic, low rider, monster truck, hotrod, 32' ford coupe, well just look in a hot rod magazine there is cool cars in there

Ford model T , endurance race car , bmw m3 gt, knex rally car version 6

Technically, the final edition of my rally car was V6. But I've never made any of those other ones.

Build a hot rod type. Get it? Hot ROD! HAHAHAHAHA!
i watch waaaaay too much annoying orange.

1960s mustang, chevy camaro, 1960s corvette, 1966 pontiac GTO, plymouth- road runner, pontiac GTO judge, ford grand torino, 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass, dodge chalenger and other muscle cars!