Always-On Multi-day Countdown Clock with Raspberry Pi or Arduino Answered


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I extremely dislike the school I am going to. As such, I have a timer counting down to the day I graduate. However, that timer is a program on my computer. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to, maybe with a little display and a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino Board, create an always-on countdown timer that will count the days (roughly 850 of them) to my graduation that I could make and mount to a wall somewhere. It'd make for a great motivational item, I guess. I've found a few tutorials, but none of them detail a timer that would count more than a few minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


did you manage to find an answer to this as I am trying make the same thing

Lots of 7 segment ccts out there 4026 is my usual preferred driver. Easily driven with any of the microprocessors. Needs a real time clock to be accurate.

Its an arduino with real time clock problem, you could use 7 segment LED displays and a driver chip