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I would have thought that having a Premium Membership, would give you the option of "No ads". Am I mistaken? Where would I opt out of the ads? They seem more prevalent recently.




11 months ago

I am logged in and see banner ads at the top and other ads as sidebar of any page I visit. They vary in content. I've included a few snap shots as examples.


Hello again,

Unfortunately, neither I or the site's developers have been able to reproduce what you are seeing! Here are some tests you can try, which will give us some more clues for what to look for:

Do you see the same behavior when logged in using different browsers (safari, firefox, IE, etc.)?

How about in an incognito or private tab?

Have you cleared your browsing history, logged out and then back in?

These are things to try. Please let me know what you see.

Sam (seamster)

Thank you so much for "these things to try". Chrome seems to give the best results, ...no ads. Typically I use Firefox, so I logged out of Instructables, cleared my cache, and voila ...no ads! Thank you so much! Perhaps this will be helpful to someone else.

Ah, wonderful! Glad that worked! :)