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Are there any free xbox 360 emulators right now that can use xbox live? Answered

My family didn't feel like buying a replacement console after the xbox I had got stolen.  So now I have no way to play these games.  My question is are there any free xbox 360 emulators out there?  I know they must exist but I haven't found a free one that's any good.

It must work on PC, vista platform.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Everybody fails. Why? Because nobody has made an 360 emulator yet, even though the technology is possible and the 360 has been out for about 5 years.

Few years later XBOX 360 emulation is possible! Just look at xBx360 or Xenia projects! http://xenia.jp / http://xbx360.com

there are no xbox360 emulators out there in the wild

Everybody fails. Why? Because nobody has made an 360 emulator yet, even though the technology is possible and the 360 has been out for about 5 years.

Emulating a graphics chipset is no small task. Why bother with thousands of hours of programming when its easy enough to get a 360 and mod it if you really want to pirate games/play for free. (only reason for an emulator realistically)

I have a different reason above. I have a few xbox games that are absolutely worthless to me since my xbox got stolen, and I haven't been able to get a new one.

So...you asked a question, with the answer you wanted to hear in the comments -- when told by multiple sources that it was infeasable, unreasonable, unlikely, and damn-near-impossible ...then you have a passive aggressive stab at all the people who tried to help with accurate information by creating your own response and giving yourself best answer. Why did we bother helping you in the first place? How do we fail at answering your question?

Sorry, I just felt in a bad mood. Just ignore it....


8 years ago

The reason that there are no xbox 360 emulators is that very few people have a computer that is powerful enough to successfully emulate a xbox 360.
What you would need to run a xbox 360 emulator:
3.2ghz quad core
2gb of ddr3 ram ( more would be better)
high end 1gb graphics card
Those are very demanding requirements for the average person, very few people have computers that can match that. Even if they had a xbox 360 emulator out there I'll bet that you computer could not run it, most people wouldn't be able to.Not enough people have a computer that could run the emulator to make it worth it for someone to make one. Thats why.

Erm, no- save up $300 for the new slim one.

not that i know of...largely in part because most computers don't the processing speed to run the kind of games a 360 runs...but if you don't mind speeding maybe 150-maybe 300 at most you could probably get your pc to play games fine and some like fallout 3 link to your live account.

You gotta be dreamin'! Nope. It doesn't exist.

not sure that is legal

I just wrote an answer that had a link, but I checked the link after posting, and it had nothing for XBox 360. You can always try the ever-dreaded google search. I did a quick search, and I didn't find anything that seemed useful, but you can always try that. If you know of any gaming forums, ask in there, also; they're bound to know more about this stuff than I do.