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Animal Crossing City Folk Answered

Anybody heard of it? Animal Crossing City Folk Wii. It comes with the new Wii Speak! I dont know if its like 50 $ or 60$ Probaly around that. Well it here are it's release dates : NA November 16, 2008 JP November 20, 2008 EU December 5, 2008 AUS December 13, 2008 And it's also online and you can talk and hang out with people around the world! So who's gonna get it and whos not? RANDOMNESSSS!!!!!!!!


I'm totally addicted to ACCF.

It's very fun and really deep. The Wii Speak is a blast! I belong to a gaming board for gay guys and couldn't understand why they were so into this game. It seemed like such a kiddy game: Go fishing, catch bugs and butterflies, go shopping to buy clothes and furniture, pick fruit,... it's so engrossing, relaxing and fun.

I had three visits from friends on Wii Speak. Two the night before last and one last night. You can do all the stuff you can do alone with your friends like fishing and catching bugs. They can visit your house and go to your museum to see your fossil, bug, fish and art collections. The stores are different sizes for different experience levels and you can shop in your friend's stores also. You can give gifts of fruit, clothes, furniture, money, get your hair cut.... The fruit from other towns is worth 5x the fruit native in your own town. One guy brought me 2 each of each kind of fruit available. Now I can plant them and grow the valuable fruit.

You don't need the online or Wii Speak to have fun, but visits are really great. It's easier to score big when you can give gifts and share. When the two visitors came one had Wii Speak and the other didn't. I could just talk in a normal voice and both could hear me. One guy could talk back but the other had to type responses. He could hear both of us. The Wii Speak makes it a lot more fun and hopefully more games will add the mic.

You can play games like hide and seek, tag and run races.

This is a video of an Epic Race that a guy set up for friends in ACCF:

Here is another one where a guy created a ring, then held a Sumo Wrestling contest:

If you play the game come, and visit. I try to open my gate when I'm playing.
Send me your friend code.

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This is me in my living room (I have a bee sting, that's why my eye is swelled up) and all alone on Saturday night! I'm still in the "I can't put it down phase".

Yeah. Looks awesome. Came out in the U.S. I'm going to get it sometime. There are two choices, just the game(50$) or game and wii speak(60$).

i'm probably gonna get it w/ wii speak so then i can talk to my couzins that live hours away from me oh and btw 60$?!?!at my stores its like 70$ D:

oh, well the only place thats 70$ is gamestop because it's a ripoff store just like radioshack.

Gamestop is a ripof if you buy new, but if it's usesd it's usually a good price. Radioshack? They still exist? WOW! They moved out of Canada a few years ago...

is gamestop a ripoff store? maybe wal-mart will have it

they don't have the bundle. unfortunately, for some reasons(probably supply and demand), stores have increased prices to 70$ so just get it at gamestop.

omg its alfred molina!!!!!!!!

that is the funnist video ever!!

I bought the 2 other AC and loved them for about a month, then they get old. I'm not going to buy the new one cause I don't have the time to play it. Ahhh animal crossing, brings back happy memories. It's such a fun loving game.

is that like Frogger on steroids or something?

NUUUUU its NOTHING like frogger XD

i forgot about that game completely =) but i still love it

Ok, I didn't know anything about the mentioned game, and was only going by the title.... ;-)

i'm getting it...i love ac


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The face on the random picture is from a video on youtube called "The Laser Collection"

i saw it and i might just put it on my zune :D