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Any fun, simple electronic projects for beginners? Answered


get one of those radioshack electronics learning labs (if the still have them) i got one when i was 7. they have basic electronics through some digital logic stuff.

There are many great projects out there. The way that I started was with extremely basic projects. One of my favorite included placing a switch, which consisted of two pieces of cardboard covered in aluminum foil and pushed apart by fabric, under a door mat. The switch was in a circuit with a 9 volt and a basic electric buzzer. That way when anyone stepped on the rug, there would be a little buzz. Basic projects like that are a good way to get a start. That doesn't involve any capacitors, resistors or anything like that. Once you build circuits like that, you can start to add capacitors to make the buzz last longer or a resistor to make it quieter. One that is a little complex is a photovore, but can be done with a little work. It uses a basic I.C. and other smaller components, but don't feel bad about starting from the beginning.

lol this brings back memories! When I was 10 years old, I won $150 in a science contest with that project!

When I lived with my dad, we did many simple projects. Like the door alarm. Open the door, buzzer and leds would go off. It didn't require any soldering skills, just some aluminum foil and a couple parts from the crapshack.

If you're looking for something fun, try LEDs (like throwies). Easy to start, but slightly difficult to master.

Or try something like this mood light, which is easy, and produces a great result.

Check out the MPJA website for some fun simple kits. Have fun!!!