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Bacon problem (too dry)? Answered

I have had some trouble cooking bacon. When I bought thick sliced bacon, my roommate stored it in the freezer (I think this was the problem?). The next day I had to moved it down to the normal side, took like 3 days to become pliable. However, when I try to cook it, it become so dry but I don't know why. Here's what I did, I left the slices on the pan (without heat) for 10 mins, then I cooked on medium heat, flipped till they became golden brown, then I pick them up by chopstick and leave it in my dish. First the bacon still have a little grease on it, so it's glossy; but a few moment later, it turn bone dry, no grease, no gloss, no nothing. Can anyone tell what my error was? I'm still new to bacon so sorry.

PS: I wasn't able to take any picture cause my roommate ate them all because he was too hungry....


Freezing the bacon is not a problem.

The bacon came out crispy because you fried it crispy.

If you wan't soft bacon fry the bacon only long enough to turn the fat from white to opaque.

I poach my bacon to ensure it is cooked and soft.

Put 1/2 inch of water in the pan with a teaspoon of butter, when the water starts to boil add the bacon. when the water boils off the bacon is ready.

Never tried poaching bacon. We poach gammon, I guess a sort of bacon though.

Hard to beat a bit of best back bacon. Streaky just doesn't cut it!

Try baking your bacon for a more even cook that's less prone to overcooking. Take a jelly roll pan (cookie sheet with edges), put a piece of foil over it that's about 50% too long. Then start from one edge and pinch ridges into the foil all the way down, sort of making a rack of sorts to rest the bacon across. Pop it in a 375F oven for 20-30 minutes depending on how done you like your bacon. Your strips will come out flat, less greasy, more evenly cooked, closer to your desired doneness, and its mess free and easy to clean up with the foil.

Youtube never disappoints me