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Anyone know how to make an Organic LED panel??? Answered


I have been keeping an eye on this for a long time and have been looking around on google every now and again . What im looking for is and  instructable for OLED's that give off light , im pretty sure how to make a flexible tv screen is something we would all like to know. I am just curious if its possible to make any flexible OLED at home whether it be just giving off light or a tv screen. Please if anyone knows the full process make a step by step don't just explain the theory like in the wiki or here http://www.ehow.com/how_2246666_make-organic-led.html

Here is an example of what im looking for

In the very least this could be cool for making clothes,costumes,indoor lighting,etc.

In the best case scenario this would be used for a home made pip boy,laptop,cellphone,tv 
I have been seeing allot of fully functional concept models but no solid release dates for retail.
Despite the fact its allot cheaper to make tvs with this, im sure it would be twice as expensive to buy.


here are some links to instructions and help, they will contain supplies and where to get them

http://escapehatchlabs.com/blog/oled-manufacturing-hobby-post-mortem/ http://education.mrsec.wisc.edu/nanolab/oLED/index.html

non GMO is the real trick.

hope this helps somewhat


Here's a pretty thorough how-to article. There are also videos but I think they require Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with a quicktime codec.


OLED manufacture is currently waaay beyond the home Maker.