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Audio amplifier 4ohm and speakers are 6ohm, does it matter that the ohm number is different on the speaker?? Answered


I want to make a portable speaker as a project, whilst gathering all my components together i realised that my speakers specs had 6ohm and  3watts. Where as my audio amplifier specs are 3 watts and 4ohm and 8ohm (listed on website). does the ohm levels on the audio amplifier have to match the speaker??

Please keep reply simple as i am new to this, thanks :)



3 years ago

It will probably be not quite as loud, due to an impedance mismatch. (you can google impedance matching if you want!) so although it would not be ideal, I think it will be fine for a quick/easy project!


3 years ago

Ohms are sub class of Impedance.

For the best energy transfer, the amplifier output impedance ... should match the speaker input impedance.

This factoid is important in amplifiers over 20 watts. On a 3 watt amplifier if it sounds OK run with it. If it sounds bad change something.

Yes the impedance of the speaker does matter. But since your amp will support 4 and 8 ohms then 6 ohms isn't an issue. For the most part amps will support 4 and 8 ohms. Anything in between will work too.