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Air Compressor Answered

I just found this site a week ago and thought somebody might like to check out a brand new homemade, and a rebuilt modified. I made the older one for a buddy of mine about a year ago. The new one sports a 12 horse Honda from a generator, a dual stage pump from (Chicago Pneumatics,I think)5hp min., and an old 250 gal. LP gas tank. Havent fired it off yet, but will try to get some video on it when I do. The old one will go from 0-150lbs.,in about 2.5-3min!


I am curious, how much pressure is an old 250 gal. LP gas tank rated for?

Hey Goodhart, I'll have to check, still havent gotten around to piping it up yet. Just guessing, I dont see any problem with 150psi. If my memory serves me correctly, when I cut into the tank, removing the original weld-o-lets, valves, and nipples....I plugged the holes with 3/16 plate and that was a little bit over the base metal thickness. Keeping that in mind, I've seen the old freeon tanks with 150psi on them, but that would be pushing it a little too far for my comfort zone. I will check and find out though. I plan to go with 150psi max. on the tank and 3 pop of valves rated at 160psi, or at least that was my original. The 40gal compressor in the other picture (rusty/dirty) has that set up and works fine, but that is an original compressor tank. When I fired it off I just walked behind a pine tree and waited for the first pop off valve to trip, just to be safe.(lol)

Cool! What exactly do you use them for?

Hey, is that a model B JD in the background? Did it originally come with the wide front end? I have a 1951 model in my barn.

Hey Skunkbait, I think its an "M", but I may be wrong. Ill have to check on that too. It belongs to my Dad. I do know its a gas burnin 2 banger. Got lots of torque. I went to load it up, had to drain diesel out of tank, crank, and all that. Runs good. Torquey little thing. Cute aint it. Next time I get a chance Ill put another pic of old timer in there for ya. Green acres kinda stuff. I like it though and so does dad.

Give me ahollar if you need anything. Later.

Hey this would make a great instructable... And I think it's some thing several people on here might build .. (( I know I would if I can find a tank .. ))

You ought to consider turning that project into an Instructable, especially if you took plenty of photos while you built it.

Its not too late, as a matter of fact I allready had it built before I found this site, but tommorrow Im going to pipe it in for air and I'll be through. I may do it with only the pics after that, but to me, if I was going to turn it into an instructable or if I knew I would need to, I would have taken pics of every step and process. So I just shared it this way instead. The next project I do, I'll try to turn into either a video type or pictorial instructable. Oh well. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Never mind, there is plenty of time - that shed looks like the site of a lot of Making.

Hey man, I went to your site, you got more notches on your belt than John Wayne, whatsup? Are you a scientist engineer or something like that?

Close, I'm a science teacher with my own shed! Don't be fooled - they're not major projects, and I've built them up over two and a half years.