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Arduino USB electric lock system? Answered

Hello, I need some system using Arduino (or without it) that can lock electronics from powering on.

So it should work something like this:

There is one USB port that you need to insert USB flash drive with key written on it. And when you do so, electronics gain power from outlets (12V or 220V) and when you unplug flash drive power is cut.

No USB plugged in = no power
USB plugged in = power on

I will be using this system in my household and probably in car, so compact solutions suit me best.


We've got prototype of this solution and can provide it for you. It was designed with STM32 chip and works exactly like you've described. If you're interest, feel free to write me. (greeens.it(AT)gmail.com)

so you need to read the code of the USB, and then decide to open the lock?
you can't do it with an arduino directly, but you can do it with another chip and the arduino, called the vinculum

Very easy all you need is a Triac like a BT137-500 or a MAC12D on the mains and a false USB connected to the Triacs gate, the flash drive marked key has two of the pins connected to each other completing the circuit so USB in power on, USB out power off.