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Awesome Shotguns (true shotguns only) Answered

This is a topic where you can post your true shotgun and videos about it. No crappy single shot shotguns allowed in this topic. Have fun and spread the word. =~)


hahahahaha that almost looks like an extremely modified Mossberg 500....

not a real shotgun. a real shot gun shots shot(not kidding) that is inside of a shell.

My opinion on a true knex shotgun is it shots more than one green rod at a time.

ok my idea was wrap a snowflake in blue rods and then fill it with white or green rods. then when you fire it the whole shell shoots down the barrel but stops right at the end of the barrel unleashing all of the shot...i'm not sure how well it would work but i cant test it at the moment.

i had that idea. never tried it. but my idea also involved having a rod going through the hole in snowflake that luntch the rods.

I was thinking of a sort of hammer like firing pin would have made it more realistic too but just launching the shell to shoot off the pieces would be easier so that there is no rounds that jam in the barrel that will most likely happen with that idea.

I like it, but wouldn't you have to have like a huge barrel?

well most likely but then that just means you could make a life size double barrel shotgun. it would probably be even a little bigger but hey that just makes it look all the more threatening

Here is my principal of the shell system. It is very similar to mykhailo's, but fires 6 green rods at a time. I got his permission anyways though.

Shotgun Shell Pic 1.bmpShotgun Shell Pic 2.bmpShotgun Shell Pic 3.bmp

is there even any "true" shotguns posted anywhere on the net? i was hoping if there wasnt id make a true spread shot bump action shot gun and a break action with actual shells. i had ideas for both of them but i dont have the pieces to work on either of them

I just made the shell idea work pretty well. I am going to post pics in a bit.

I am working on a full shotgun now, the pic is just a mod for my rifle.