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what are the best online stores out there? most reliable? fastest shipping? cheapest shipping?

Of the ones listed below which are most trustworthy?
soniccameras.com via pricingdepot.com

i'm trying to buy the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and am curious which is best
my favorite deal was on bwayphoto, but after reading reviews of the site, i've become really skeptical. They have my camera on sale at $597 for the body and TWO lenses, but i am unsure whether it would be wise to buy from them. The lenses are the stock lense and a 75-300mm zoom whcih i think would be a GREAT deal. Should i try them and try to get through the sales pitch?

Pricing depot shows that sonic camera sells the body for only $319 but eh, who knows?
the reviews seemed okay. similar to those of bway, but more reliable. (they had a sales pitch, phone confirmation, etc.)

b and h seems incredibly reliable, but the prices aren't amazingly low like the others. ( i guess that shows it's trustworthiness?)

beachcamera i never really looked over, i just heard it was good.

so, what do you think?


bhphotovideo is good, haven't tried the others

do you know if bestbuy matches deals? and if they did if they'd match an online site's deals like bwayphoto...cause that would be awesome.

I have that camera, although because I'm in the UK it is called the Canon 400D. I love it.
Unfortunately I brought mine from a British company, which would end up costing you more. A good choice of camera though =P

If you are interested in seeing some photos taken with it then here's my Flickr Page, I must confess though that I'm not very good with photography.

nice! wow the photos are pretty good! im loving the high speed photography on the water drops hehe im so excited to try all the different techniques and whatnot...point and shoots are very limiting... :-(