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Alternative knex gun power source Answered

I think this situation has happend to everyone once

(pulls pin back)*SNAP!* "dang it, my rubber band broke"

and let me say i HATE it when that happens, i got so tired of it that i decided to try an alternative,
what did i use? Springs! I bought a pack of springs for $3 and lets say they work perfectly! they made my new sniper rifle fire over 80 feet before it hit the wall, so i dont know the exact range and i though i was set for a month of 2!
...well untill the 3rd day of useing them... the one i was useing got alot weaker i started to realise before i could hit the target on the wall without aiming upwards, now it dose not even reach 60 feet! (i noticed after i did my video) my first reaction was to check the breach load for any fragments of broken cartrages. none to be found. i thought "oh maybe the pin's tape has to be replaced (easy enough) as i took the main gun peice (the part of real barrel and breach load stuff not like handel or stock) it hit me! when i first used the gun my shoulder would pop and i could not get that strong in 3 days. and as i stared at the pin it seemed the spring had stretched! (this is a expantion spring so thats not good)

now i am very upset cause i am on the 2nd spring and it took me forever! to get the pin exactly right the first time.

so thats why this is here for any good ideas on how to have strong (yet long lasting) power sorces cause lets say RBs dont seem to like me and springs can get anoying and expencive.



maybe some how use Magnets?

Use K'nex as a frame for a coil gun? Is there a pneumatic system to match K'Nex? You could use the valves to launch projectiles with compressed air.

There is for lego... possibly an adaptation? They aren't fast, though :P


K'Nex connected to Lego?

Isn't there some sort of law against that?

It's like wearing a double-breasted suit with a piece of old rope as a belt.

knex just made knex "bricks". I think there idiotic and stupid, but they can connect to legos(there just legos with holes in the middle, and have adaptors to hook them up to rods and connectors. also, a saw a vid from some one who used the compressed air thing as a gun, it shot about 2 feet(basically just fell out, the compresser is made to move the legos, not fire them.). but, with fishertecnik i was able to make a cannon like thing by using a pump and a film cannister. it shot like 10 feet and was very loud. i am thinking about hooking the pump up to a motor to control it from my computer, and putting the gun on the gears so i can aim the gun and fire it from my computer. that would be cool, but alas, i am using the computer interface for a different project(possible Instructable coming)(its a rubix cube solver! by the way, i still need to think of a way to flip the cube, any ideas?). fishertecnik seem to have a lot more possibility's then knex, but knex are a lot easer to build with.

Probably, but like you ever follow the rules!

I have a picture from when you did that :-P


Well, perhaps you could make something like a catapult with weights. I am also working on a new sort of mg, but i want to keep it secret until i'ts uploaded. Stay tuned!

i have a magnet gun out of knex it shoots 300ft

dang knexgunner show a picture and how does it work? the magnets use their force to pull the pin back to hit the bullet? also to the dunkis i did try that and well (looks upwards with a embarist look) well lets say a 20lbs bow is a little strong maybe ill use my neibors 5lbs bow when they have there yard sale.

the magnet is taped to the firing pin the magnet is so hard to pull apart once it fires ill post instructions if u post instructions for your spring rifle

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i will just geting last minute bugs out of it and tryingout difrent springs to see what is best and easiest to use

well you could try like an actuall crossbow-like design and I'm sure you could make any sort of hybrid design with it. I mean bow strings get a lot of power. It would be hard to harness it and be able to make an effective trigger system without it breaking maybe...but otherwise it would be an excellent source

i have one, it uses no rubberbands or springs at all. try this, take a yellow rod and connect a orange connector on it. place it on the floor and then angle the yellow rod up but push down so the orange connector stays level. and some point you will see the orange connector go flying off. if i can find some way to magnify this effect then it might be able to power a gun.

get better springs...cheap ones are made of cheap material...same thing with rubber bands. If you buy springs made out of stronger material, they will retain their shape and will be much more powerful

true but the ones i got where like 2 for $3 (holiday discount where like $6) and where the only size that would have fit i would have gotten a beter one but it was to big and to much weight =\

you have to go to a store with stuff like what i said. some craft stores sell springs but they are usually not as good Your best bet is to go to a home depot or lowes (idk if you live in the U.S.) or other hardware store, and just tell them the diameter you are looking for and they can help you get the stuff you need

im planing on geting an airsoft spring, maybe they good cause they last long from what i know