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American Woman Tone? Answered

 I've got a Fat Strat, a Tele, a Vox VT30 and a Boss SD-1, what should I do?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Randy Bachman used (co-invented?) the Garnet "Herzog" for "American Woman."

It's actually a "complete" tube amplifier--complete in the sense it has a power stage as well as a preamp. There's a built-in attenuator to drop the levels down, to safely feed the output in to another amp.

The schematic shows it's very much like a Fender Champ (or any other single ended 6V6 amp), but with the attenuator instead of the speaker.

How to copy the tone? I'd experiment with different fuzzes. Try the bridge pickup on the Strat, but roll the treble way down...

Get an EHX Big Muff fuzz pedal, and put in in front of (before) an overdrive or distortion. Switch to the neck pickup, the bridge is too twangy for that sound. That's what I use, and it sounds pretty spot on. A Muff on its own has a very aggressive, harsh sound, but placed in front of some overdrive it sounds very rich and smooth, and can sustain for miles. 

Smoke on the Water

.  "Stairway To Heaven"
.  (shouted from the audience) "Free Bird"!

<holds up lighter and sways>

I'd hold up a cell phone instead, but as someone already mentioned, I'm old.

Presumably you mean the tone of the guitar.

Best guess, listen and try to duplicate. I don't know of particular settings. It's an ear thing.