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Any way to make an external hard drive appear as a usb flash drive? Answered

I would like to use my external hard drive to connect to my bluray player, to play .mkv files. The bluray player supports this but only when a usb flash drive is used. When I plug in my hard drive, it says that it cannot recognize the device. I've googled this topic for about a month now any havent gotten anywhere. So....my question is, is there anyway to make my external hard drive (powered externally, not over usb) appear to the bluray player as a usb flash device?

Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

I tried the same thing myself, attempting to connect an external USB hard drive to my Oppo DVD player.  I had no luck either.  I bought a PS3 instead.  ;)

The problem is probably a driver thing.  Technically, while both devices are considered "USB Mass Storage", they each use different drivers.  The Blu-Ray player probably only has USB mass storage and flash drive drivers; the hard drive will require hard drive drivers.

There are only two ways to correct this: either someone might have hacked the firmware to the Blu-Ray player to include these drivers, or you could somehow rig a translation device to make the player think the hard drive is a flash drive.  Both of these solutions seem pretty far-fetched.


8 years ago

Well, I can think of a couple of things that may work, but there are no guarantees. You don't say what brand/model blu-ray player you have, so you'll have to do some research and maybe experiment a little.
Many blu-ray players will not recognize an NTFS file system, you may have to convert to FAT32 or possibly, even FA16.
Will your blu-ray recognize drives greater than 2 Gb? Some don't.
You may be able to upgrade the firmware on the blu-ray, if it is available, to overcome these issues, you may not. It depends to a great extent on the player you have.
Good luck.

Thanks for the response! Its a BD-2000 bluray player from HP (their first attempt, actually pretty nice, lots of features) and the Hard Drive is  a WD 500 Gb external (p/n: wd500h1cs-00).

Already tried updating the FW but no updates released yet. The player should support over 2 Gigs, cause I burned a .mkv file as data on a DVD and it recognized it as data and let me play it. The only limitation I read about (in the user manual) was that it had to be a USB flash drive. There is not much other information out there for this player as its fairly new.

Hummm, I can make a USB flash drive look like a bootable HDD but not the other way around. Oh well. I guess I'll just buy a bunch of dual layer dvds, but most 1080p movies are ~16GBs!