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Anybody got any idea what to do with the expired contact lenses solution? Answered

i have many expired contact lenses solutions eating dusts in my room. what do you do with yours?



8 years ago

hi all,

thanks for the reply. I filled up my  wiper reservoir with it.

Clean your windows with it?
Mix it with OJ and drink it?
Mix it with OJ and then clean your windows with it?

What's it made from?

Probably buffered saline solution, possibly with some preservatives.

Window cleaning sounds like the best answer, if you insist on doing something with it. Add a bit of vinegar and a few drops of dish detergent to make it more effective for that purpose.

Has anyone seen the answer I posted here yesterday? It seems to have disappeared.

You mean the first answer, which is now down at the bottom of the list?  Look over to the far right, beyond the iNFO box.  You should find something called a "scroll bar."  Put your mouse over it, and hold down the mouse button.  Now pull it down toward the bottom of the window, and your question from yesterday should magically appear.

Also the main page said 4 answers while this page said 5 answers, but there were only 4 answers on this page. My second answer seems to have vanished.
The order was caarntedd (my first answer), frollard, kelseymh, caarntedd (my second answer, adding to what kelseymh had said), then jeff-o. When I came back later a total of 5 answers listed above, but only 4 shown. My second answer was missing. Then I posted " Has anyone seen....etc?" and "And why does it say....etc?"

Yeah, and they're both still here, along with the third one you posted as an off-topic question.

And why does it say 5 answers here, but only 4 answers on the main page? (Now it probably says 6 and 5).

Because the summary pages are cached to reduce the load on the servers.  They get updated approximately hourly.  Have patience, grasshopper.


8 years ago

I suppose you could see how effective it is at cleaning glasses and other clear surfaces.  Beyond that, it's not too useful.

How "expired"?  Most actual medications (according to my pediatrician father-in-law) are good for up to about a year after the stamped expiry date (thank you, thank you, bottom-feeding scumpersonal injury lawyers!).

According to Wikipedia's very nice article (it looks like a very early one, too), these solutions are primarily surfactant and preservative, with buffers to make them isotonic with tears (pH ~ 7.2); see section 4.5.  It's not obvious to me how these "expire" if they are kept in a dark, even temperature storage (like a vanity drawer). 

However, I'm neither a doctor nor a bottom-feederpersonal injury lawyer, so my opinion is worth exactly what you think it is.

I would recommend it goes down the drain (I presume its relatively environmentally safe - generally stuff that goes in your eyes is) - probably mostly saline.

Recycle the plastic bottle!  (or reuse it for some cool project)...