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Am I weird? Answered

So... I'm starting to think that I am weird... because I like art like Mona Lisa, Arnolfini's marriage, and stuff... But I love stuff like death metal. It's just like watching Mona Lisa headbang. I like doing origami... but I like metal drumming. It's like seeing someone like AdamsSara from Youtube playing a constant double bass to death growling. I am actually very polite, but if you knew me for real, you would think I am someone who would like cut school (which I don't). It would be funny though. It would go something like this: Me: *Walks into convenience store* Dude Behind the counter: Aren't you supposed to be in school? Me: Why yes, thank you for saying that. Now give me all the money in the register please. If you don't mind. I won't hurt you. Dude behind the counter: No Me: Thanks anyway, please don't call the cops on me. *Laughs* Am I weird?


You are unique and special human being, just like everyone else. Now get back in line cupcake.

HELL, no you aren't. Not while you still am my friend.

What if I say I eat pudding out of my kitchen sink... filled with dishes?

Nah, that's not that weird...

yeah, im gunna second that, death metal is bombass, I'm more a fan of hardcore and grindcore

Grindcore is a sub genre of hardcore, grindcore is known for blast beats and breakdowns, usually anytime you see someone hardcore dancing its to grindcore.


I like some metalish music but I'm probably more of a fan of rock. People probably think I'm weird because of the stuff I've done or things I like and dislike XD And some of the things I've said...

I don't like corn. My brother says Im weird for that.

I don't like pizza and everyone says I'm weird for that.

Those that are not weird, are boring.

As GMJ says, weird it the new norm, so it is no longer weird :-) A bit of unasked for advice though: Continue to remain diverse and open. The world it too big and our lives too short to miss anything that is truly beneficial, both to yourself and others. If I may use an analogy.....Plant more trees, pull up less weeds, bind more wounds, lecture less, see what others do not or will not see....there is more to life then just existing. . .

psst, some have told me I am weird, because I philosophize everything ;-)

That's not being weird, thats just being helpful!

believe it or not, some people think excessive helping of others IS weird LOL

in the words of Snaggle-tooth the Lion, "that's really odd, evennn-n-n LOL

I like your analogy, I'll have to write that down.

Thanks. Yeah, because so few do these things (plant seeds i.e. ideas, rather then root up and destroy through mockery or disparaging remarks, etc) one might be considered weird by doing them.....but that means it is good in that instance, to be weird :-)

Do you want to be weird, sometimes it seems like you do... In answer to your question, not really weird is hard to quantify anyway, on first glance a board room full of businessmen would seem all the same but you'd find they all have offbeat hobbies like model railroads, winemaking, origami, looking up thai ladyboys... (the richer you are the more likely the second and the last one are.)

There is no normal, weird is good.

Sounds normal enough to me...