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Any Idea Why People Use Corn Syrup in Candy? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question:

Why do all candy recipes have corn syrup?

I have tried making hard candies from just sugar and water, and the candies are good and hard the day I make them, but then the second day, they end up all crumbly when you bite in to them.

Does that have to do with not adding corn syrup?

Thanks for reading this question!



the corn syrup is used to prevent crystallisation. You can make hard candy without it, but since most sugars contain a lot of impurities a crystallisation is very likely. If you don't want to use corn syrup, try using cream of tartar.

Btw. since I am not from the US and corn syrup is hard to get over here, I tend to use agave nectar.

Thanks, is Agave nectar basically the same as corn syrup?

Both consist of glucose and fructose, I'm not sure of the percentages, though. Table sugar is sucrose, so you are dealing with different chemical compounds.