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BLOCKHEAD: Precision Knex Crossbow Answered

This is the latest crossbow I've made, the front bow is not that special, but holds a lot of power and is why I choose the name =p

The trigger however, took me about 2-3 hours to make and is a fully working true trigger.

Here are Instructions:


Also 2 video's:

Part 1: Showing Trigger Mech and loading:

Part 2: Showing destructive power:



9 years ago

I just put a link to the instructable here, because I felt this crossbows instructable passed by unnoticed at all... like 160 views?! =\

Very nice!!! Where are the light blue rods from? I have never seen them before.

Those came from the Starburst Spinner attraction ..they are the same as grey rods. That Starburst also comes with 2 very rigid white rods(grey size).

Yeah it was on sale for like 15 euro...couldn't let that pass by =)

Just made the pics for the instructable this afternoon, now I just need some time to make it into an instructable, maybe I'll work on it at school


I don't even have it here atm, I will take pictures on Monday/Tuesday (maybe Wednesday) and then get it into an Instructable... Sorry that it will take so long..busy with school and work =|

OH SWEET! :) Nice rug XD It would have been awesome if you had stuch with the moveable limbs, oh well! This one looks amazing and a lot better than the reaper! Post, please, please!

Lol I needed to make the video in my little brothers room, which is way larger than mine =p

I did actually get the movable limbs to work, it was just not living up to my standards (often means getting crushed =x)

Its the trigger that is nice, and it even is backwards compatible with the Reaper =o

Could you make the barrel longer for more power?

That is possible, but it would require ductape in the trigger =o

Ah I just fixed a minor flaw, the pieces in the trigger were starting to bend....easily fixed with 2 white rods and a red connector... Now it CAN be made longer, which is exactly what I did...as always xD

I don't think I can give a definite time that it'll be up, but I can work on it Tuesday, because I don't even have it here... I'll be fine as long as I take the pictures on Tuesday =/

Thats all very well, but I meant how much longer the barrel was :-p

Oh xD
Not that much longer, only added 12 yellow connectors and 4 red rods...but I am sure it can be longer =p

This one will be posted, the moving limb one however...got torn apart making this =|
Exactly shows my problems in making an even more powerfull crossbow..this one is just the limit of how many yellow connectors I have =/

Yeah, I meant this one anyway! :)


9 years ago

Hmm are those wings strong enough? Oh well ill mod it once you post, well if you do!

Lol those wings are way sturdier than the Reaper will ever be...
Don't you see that it is 3 layers of triangular shapes? And yeah...that does have enough rods between it.. I haven't even seen the bow bend yet =o

Yes i do but im more worries about the thing imploding on its self =( But i guess ill have to find out once you post it well if you do!

I have never had a crossbow implode on me... =o
Nah this thing won't break, the handle is capable of taking LOADS of strain, seriously why else do you think I use it on nearly every crossbow...

To put it short: It hasn't hurt me in any way yet (except for building it that is) xD

XD well of course knex hurts when your trying to put the rod into multiple sockets, ive had my hands bleed from when I was trying to connect a grey rod into a grey rod full of yellow connectors on it, my finger slipped and the grey rod made this light saber sound as it cut my hand i don't know how but it did, and i hear it fly by my ear and go "weeeaaawooo" I look at my hand and there's this cut in my hand and I'm like... wtf i hate you knex and i threw the knex gun cause i bled all over my hw... (the weeawwo sound is pretty much the sound when your shooting your knex gun and the bullet snaps and the bullet goes flying through the air and makes that weird noise)

POST THAT BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!


9 years ago

Oh i get how the trigger works thats pretty cool ive made a trigger like that but it couldnt hold as much tension as yours...

Well I just found something out...it did work perfectly, but the white connector attached to the hinge in the trigger is bending O.o

Luckily I can fit a very short bit of ductape around that =d

This got fixed by adding 3 pieces o.o' ..lol

Well if I get out of school early today....yes..but if not..it may take another week =|


9 years ago

=) Perfect for me! Mrbox =)

WOOOHOOOO!!!YOURE BACK!!!YAY!!Me likey crossbow.

Yeah, it did mean I had to give up on the realistic bow though, it just didn't pack enough punch =|

Not a big deal though. Its snowing where I am. And hailing. :-(

Lol snow already? Not even frosty here yet =o

Looks wierd... ...But still Powerful

Yeah the bow looks pretty weird, but it can take loads of power.

I don't focus on looks...I always think the power and mechanisms make it cool =d


9 years ago

Those are some big limbs you got there buddy. Makes it more powerfull though, so I like.

Yeah it is pretty powerfull, I wonder if this new one also shoots clean through plywood and shatter the red connector on the wall behind it, like the previous one did xD