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Anyone have a review for a Sony "8GB USB Micro Vault CLICK Turbo" ( USM8GLX ) Flash drive? Answered

Yup, another find me question: one "8GB USB Micro Vault CLICK Turbo" review. I'm not necessarily asking you to write a review, but if you happen to this particular flash drive, it would be very welcome. Once again, i've looked around for quite awhile, can't really find a review anywhere. Is this because it's really old, really bad, or just uncommon? I'm thinking about buying one, any tips would be good. Also, any other Flash drive suggestions around AU$100 with 8GB, a decent read/write speed, and orange would be appreciated. ( i like orange. ) Thanks in advance. Quack.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I've finally found a review ( of sorts ) which says that Sony underestimates the write speed, as they got 18MB/s write speed, but overestimates the read speed, at 28MB/s... Close to 20MB/s is good for me, but i'm not sure if it's trustworthy... Meh, only one way to find out, i guess...


8 years ago

A few revies off of amazon are : Skip this one. Very useful form factor, great looks, poor performance. A mid-2008 new 'turbo' should do better than 10 MB/sec. My two-year-old Lexar Lightning does 20 MB/sec write sustained. I purchased & kept Sony's 4GB Tiny, which has an even slower 5 MB/sec transfer speed. Molasses slow, but the tiny form factor was and remains very appealing. There's lot to like with the new Click Turbo, but transfer rate isn't one of them. With 8GB of storage capacity, Sony should know write speed is a key consideration, especially if the drive is labeled Turbo. If Sony had introduced this product in 2003, they probably would own the flash drive market. Five years later, its a yawner. AUTHOR: J. Boyd

Ah, i think you'll find your Lexar peaks at 22 MB/s read speed. The Sony peaks at 31MB/s. So, you write faster, the Sony reads faster. Which one would be better? I'll keep looking for reviews and competitors...

That was a review off amazon.com it wasn't mine.

*A* review

I would suggest that you buy a cheaper drive, you can find 8gb flash drive on ebay for $20-$30

Speed and size are my biggest problems, and $20 8GB drives are normally preeeetty sloooow... And if they do happen to be fast, they're often absolutely massive.

Sorry if i confused someone there, i meant physical size, form factor, etc. I didn't mean memory size. Quack.

Save you money and buy one of the cheaper drives and waste a minute here and there.

I don't have one of those, but I bought an 8 gb Kingston one for 9.99 CN..... It works really well, and writing 7 gbs takes about 5 minutes