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An Exhibition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders! Answered

Now is the time to submit your Applications to sell your lovely wares at The Great Hand Car Regatta and Exposition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders in Santa Rosa, Ca. This one day event will feature live music, sideshows, food and human powered, rail-bound and artistic racing contraptions of all sorts. We hope to have a large area devoted to independent Crafters and Makers. Please download an application and peruse our site at www.handcarregatta.com lovely, just lovely!


little green

9 years ago

This is happening again this year!! September 27th, 2009. Currently we still have about 7 spots still available for new race entries and we have openings for vendors and crafters. Check the website for more info and all the required participation forms.


10 years ago

Wow! The posters just keep getting better! I can't wait!