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Any video game ideas? Answered

Hello, I am making a game and I have ran out of ideas. I has hoping that maybe some people might have ideas they would want in a game. It has a building aspect to it like minecraft, or terraria. The game Is about a merge of time lines, like Medieval knights and gulf war soldiers. I don't really want a whole new plot, but small ideas like enemies or other little parts.
          Also If I use your idea, I will tell you and if its implemented in the game i might even pay you.Thanks you!


Unless you want your game to look like a mishmash of random things i suggest you start by defining the feel of the game (is it serious, fun, scary, etc) and the theme (real world, fantasy, steampunk, etc). Once you have these you can solidify your game play mechanics and plot arc. Only then does it make sense to look for ideas to fill in the blanks.

Do you really want people to just scream out random things like, "purple dragon", "explosive barrel" or "really tall tree"? Unless you are more specific about what you want I dont see how other people can really help.

Actualy thats exactly what im looking for. It is a mishmash centered around utter chaos, and its you who is trying ot fix it, or go olong with it and pick up your "exploding barrel", climb the "really tall tree" and throw it at the "purple dragon".