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Automatic condom dispenser?! Answered

Ok folks, am trying to make a nifty dispenser for condoms (what can I say, we're newly weds and getting through them!) - should be pretty easy as they're a nice predictable size.

Can anyone point to similar things or come up with ideas for a solution that might be spring-loaded, elastic banded etc to 'push' them when one's removed?  Am struggling to work out how a spring might work as there's no hole in them like a staple.  Elastic bands will probably wear out over time.

Any smart ideas? (ideally I'd like it to work horizontally, so gravity fed's out) - Currently have a square tube of wood about 1 1/2 ft long.

Many thanks in advance!


If you don't want to get TOO complicated, one could create a box (cardboard, card stock) that stacks them vertically and cut a slot in the bottom so that one can be removed at a time, and then the pile would shift down, like those soda can dispenser boxes that many sodas come in.

i was thinking about something like that. definitely the easiest method. of course, even easier (and less creepy when company comes over....imagine your mom coming to visit and you forgot to take down your condom dispenser) is to have a bedside table with a drawer. then you just dump all your condoms in the drawer. when you need one you simply open the drawer

Well, to make my plan a little more complicated, you could hang the dispenser on the back of the closet door, or if Mom puts away the clothes....a false but on swivels, back to the closet.

I KNOW! make it really "easy".....

first, implant an RFID implant put in your arm, then mount a contraption for the condoms behind the wall. the contraption would consist of a hopper, a robot, and an air gun. when you wave your arm across the RFID reader the wall would swivel around, then the robot would open the condom and place it around the air gun (outside towards the gun), then you strike a superman style pose and the gun shoots the condom onto your member.

not only would you avoid all that wasted time reaching into a drawer, but you'd probably get laid more because of the pure awesome.

wow you must be going through five every minute to need a automatic dispenser haha good job!

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See those vending-machines what have snacks in spirals...?
You could wrap a screw with stiff-wire (if you can stay out of bed long enough...)



7 years ago

I guess you could have a square tube of wood, with the packets lined up inside. There would be a slot in one end, and a spring to push on them on the other end.

So exactly how fast are you going through them, that you need a spring-fed semi-automatic magazine?? Why not just a nice box, perhaps lined with velvet, with loose packets inside? I'd think that would be just as easy and fast as fumbling with a feeder.

I had just been thinking that myself.
If you are going through them at such a rate do you really think you will have time to make any kind of a dispenser?

Take a look at how a Pez dispenser works (they're cheap enough to just buy and take apart). A few years ago I tried to sketch out a Pez-inspired can dispenser, but had trouble keeping the springs aligned. Condoms are small enough that the idea should work very well.