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Are you gonna vote? Answered

It is you duty as an American after all ;-)

Unfortunately, I'm only 16, and thus cannot vote yet...

Well, before this turns into a God v. Darwin thread (FSM forbid!), let me just remind everyone to Be Nice - no political bashing; you're welcome to say why you want to vote for such and such candidate, but let's not say how much the other guy is awful and start a fight, cause that's not cool.

So, are you voting? Who are you rallying for? Why? How? True or False? GO! ;-)


. I plan on voting. Not sure for whom, but leaning toward McCain. Not so much since he recruited Palin. . I'd like to see a McCain/Biden ticket.

I agree with you, despite they're differences, McCain and Biden would do well together. I think he chose Palin more for her "image" than anything else. He needed a campaign partner to "complete him" - someone who soccer moms and Christians could relate to. I don't have anything against Christianity, but I do believe in the Separation of Church & State, and ever since Nixon, was it? people have been using their faith for campaign points. My religion teacher (I attend a Catholic school) said that an atheist would never become the President; she didn't believe me when I told her that Lincoln was one.

. Well, I don't want a soccer mom for VP (and potentially Prez). I want someone that has some idea of how The World works - Condoleezza Rice, Madeline Albright, & al. Maybe Ms. Palin is wiser than she appears to be, but she makes me uncomfortable - too much of that "I'm Mom and I know what's best for you better than you do" attitude.
. I didn't know that Lincoln was an atheist. If anyone is interested, try Googling "Abraham Lincoln" +atheist .
. 20 years ago, I would have said a woman or a Black would never become Prez. From what I can tell, most ppl's problem with Hillary and Obama is not their gender/race, but their politics. We've come a long way, baby.

I knew Mary Todd was into spiritualism, but never heard Lincoln was a full-on Atheist.

I was really surprised when I found that out.

Without getting into the civil war, I'd say: his view of the constitution, and his tolerance of Mary Todd's "spiritual" oddities. I would not have expected him to be an actual atheist, but at least a deist or agnostic.

He, along with quite a number of his contemporaries, was a secularist - as close to being openly atheist as the prevailing culture would allow.

I have to ask you what "contemporaries" means in the context you just used. My history book uses it many, many times... Colleagues? Peers?

People around him that he knew, or who were just part of things happening in roughly the same area, or doing roughly the same thing.

You and I could be said to be contemporaries as Makers in the early 21stC, even though we have never met.

I was unsure @ Lincoln at first, did a google search before I posted to confirm.

There are quite a few other females he could have picked besides Palin. She is purposely being kept out of the view of the Press most of the time because of her continued display of lack of experience, and if something ever happened to McCain, we would be in a real pickle.

I think even more important than the separation of church and state is the separation of powers. Bush's unitary executive is scary as hell and nothing McCain or Palin has said seems to show any space between them and Bush, indeed they seem to go even further. BTW I voted yesterday. And to Florida voter's "No on 2!"

  • Not so much since he recruited Palin.
Yeah. I took that as a real insult to Clinton supporters. "hey, she's a woman! Y'all are dumb enough to vote for her even though pretty much all her views are completely opposite Hillary's, aren't you?"
Puts the whole "VP as potential P" issue in a new light, too, what with McCain being the oldest candidate ever...

. Maybe it's just the way she comes across on TV, but she seems to me to be blissfully ignorant of how ignorant she is. Not that she isn't smart (I'm assuming that she's pretty smart or she wouldn't have been able to accomplish what she has), she just doesn't appear to know that a different world exists outside of her little circle. Obama's lack of experience worries me, but he seems to at least be aware of his limitations. . She'd still make a better (at least less scary) VP than the incumbent. ;) . . 30 or 40 years ago, McCain's age may have been an item of concern, but not nowadays. It can't be ignored, but I don't see it as a big issue. . McCain has his faults (~~they~~ we all do), but I'm all for smaller gov't and I think he would be a better CiC than Obama. . . Once again, it boils down to the lesser of two evils. . But I have faith that the The Nation will survive. :)

It's more than blissful ignorance of her ignorance - she seems to be anti-intellectual to the point of seeing ignorance as a badge of honor. Give me a person who thinks critically and comes to different conclusions than I do any day over one who acts from the gut, regardless of which side of an issue they come down on.

With a history of multiple myelomas McCain's age and health most certainly are a concern. I used to respect the guy (see above), but he's been all over the map in the last year or two, and seems willing to sacrifice almost any principles to get elected.

17 in december..... *grits teeth*

Same here.

December birthday, that is, not 17 in December, although I was, once, almost 24 years ago. Mutter, ramble, mutter...

Birthday in this time line: December 13th, 1992 My real birthday: March 16th, 3002

remember remember, the 17th of December (5th of november)

15 and 5/6ths, so that's me out. The Great and Powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster cares not for politicians that are not his own, so he's no help at election time... There is nothing I'd like to see more than a McCain/Powell or Powell/McCain ticket, but McCain/Palin will have to suffice...

Instructables robot/ Eric wilheim ticket

There a bit busy running Ibles... Between world peace and Ibles... umm... *sweats* I'm not sure which one really...

It's not to late... We need an Instructoparty, with Instructopolicy... NachoMahma & Goodhart for 08!

Campaign slogans:

Obama/Biden:Change we can Believe in
McCain/Palin:Country First

I wish I could vote. I'm getting more into politics now. But I'm about six months too young. :(

My choice is clear. I'm voting for someone, who has been where I've been, who has seen what I have seen, someone who will lead, someone, like:

Spicky prez 1.jpgSpicky prez 2.jpgSpicky prez 3.jpgSpicky y Reina.jpgspicky dunk.jpg

he speaks to the people ARFF ARFFF GRRR ARFF ARFFF