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Any headphones that are durable, cheap-ish, and have good sound quality? Answered

So I like listening to music on end, for hours at a time.  However, the problem with that is that the headphones break down.  I buy noise-cancelling headphones from walmart for anywhere between 15-25 dollars, but they break within a few months after I buy them.  The apple headphones that have come with my iPod nano have lasted me for 2 and a half years without breaking, but the sound quality is not as good.

If it helps, both of the noise cancelling headphones I bought have a problem with the wire (I sometimes can squeeze sound out of them if I turn the wire the right way, otherwise no sound comes out)

So is there a specific brand that you would recommend that lasts longer than a few months, has good sound quality, and can cancel noise at around 20-30 dollars?

EDIT- It seems I must include the question of Availability with my purchase.  I can not buy online, and the only local stores I can buy from are Target, WalMart, Office Depot (maybe) and Best Buy.


To Be Honest, any good kind of headphones are at BestBuy. Dont buy them from a dollar store, they don't last very long and only one ear phone works after 2 weeks or so


7 years ago

I saw some at Tj Maxx, and they were fairly priced. Some headphones I see, like Dr Drey's, cost 200$$$!!!

I already got Monster Lil' Jamz, for only $70, and they've lasted me for at least 8 months now...

get skull candy INK'D buds there GREAT the have decent sound cheapish and are longer lasting so far for me


8 years ago

I bought a pair of Sennheiser CX 300 headphones for my wife 5 or 6 months ago, for about $35, through Amazon,  if memory serves. 
She likes to listen to audiobooks at the gym and when she is doing housework and complained the buds that came with her MP3 player were too easily pulled out of her ears and they let in too much ambient noise.
She loves these, they stay in place and the snug fitting silicone pads filter out all but the loudest of noises.
They don't have electronic noise canceling but the fit works as well or better at filtering noise than does most noise canceling buds.
I tried them out with my iPod and they have an excellent sound and bass response and the fit seemed comfortable, though I haven't used them for extended periods.

Are they available at a store like Best buy or Walmart?

 I've seen them at best buy, and TJ Maxx

Sorta :P It's called TK Maxx in Europe, TJ Maxx in USA, and Winners in Canada

Took a look around my local best buy, I can't find any headphones by Sennheiser.

I looked in both.  Nothing.

Hmm, the best buys in vancouver, montana, seattle and minneapolis all did

Well I don't live in Vancouver, Montana, Seattle, or Minneapolis.

I have a pair of JVC headphones that I absolutley love. They're not earbuds, but the cord is rubberized and very strong. They are round, NOISE CANCELLING, and, well, here's the link.
I have had them for almost 3 years, and the cord has not given out on me. I can still hear the music in BOTH ears! This is the first pair of phones that have not gone out in one ear. I love em!

TBH I was looking for earbuds. 

are you looking for earbud things or actual headphones?

the ones that Ipods come with are pretty good, my ones from my shuffle lasted about 3 years

Apple have cheaped out. The old ones that came with the first gen shuffle last a lot longer than the modern ones.

I hate the iPod earbuds, I bought a pair of KOSS headphones a month or 2 ago, and the sound quality was amazing, however the wire broke in about a month and I can barely squeeze sound out of it.  Now the iPod headphones sound really crappy in comparison.

Skullcandy have great headphones i have a pair of ink'd,FMJ's amd 2 hesh i use them everywhere all the time and most of them have a guarantee ink'd are most cost effective at like $10, they have interchangable buds so finding the right size will give you the noise cancelling properties you need

What I'm most concerned about is the durability of the cord, because the last 2 pairs of headphones I bought both had problems with the wire after about 1-3 months of use.


8 years ago

 If you don't mind going up to about$40, the v-moda vibes are amazing. I got mine at costco, and they have excellent sound quality. (i DJ, and work as a sound engineer in a theater.) Well worth the cost. They are not electronic noise canceling, but they do have several rubber pieces to block outside noise. They are quite effective.

Are they available at best buy?  Is the pair durable and doesn't malfunction about 3 months after purchase?

I had a set of FMJ's, sound quality was the bomb and they could block out the highschool lunchroom, but the wire broke, I was very sad.
If you're not moving too much, id go with them.

If its the wires that are breaking, go get a pair of oldschool blocky headphones from the thrift store with the fat, coiled wires, and switch em out.

I'll be very interested to see what recommendations other people have.  Generally speaking, however, you can easily get any two of your three criteria, but all of them at once is impossible.

According to GraphJam you would be correct.  But I doubt that its impossible.  Anything is if you believe.

Not technically headphones but not earbuds, I got Panasonic thingies that are like headphones held onto your ears with clips like a bluetooth headset, haven't broke yet and I listen to music all night on them, and they were $10 at TjMaxx, or at least that's how I think it's spelled...