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Are there any common timers that are programmable to the second? (my sprinkler timer is programmable only to the minute) Answered

We are using a sprinkler timer to automate the opening and closing of a ball valve by linear actuator. The problem is the sprinkler timer is only programmable to the minute, so it opens, lets water flow for a minute, and then closes. This wastes water as we only need to empy the tank for 10-ish seconds. Any timers that are programmable to the second?


Build yourself a little monostable circuit with a 555 timer - when you power the device, the output goes high for 10 seconds, then it goes off, then the power goes off 50 seconds later and the 555 resets.


9 years ago

if you are good with wiring a relay.. the iobridge: http://www.iobridge.com is programmable to the second. it will also tell you the ambient light, tempature, show messages on an lcd display, and let you control servos... all over the internet...