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Airsoft v.s Paint ball Answered

many paintballers disrespect airsofters and vice versa. which is better??? (i play both and i enjoy both of them)
please post some pros and con for each sport.
A.S=airsoft P.B=paint ball

Pros and cons for 6mm paintballs:

Pros: Can be used in any gun if 6mm, can see if hit. most biodegradable

Cons: Sometimes burst in the gun and mess up you're gun fore ever, don't all ways burst. It is like for every paintball that doesn't burst, 10 6mm paintballs don't burst. 3X more expensive than normal BBs

pros: cheeper ammo & guns. reusable ammo. grater gun design freedom. guns available at walmart and most sports stores, AS guns look like real guns -Co2 cost only about 50 cents you can airsoft anywhere

cons: cheating is easier, more painful, Co2 can only be used once, you can't tell if someone was shot, biodegradable ammo hard to find and only available in .2 & .25 gram bbs (most guns work best with .12g )

pros: more fields then A.S. easy to see when hit, less pain full games end a lot faster allmost all paint balls are biodegradable

cons: ammo not reusable more expensive need large c02 tanks you need a huge open space and no dangers of damagni property and often have to pay to use fields airsoft at parks and large aeras

wana add to this list just comment (please do so nicely this is ment to help people to decide between the 2)

heres a tally of preferences / = 5 tallys |=1tally


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i like airsoft because it is just better can all yall shoot someone from 305 ft away with your paintball sniper rifle i think not!

PB doesn't need CO2 - I went a few weeks ago, and the range had a small compressor running, topping up the tanks with air.

those tanks cost 3x as much as c02 theirs also propane powered guns (tippmann c3) but thats hard to find.

Compressed air must be cheaper in bulk - they had about 120 guns being permanently topped up in racks. I'd bet the single compresser was more "friendly" than 120 CO2 tanks that need refilling three or four times a day.

the compressed air tanks are at 4500 psi they cost around $200 a c02 tank cost around $20 (see links below) c02 is effected by temperature, pro's use compressed air its not effected by temperature or surrounding air presser. c02 cost $5 a refill at most places

Let me help you understand the questions better, when they say it as a high price, they mean the actual tanks themselves, no the canisters

lol.. where do u live? o-o cuz dam, imagine an hpa tank costing that much just for the tank itself at u.s. pricing o-o unless you're talking about the refill tank, then nvm, but if you're talking about a normal, affordable hpa tank, then idk how you're getting your tank for that price o-o

that's only if your local store doesn't have instore sales, i've seen tanks got for 30-40$ during most sales (especially xmas)

yes but those are steel 3000 psi tanks not, lightweight carbon fiber 4500 psi tanks, those cost $120 minimum

I think you mean a scuba tank, because an hpa tank runs at 3000 or 4500 psi, so good luck getting anywhere near that with a compressor that can get to about 400 tops. maybe one shot is what i'd give you

air tanks are more consistent than co2 be cause air tanks have a built in regulator. co2 tanks vary in pressure shot to shot because it is liquid in the tank that expands at non uniform rates. And yes, air is cheaper in bulk. a fill station can be bought from a dive shop that will give lots of fills for reletively cheap.


11 years ago

Paint ball is much funner, I hate airsoft because it boring and most of the time the little bb's don't fly stright. Most courses use air compressors rather then CO2 because its easier, you only get the CO2 at like walmart.

Dude, Airsoft is Way Funner that paintball and it's more realistic. I Don't Think You see Soldiers running around with guns that have a bigass Co2 tank or hopper. plus airsoft doesn't ruin those perfectly good pair of BDU's or MARPAT's or ACU's you work Hard For

Oh yea I forgot you dont see soldiers running around with PLASTIC guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Majority of airsoft guns are metal, use co2 and green gas and by the way the United States Army trains with airsoft guns i don't think you see soldiers running around shooting paint on each other.

or running around in big red plastic jumpsuits.

I don't know i see soldiers running around with a glocks and AUGs...

Australian army uses AUGs, and many smaller militaries use glocks.

alot of airsoft is metal if your spendin money on it so your point is???

ok DUDE paintball is Very realistet!! well with airsoft you have a spring that shots your B.B and you dont see soldiers running with see through guns! But with paintball Co2 shots the paintball you can hold 200 paintballs or more in a hopper!! Reatared

do you even know what airsoft guns look like? some of them are full metal with real slides and fully automatic capabilities, they also shoot very fast and very hard. they have cheap ammunition and are EXTREMELY similar to the firearms they are modeled after

I agree with u paintball god. and in airsoft the only thing realistic is the looks. nothing else. even the amount of paintballs used is similar to real life with guns. and to prove my point, airsofters, find out what the military uses. they use paintball.

Not any more. And i havent seen "soldiers running with" BIG hoppers strapped to their belts!

A. the hopper stays on the gun the whole time. you reload form 100-120 round pods in a harness.
B. There are paintball guns now a days that use magazines. which is exactly what the military uses. (look into the rap4 t68). There are also mods for the tippmann A5 and X7 Phenom that use mags.

I play both sports and have to say that paintball is more fun. I find my self walking casually in airsoft because i can still see the bbs coming and easily dodge them.
PaintBall is far more team oriented with less cheating. Every airsoft game ive seen, and its been quite a few, mostly involves players running around like its call of duty. Compared to popular belief, paint ball can be played any where as well.

Airsoft = A bunch of Military wannabes running around like call of duty.
Paintball = Actual Established sport, that takes tons of team coordination and skill

The military is now switching to airsoft. It has been proven that airsoft guns are closer to real gun then paintball is. Sorry to say but its ten times harder to dodge a bb then a big paintball that goes at only 300 fps. 

For the cheating part there is paintball bbs and also thats why you have good friends. Also it is very easy to see if a bb hits its target.  

Paintball is very loud and messy as for airsoft it can be played almost anywhere where there are woods. I dont know of any established paintball teams. If you know any please tell me. 

I have never played a game of airsoft that you can get out of cover for more then 30 seconds without getting hit. The problem i see is that you may have only played with few people and at a very long distance. I suggest trying it again and playing with professional people of with experienced people that have well built guns.

I must disagree with you on this one.
I'm very much an airsoft person but have played paintball and really didn't enjoy it at all.
You say airsoft has more cheating, but honestly, the only reason people don't cheat in paintball is because you can't. There's nothing serious airsofters hate more that some stupid 8 year old not calling their hits.

You say that you walk casually in airsoft because you can see the bbs coming and can dodge them. If this is true, you must be a complete god in paintball, as the majority of airsoft guns have a velocity 2 to 3 times higher than any paintball gun I've ever seen.

Also, the military now uses airsoft guns instead of paintball, as the guns are infinitely more realistic, and airsoft requires much more team coordination.

Yes your Paintball Vocab. : realistet, B.B, and finally Reatared. If you are going to say something about airsoft learn to spell first.

Again you must of went to walmart because all my guns are metal and black! And there is green gas, co2, propane also. And a hopper is huge!!!!!!!!! Airsoft clips are small!

Only the cheap Airsoft guns are clear and use springs, which is the airsoft you must be thinking of. All of the true airsoft guns use Co2, are made of metal, and actually look like guns (so much so that you would be shot by the cops). I play both paintball and airsoft, and I have to say I prefer the latter. Airsoft has a much more realistic feel to it.

I'll use your skewed logic, because you have obviously only seen the cheap side of Airsoft: The first picture is an Airsoft Co2 Pistol. The second is a cheap paintball gun. Let's see which is more realistic:

Picture 29.pngPicture 31.png

Hey! is that an ammo box? like 102mm howitzer shell or something like that? Cus i recognize the latch and construction from one i have. i also use it for paintball stuff AND airsoft. (i dont take either side in this debate!)

And you are showing me this, why? It has nothing to do with point at hand.

theres another point to be made here What model gun is it anyway not paintball what gun is it made off of in real life i see an m4 adjustable stock and then a bunch of other parts stuck together

Like picking the best of one and the worst of the other; setting yourself up to win.

if there's one thing I hate worse than prophesies, it's self-fulfilling prophesies" -- Bill Maher.

That I can agree with, but Airsoft pistols tend to be more realistic

Indeed, but why should realism matter, tbh? It's about the game.

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