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Account not logging in, but I'm positive I have the right pass word! Answered

HELP! Every time I try and login to my other account, it wont let me!!!!!!!!!! HELP! I know I have the right password!


Thank you all for your help, but I finally got it. THANK YOU GUYS!


i know what to do i hope this works 4 u when you enter your username and password dont click go, type enter and make shure you did not type a nother letter by nistake or leave out the space bar like i said mistake not nistake hope it works


9 years ago

Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? The Instructables login information is kept in a cookie, in the usual manner. If this doesn't work, let me know a bit more, such as:

  • what are the two accounts you are having problems with (I don't need your passwords)
  • the URL of page you're logging in from - and is it the login bubble on the top right, a different login bubble, or the main login page?
  • what result you get when you try to log in - an error message, a blank page, the same page but where you're still not logged in, etc. a screenshot of before and after would be very useful.

You can PM me with this information, if you prefer not to have it in the comments here.

If you just turn of your computer after leaving the site without logging of then next time you visit you will still be logged on.

i never turn off my computer, just the monmitor