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Backyard Rockets Book on Sale Now Answered

Ladies and gentlemen, we humbly present to you a book containing the instructions for creating rockets in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Backyard Rockets contains a compendium of devices that shoot, fire, explode, throw, toss, or propel. With projects like the vacuum-cleaner bazooka, you'll be flinging things into the air in no time. Mikeasaurus put this one together, so you know it's gonna be fun.

Bonus for Pro members: you can buy the book at a discount from ThinkGeek.

And if you're keen on launching things, we just so happen to be running a Launch It! Contest from May 27th to June 24th, 2013 (and probably again at some point, those contests are always fun.)


Because you’re a longtime Instructables fan (an assumption I’m making since you’re reading our forums), you’re probably not the target audience for these books. You’ve seen the projects before, commented on them, favorited them, and know where to go if you need instructions.

These are more for those of you whose parents don’t quite get what you mean when you talk about Instructables, who have a friend who’d love the site but isn’t really an internet person, or who know a camp counselor who is tired of all the tie-dye stains on their nice shorts.

So buy a copy. Give it to someone you love. Or give it to someone who you think might singe off their eyebrows by failing to follow safety protocols when making backyard rockets, thus allowing you the chance to steal their date to the movies since eyebrows always beats no eyebrows unless you are Stan Sitwell.


I finally got the book ordered. It was going to take so long to find out if I was PRO is skipped it. If I were at work it would have cost more money to my company to find out if I was a Pro than the book and shipping. I can down load plans to PDF is all I know.

I see no way to order a copy. No cart, Everything I click ultimately beck to this page.

Too bad thinkgeek ONLY ships UPS ,,,,for a $12 book my options are $15 for 2nd day or $24 for next day..I called them and they wonit use Post Office Priority Mail (I LIVE IN ALASKA MAN!!! it IS part uf the USA REALLY!!!)...HEY thinkgeek!!! PLEASE give us options!!!!

I hear your pain, man. Try getting rocket motors shipped here at reasonable expense and in a reasonable time.

You may save more by purchasing through Amazon. Sorry.

Nice. Wonder if the book includes how to make spud guns?

It doesn't. Didn't you hear? Those are dangerous. Try https://www.instructables.com/id/Vacuum-Cannon-drives-ping-pong-ball-at-supersonic-/ instead. (Not in the book, but a great tutorial for launching stuff at high speeds.)

I have a spud gun works great and lots of fun!!!!!

just for fun or the real purpose

just for fun or the real purpose

Hell I've "Singed off My eye brows enough to give Me big as Your thumb water blisters all over My face. Pickup Box up on the hill - upside down 3000' roll of spitter cord pushed out of the wind. Only took 1 match "I had 2 pockets full". I had to stand next to a big sandwich board of examples of dangerous items - Blasting Supplys and to stay away "Not like I did now with head and hands fully bandaged up. Ah the lessons of ignorance. They last pretty well.

Can you give a preview, sneaky peak of a model

does this book have a better (bigger mostly) version of #4 inside it?


5 years ago

Nice to see my daughter on the cover :-D

That picture is magnificent. It looks creative, fun, and mischievous all at once. Your daughter is now sorta DIY famous, so we'll have to send her a copy in addition to the one we send to you. (There's another child in the picture, should we send you three?)

Owwwwww, that would be GREAT! Thanks :-) I'll send you a PM with the address?


We'll get your info using the contest gift interface. Just be sure to make a note that you need an extra copy.


5 years ago

How do partial eyebrows fare?

Eyebrow amount is inversely proportional to rocketry awesomeness.