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Battey power supply for a 3528 LED strip Answered


I am attempting to add this 5M 3528 LED strip to a dress, ideally I would like it to run off a battery power supply as I want to be mobile.

I am very new to this LED experimenting, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

here are the LED strip description

Superbright 3528 SMD Red Green Blue(RGB) LED, high intensity and reliability
    Waterproof flexible LED strip
    60 SMD Red Green Blue(RGB) LEDs per meter, total 300 LEDs for 5 meters
    Self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape
    Maintenance free, easy installation
    Every 9-LED cutable without damaging the rest strip
    Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
    Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
    Input volts: DC 12V (12V 2A for 5meters 3528 300LED light strip)
    Viewing Angle : 120°
    Long life span 50,000+ hours

Can I get away with powering it with a simple AA Battery power supply like this:



does it have to be something more heavy duty like this: (and would this get to hot to carry as a power supply on your body?)


Thank you for your wisdom and time.


How long is it to stay lit when you're wearing it ?

LOT of battery needed then - 2A for 8 hours is 16 Ah - a sizable battery. A Lithium battery would work, and weigh around 1/4 of a lead acid.

is this what you would suggest as a Lithium-ion Battery

6800mAh DC 12V Super Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Pack

That's less than half the capacity you need for the lifetime you want - or buy three of them....


I also found these two

12V Portable 9800mAh Li-ion Super Rechargeable Battery Pack Portable for CCTV


DC 12V 18000mAh Li-ion Super Rechargeable Battery Pack Portable For CCTV


could you also direct me to a easier site to help understand the calculations of battery life.

I found this site with a simple assisted calculator, but I cant seem to find the mA of the 3528 LED strip. After searching online people suggested it was at 300 - 500 milli Amps, but I never found it in the specks on any eCommerce website with the same product.

site with calculator

Thank you so much for your time

Your spec said 2A, or 2000mA for 5metres. Every hour its run, it consumes 2000mAH, so over 8 hours it consumes 8 x 2000 or 16000mAh. Sorry, I don't use calculators for it !

That link to the 18000mAH battery looks ideal to me.

I was expecting it to appear as mA. Thank you, that clarifies a lot.

sorry here is the link


The AA pack will run 1/4 of the LED strip for 1 hr however if you are creative you can hide a number of them in the garment.

Two 4 AA packs in series will give you the same voltage and then sevral double packs can be hiden in a large belt.

The 10 amphr heavy and hard to hide.