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Balance charging li-ion ? Answered

So I bought a replacement battery for a project. I tore down all the casing and got 6 18650. But I want to charge those batteries using the same protection circuit that was inside the casing using laptop battery adapter. Can someone tell me what are the terminal should i connect and how i connect? So far i found using multimeter that P-, P- is negative and P+, P+ is positive and there is no switch. The voltage can be checked directly.
The circuit and battery is from Dell 1525.


If you pulled it apart you should know how it goes back together again. The new batteries should go in the same way the old ones did.

No, i don't want to put it back in. I want to charge these batteries externally with the same protection circuit that came with it as these batteries are for another project. But i don't want to connect these to laptop to charge.

So new batteries with old charge circuit? Well the new batteries need to be the same as the old as fare as type and voltage are concerned. Then they need to be wired to the circuit the same way the old batteries where. So your basically putting it back together again the way it was just outside of the original case.